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Can you believe it! The sky was blue and it was 60 degrees when we got up. So, off we went in Miss Scarlet to breakfast at the Sourdough Bakery for a bagel egg sandwich. We met at gal there from Cannon Beach. She was on her way to Bandon to a fiberglass travel trailer rally. She was very excited to own a vintage 13′ put-together-like-a-peanut trailer. It was fun talking to her.

Since the day was beautiful, it was time to get our feet on the beach and see the ocean.


My Verizon Samsung 4S does this nifty photo! Pretty cool, ey?

The day was so nice we decided to hike down the beach. The tide was out so we had a good, solid beach to walk on. I found some shells to add to my collection. There were a lot of broken sand dollars. Have you ever looked at one of these? They are so beautiful and intricately put together for something that comes out of the sea. God’s creation!

After our walk on the beach amongst the kids digging holes and flying kites, we drove up to the Umpqua Lighthouse.

lighthouse We have been here so many times, but it still draws us in and teaches us new things about this area way back when. How Hank went to Florence in a row boat to pick up tourists and bring them back here only to have his boys take another row boat and transport the travelers up the river. Stuff like that.

I always check out the Coast Guard 1940’s room. My uncle Jim was in the Coast Guard back then, so I’m able to see something of what he must of had. I’m sad because I don’t have any history on his time in the CG and in WWII. He was lost at sea around the Philippines in Sept. 1942. He was 22.

cgroom1 cgroom


After going through the museum and gift shop we walked over to the viewing area of the beach, dunes, oyster beds, the jetty and mouth of the Umpqua River.

jettyoysterA very nice day in a very nice little town on the Oregon Coast.

Life is good. God is the creator of this beautiful world we live in.


Oregon Coast 2014

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We are currently in Winchester Bay camped at Salmon Harbor. We decided to get away from the heat coming to Sutherlin and headed to the coast for their cool temps. And cool it is. We had sun for maybe a couple hours on Monday and Tuesday and none today. Long pants and sweatshirts are in order for this weather. We, however, are enjoying our time here – clouds and fog included.

This is my first time away since landing on our lot in the Timber Valley SKP Park. Dale has been out and about backpacking. You can read his adventures on the John Muir trail here. And his Lost Coast adventure here.


I can never pass up a photo of Fireweed. It reminds me of my time in Alaska. This was in the gardens outside the Estuary.

Today we went to Charleston to see what the South Slough Estuary was about. We had heard about this place from friends. I’m so astonished that we have passed this place many times and not known what it is about. But first, we had to stop for lunch.

We had seen a restaurant a while back that we missed (ha!) across from Chucks in Charleston so we decided to stop here for lunch, the High Tide Bar and Grill. Yelp had given it some good reviews and if we checked in at Yelp we got a cup of their “awarding winning” clam chowder free. The atmosphere was more “restaurant” than “bar” and we had a table at the windows looking out at the river. Dale ordered the Cajun tuna and I had tuna tacos. The food was good; the staff very friendly. Prices were a bit higher than normal.


After lunch we headed to 7 Devils Road and the Estuary. They have an Interpretive Center so we checked that out. Since these marshes are freshwater and saltwater, there is a lot going on with plants, tides, birds and animals. They have enough information to make one aware of what is happening in this area.

blueheron dale

A stuffed blue heron was one of the many “stuffed” animals around the room. Dale is interacting with one of their “lessons” on how the water is filtered through sand, rock, silt etc.

We started our hike on the “10 minute trail,” which was a loop back to the center. We walked through dense forest and coastal shrubs. It was kind of eery! The trail was maintained well and wide. Morgan was able to go with us and she enjoyed being out of the car and into the thick forest.

We came to a Y and decided to take the trail to the South Slough Pilings.



These are from when a train came here to pick up logs out of the river.


Our wide trail narrowed to just a deer trail and finally ended at the waters edge. We are on a spit with marsh water on both sides of us.


There were many platforms to access to view the marshes. Sadly, we didn’t see any wildlife.


This area is where the ocean meets the rivers and plants and animals (on top of the water and in the water) adjust to salt.


This was the Tunnel Trail.


We came to a huge platform that looks to be very old. I imagine the scene from here was awesome but the trees have since grown tall to see much of anything.


We took Hidden Creek Trail back to the road. This trail went UP and followed the creek. Morgan was able to get a good drink on the way. We also came across a boardwalk.


This way were were able to walk across the marsh. Huge Skunk Cabbage surrounded the boardwalk in places.


A slug finds a drink on one of the big leaves.


I think we walked a total of 3 miles. The dense shrubbery kept the wind off us and we enjoyed exploring new territory. We have to return here to hike the North Creek Trail. Morgan wasn’t allowed on that trail. We have something to look forward to the next time we come this way.

Refreshing Spring Bowl

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I have found a couple of websites for healthy eating. It’s time to take control of what we eat now that we are off vacation.

The websites are “My New Roots” and “Oh She Glows.” Just click each name to go to their website.

I have tried a couple of My New Roots recipes. Tonight I fixed The Spring Abundance Bowl.


This meal is also a “vegan” meal if you don’t use regular mayonnaise. We have used  Vegenaise brand mayo for over a year and we think it tastes better than regular mayo. Especially, the no sugars, no dairy, no eggs and other sundry things that go into making mayo taste and look good. Vegenaise comes in many forms – Grapeseed oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, no soy, or light. No cholesterol in this jar!

I even pickled the radishes but then forgot to put them on the plate. As Dale said, “Next time.”

We also found at Costco a little pouch containing Quinoa and brown rice that we really like. Cook it for 90 seconds in the microwave and it is ready to eat. All organic and delicious.

The Lemon Caper Dressing was also delicious and this is where you choose to use real mayo or not with the Greek yogurt.

I add a bunch of broccoli, spinach to make a bed for the Quinoa and a slice of tomato. A very pretty dish.

After we finished, we both thought this dish very refreshing and enough to fill us up.

I hope you try it and LIKE it too!

Life is good in Sutherlin except for this blasted rain! The fig tree is starting to leave out and the lilac is blooming fragrant blooms!

Bon Appetite.



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While in Lodi visiting Dale’s mom, we celebrated our 14th anniversary. Well, we tried to celebrate. Each place we picked for a nice dinner was closed on Monday, March 17th. So dinner was out was OUT. We thought maybe a movie and lunch but then many errands got in the way for last minute details to be taken care of before we left on Tuesday. So, we decided to celebrate at our favorite eatery when we get home.

This is what my sweetheart got me.


The day before we went to lunch at our favorite place in Lodi, The Dancing Fox. So we could call this an early celebration!


It’s been a good 14 years! Sure, ups and downs, but on a whole a very good life. Thank the Lord for all our blessings and our love.

A Birthday Party

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Our 2 weeks in Lodi were fruitful and gave mom some company. Dale was able to get all of his “mommy-do” list completed and other things. We visited with family and far away family. We also went to Reno to see our new Granddaughter, Lucy Harper and her folks. Scott’s folks came during that time and we were able to meet them. Mindy and baby are doing well. Lucy’s parents are totally in love with her. 


Four generations. 


A birthday cake baked by Lucy’s daddy.


Scott made us a tofu scramble and hash browns for breakfast. All delicious.


Lucy was one month old March 13th and weighed in at 9 pounds.

Was a very good day!

Throw-Back Thurdsay

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Today, my MIL asked her daughter to get her a book about Marvin Hamlisch. Wikipedia says this about him:

(June 2, 1944 – August 6, 2012) was an American composer and conductor. He is one of only twelve people to win anEmmyGrammyOscar, and Tony (also known as an EGOT). He is one of ten people to win three or more Oscars in one night and the only non-director/screenwriter to do so. He is one of only two people to have won those four prizes and a Pulitzer Prize (Richard Rodgers is the other). Hamlisch also won two Golden Globes.


For me, my mind ran to The Sting with Robert Redford and Paul Newman and the wonderful rag time music in that film.


Marvin adapted Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer for the movie. He won the 1974 Oscar for Best Original Song Score or Adaptation Score for The Sting. The Sting won 7 awards that year including Best picture.

A great movie and a classic.

The Hiking Club

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Jojoba Hills Resort SKP park has a hiking group. They meet every Tuesday and may plan an extra hike on the weekends. Some of these members hike every day as their morning exercise. Dale joined the group for two hikes and I did one. Little did I know that we were climbing 1000 feet to the top of a mountain!


We drove to San Marcos, home of Cal State of California. They have a beautiful park system with many walking/running trails. One such trail goes around a lake.


We drove this leg in Miss Scarlet with Rick and Grant riding along. We drove south about 30 miles from San Diego to this town. We had to park at the “trailhead” to make it a good 5 mile hike. Others went to the parking lot at an easier beginning to the trail where we walked a quarter mile to! Going was ok but the 1/4 mile walk after the hike was UGH!


I was able to meet the ladies (and guys) in the group and we would all spread out and chat along the way. When RVers and Full Timers get together there is a lot to talk about.

The more hardy hikers took off and left us in their dust. I was just glad I wasn’t the only “lagger” in the group! The climb for the first hour was straight up. Even with a great path, the steepness almost did us in. (proof I need to get on the exercise!)

Then we hit a flat stretch that was also shaded. The sun was hot and I was able to get a good tan. Along the trail others of the group would wave to us across the canyon. So we waved back and just followed. We came to a fork in the trail and turned left to follow them. When we arrived at the rest stop not far off the freeway we knew we made the wrong turn. Come to find out this group lost the first group too and we should have turned right at the fork to go to the top of the mountain.


So we took advantage of the facilities at the rest stop and ate our snacks and got water. We all decided we did not want to go back and find the trail to the top of the mountain and were finished for the day. 3 miles was good and we had 3 miles to go to get down.


Here’s a view of San Marcos. As you can see there is a “marine layer just hovering above the mountains. I was told by 81 year old Billy that California does not have smog. They have a marine layer. This actually was a marine layer but he can’t fool me!

Yes, Billy is 81 and he can out hike all of us. There was also a man hiking who had a 3-way bypass and he went to the top. Of course, my Dale went to the top. He was waiting with the others at the fork in the trail when we came back.

It was a good day. We all stopped at Nessy’s, a long time hamburger joint in Temecula that is just a trailer like building and eating outside. It was full and the line backed up. The hamburger was good (we shared) and had a drink and fries. Them some of the group went off to Rite Aid for ice cream. Our car didn’t want ice cream so we went back to the park.

Once there, the tradition is to go right to the hot tub. So we did and enjoy more chatting with the folks. We will miss them.

Life is so good!

Psalms 19:1 “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.”