Finally Made It To Arizona!

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The wind followed us all the way to Bullhead City, AZ. At first we had a tail wind which was good. Then heading east out of Barstow we had a cross wind and that isn’t good. But we made the 300 miles to Katherine’s Landing Campground. This is a Forest Service Campground and $5 a day. Water and a dump are available. The sites are quite nice and big. Al, the host is very congenial and keeps everyone in line! The campground also has washers and dryers on site so don’t have to run into town to find a laundromat.


Plenty of sun to keep us powered up!

Morgan and I took a hike the other day and took these photo’s.

klThis is Katherine’s Landing. It is on the Colorado River – Mohave Lake. There is a marina, motel, store, restaurant, Boat Repair and a mobile home that looks like summer homes for boaters and fishermen. There are many house boats, some very big and they all look like fun. We saw only one sailboat but sure there are more in the summer. Dale wants to rent a speedboat, so we may have a trip up the river in our near future.

colorado-riverGoing up river from the marina and Davis Dam.


A very co-operative lizard that stood still for a photo shoot!



Our campground is at the base of the mountains. Only one loop is open and the campground across the street is closed also. This is a popular campground this year. Nearly full every night.

We are about 7 miles from Bullhead City. It is nice being out of all that traffic and busy days for others. One problem we have faced is the time change. Arizona is in Mountain time and Nevada is in Pacific time zone. Nevada is just across the bridge and river into Laughlin!!! We adjust.

Life is good in the sun and warmth. We feel very blessed by our Lord.


Lone Pine, California

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We were planning how we would get to Bullhead City, AZ from Reno, NV. We had two choices – go through Vegas or go down 395. No contest. 395 is one of our favorite roads to travel. The scenery, lakes, and mountains win out over big cities. We decided to go to Lone Pine and boondock in the Alabama Hills, which is BLM land. One can stay there for 14 days and get to pick the spot where you want to park.

We chose to stay just off Movie Road.

Lone Pine Peak is the big mountain in the photo of the Sierras. Mt Whitney is off to the right with the pointed mountain.

Our days, as you can see, were full of clear, blue skies and in the 60’s. It did get cool in the evenings and early mornings. Morgan and Annie loved being outside and free.

We stayed 5 days in excellent weather. The wind did start-up our last evening. Some at 40 mph that rocked the trailer pretty good.

We hiked around the trail to the arches.




The China Naval Basin was near by and so we got to hear jet noise. Greatest sound.


The views here are incredible.

We drove up the Whitney Portal Road to where the trailhead for Mt. Whitney begins.  The trail is 11 miles up to the top of the mountain. The increase in elevation is like 6000 feet. It was quite chilly up there at 8000 feet.


Waterfall coming off the mountain.


Morgan on the bridge crossing the creek.

The next day, Dale took off early to hike up the trail. I sat in 60 degree weather at the trailer watching a storm come through the mountain. Dale did say it snowed on him. He kept to his 8 mile hike but would like to come back and do the whole trail. I took the day to sew and enjoy the suns warmth.

We took in the Lone Pine Film History Museum while here. The theme of the museum comes about because of all the “B” westerns that have been filmed in the Alabama Hills. We were quite pleased at the content of the museum. Wasn’t cheesy at all.



Remember these good guys!



The museum had a display for the movie “Tremors.” I had a good laugh remembering when I first saw this movie with Kevin Bacon.


We bought a movie when we were finished walking through all the displays. “Seven Men From Now” with Randolph Scott. It was fun seeing where we were camped on film.

The museum also sold  a book with maps to the sites from the old movies. So we trekked off in the hills to find each and every place where the chosen films were made.

The grave site in “Rawhide.” Filmed in 1939.

Next stop was this cliff where wagons fell into the canyon in “How the West Was Won.”




There are way too many movies made here to list. Roy Rogers started is film life here. Get a list here. Some of “Iron Man” was filmed here and had the suit Robert Downey, Jr. wore in the first scene. A great place to visit.

After having lunch at the Lone Pine Cafe and Bakery (great, great food) we decided to do some Geocaching. I think we found 5 or 6 caches in the hills. It was fun to find them but also do some rock climbing and see other parts of the hills. lp15
The Face.


An old mine. Saw several of these in the hills.


Found it!

lp1Morgan and Dale had a good time too.

The museum has a “Western Film Festival” during Columbus Day weekend in October. I think we will plan to attend on our way south next year.

As always, our stay here was another adventure that made us happy and content. This RV life – is good!

Family Time

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My son still lives in the Boise area, so we headed across Idaho to go visit him and the grandchildren. We didn’t stay at our usual park because they went KOA. We stayed in Garden City at the RV park between the ballpark and the fairgrounds. Nice park with a clean laundry room.



Our Jacob is growing up fast! We were laughing so hard in this photo. Love my family.

We took Melanie, Jacob and Char (kids mom) to dinner one night to give out presents and enjoy their company. Mel chose Red Robin for dinner. It was delicious!

David took us to this new mall, The Village, in Meridian, ID. It is an outdoor mall with lots of restaurants and outside seating with heaters. There is a fountain and an ice rink. The fountain has a music program every hour with lights. Fun to watch.


The mall also had a unique movie theater, Village Cinema.

village cinema-play

So we had to go. Tickets were $7 for the matinee. We made reservations and got to pick the seat we wanted – online of course. The neat thing about this place was that they served you lunch and dinner at your seat. As you can see, the seats are big.


So we had lunch – me a french dip that was delicious and Dale had a pasta dish. Waiters at the movies! Who would have thought.

After a week in Boise, we headed to Reno to visit Dale’s family and grandkids. First stop – Lucy Harper.


Grandpa Dale got her a nice push truck she can take apart and put back together. She loves it. She has grown so much. She is crawling, smiling, and chewing on everything. Mindy and Scott had us to dinner for homemade pea soup. Delicious.

We also went shopping at our favorite store, Whole Foods.


While visiting Chloe and Noah, we got to go to their soccer lessons.

Chloe is 4th from the left and Noah is just under the guy’s elbow.

Great Grandma came for a visit so we got the family together for a nice lunch cooked by Ben and Scott and a birthday cake made by Mindy.


Reno has changed so much since my mom and dad came down here to vacation. But the sign has survived all the change.

On our last day in Reno, we had to go to one of our favorite burger joints. We found this when we were back in the south. Steak and Shake.


So we got our fix and due to a miscommunication with the waiter, I got my lunch for free. Dale got his milkshake!


We had a great time with family and as always miss the grandkids so much when we leave. Chloe told her teacher that she sees us every morning. So, we have to get her a photo of us because we don’t know what she is seeing!

Life is good and family is awesome. God and His promises are wonderful.

Headed for the Tetons

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After leaving our camp at Madison Creek, we had to go all the way around the park due to a road closure below Old Faithful. Therefore, we were able to get a good look at Yellowstone Lake!


As we were driving around this lake, I got to thinking, “We haven’t seen a “herd” of buffalo at all.” Literally, around the bend and bam….


Our travel time to the Tetons was not a long one after leaving Yellowstone. Probably aout 28 miles. It seemed like the two parks were connected!

Our friends, the Kings, clued us in to a boondocking spot from “Days End” and we found it near the little town of Moran along the Buffalo Forks River.



This campsite was about 30 miles from Jackson Hole, so not real convenient to “going to town for a loaf of bread.” We did spend a day there, getting gas, groceries, doing laundry and having lunch.

As you can see, the mountains are beautiful. We stopped at a pull out and got a great picture of the mountains and the Snake River.



Woke up to this one morning.


This is a beautiful place and I am so glad you took the time to enjoy God’s creation so far from Oregon!

Life is great! God gives us blessings we don’t even realize!


Yellowstone National Park

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I have been absent from posting to the blog! We were in Yellowstone National Park and didn’t have phones or internet. Then we moved on to the Tetons and boondocked so had spotty phone service.

Our mileage to Yellowstone from Bozeman was like 90 miles, so it was an easy days drive. We stopped in W. Yellowstone, MT to check out RV parks and see what the town had to offer. RV parks were $33/day to $45/day full hook-ups. After careful thought, we left the trailer in W. Yellowstone and journeyed into Yellowstone NP to see what the Madison campground had. Not many spots were open but we did find one that we could fit in and get sun so signed up for it. Back to W. Yellowstone to get the rig and grab some lunch. Lunch was a disappointment at the Old Town Café. They couldn’t even cook a decent hamburger and fries. Oh well.

Dale went ahead of me to the campground and as I was driving the 45 mph all these cars were stopped on the road. That, as we learned, is “animal spotting.” So I got off on a turnout and found out an elk was busy eating on an island in the river.

This is a Bull Elk and had an impressive rack. My phone gave him 2 butts!

I also saw my first Bison.


Our campsite was perfect, except hard to get the TV set up. Too  many trees. But that was okay because we were so tired after a day of traveling over the park. We had to put the dog food in the trailer because a momma grizzly and her cub wandered the campground at night.



Our first day out included drives off the main road, rivers, waterfalls, mud pots, hot springs, geysers and fumaroles.



Geyser Basin


basinAs you can see here in this photo, dead trees. Vegetation just can’t grow with the very hot water in the thermal areas.


We walked many a boardwalk to look at all these. I easily got in my 10,000 steps.

Our goal for the day was to see Old Faithful. Being at it is so late in the year to be visiting here, most everything was closed. The only buildings open were at Old Faithful. The Visitor Center and Snow Lodge were a gift shop and a grill were open. The lodge had dinners but we were home before then.

When we got to Old Faithful we had phone service. I text by daughter, Lesa, who is in Germany to get on the internet for the web cam at Old Faithful. She did and we shared the moment when Old Faithful went off. This made this moment so very special for me.



On our way home we took another off-the-road drive and found this geyser. People were around it and we kept driving. However, the thing went off so I stopped to get a photo. The height of the geyser’s cone tells us its age. Usually 1″ is equal to 100 years. This one was taller than Dale.



The next day we went to the East side of Yellowstone. Called the Canyon drive we travelled up and up. Elevation hit about 8000 and we saw some innovative person work.



This part of Yellowstone is called the “Grand Canyon” of Yellowstone. Oh my gosh, was it ever beautiful. This is one of the places that “you just had to be there” kind of moments. Yellowstone was the first national forest in the United States in 1872. It became a model for other national parks. Aren’t we fortunate this grand place was saved.

This is the Upper Falls. They had hikes to the Brink of the falls which is where the water goes over the falls. I went to both.
Yellowstone River at the Upper Falls.



This is the Lower Falls and the yellow dot is where I hike down 600 feet to stand on a platform on the Brink of the Falls. Due to the elevation and the almost straight down walk…I was out of breath.



This is the canyon colors and the photo doesn’t do it justice. It was so pretty. We were on the other side of the canyon at the top at Inspiration Point.
This is taken from Artist Point. God’s creation here was so incredibly beautiful.
This is the Yellowstone River going east down the canyon.
At the Brink of the Lower Falls.

Dale hiked the 5 miles from Inspiration Point to Artists Point. Mostly paved trails. We didn’t understand that other than being handicapped accessible.

From here we drove south to some mud pots.




On the way back home, we saw a bunch of cars off the road, parked and people out of their vehicles. We learned that this is an indication of “animal sighting” and we stopped. Look what we saw.

A grizzly bear was playing in this field. He wasn’t far off the road but paid no attention to everyone. He was just doing his thing!

The next day, our last in Yellowstone, took us back to Old Faithful and hiking around behind it to many hot springs, geysers and Morning Glory.





A clear warning on the path to Morning Glory.



Star Pool



Morning Glory




This is the most famous pool. Due to people throwing stuff in it, this has clogged up the springs. This lowers the temperature and allows other organisms to grow and change the color.
I forgot the name of this geyser on the right. It is said that it formed around a tree.

On our way back from Morning Glory we came upon this in Firehole River beside Riverside Geyser.



And she/he kept coming. So we boot scooted out of there.



After our hike, we hit the grill for lunch. Great burgers and salad.


Ceiling decorations. A busy place.


It was a great day for us. The sun was out and the day was in the high 60’s. Actually, the weather was excellent. Cold nights and mornings but nice during the day. I enjoyed this adventure and I still have that smile.

Life is sooooo good. God’s creation is just breath-taking.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

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Remember that movie with John Candy and Steve Martin? So funny!


That is what this RV park feels like. The Sun Rise Campground. The closest RV park to the center of Bozeman. Nice little park as far as RV Parks go. Facilities are clean as is the park.




Where do the Plans, Trains and Automobiles come in? Sun Rise is on Frontage Road. That right there tells you it is next to the freeway. I 90, the one that runs through Montana! The freeway is at the back of the park.

Trains. What RV park doesn’t have a train? The one here is on Frontage Road. Yep, right across the street in front of us. This section of train tracks seems to be where trains wait when another train is  “coming” into the train yard a few miles down the road from us. There are many coal trains passing through here. The coal is coming from southeastern Montana and heading up through Idaho and Washington to Canada to be shipped off to China. So it is a bit noisy here day and night with train whistles and screeching brakes.

Planes. We seem to be in the air traffic path for landing planes. Overhead. These aren’t as often as the trains but the noise is still there. Our ear plugs have come in handy this stay. At least we sleep well at night.

However, what RV park doesn’t have a train track or freeway! I’m so glad we are boondockers and can get away from all of that.

We are off to Yellowstone tomorrow. Check mark off the bucket list coming up!

Life is really good! We are covered in God’s grace and mercy.


Our Third Day of Traveling

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On our journey beginning in Sutherlin, Oregon to Clarkston, Washington the road is 566 miles long. On our third day we drove from Ukiah to Clarkston.

We have friends in Clarkston and our trip to Bozeman was a good reason to stop at their home. We were excited to see their new home instead of just catching photo’s on Facebook.

Milton Freewater


We buzzed through Milton Freewater and Walla Walla. Sort of got lost in Walla Walla looking for Hwy 12 but it all worked out in a timely fashion.

We stopped at a rest area, Alpowa Summit, for lunch. It was quite windy but sunny.


Another Lewis and Clark sighting!

We arrived in Clarkston and had a heck of a time finding Wayne and Char. Their directions were spot on but a right turn is always difficult with an RV especially when you have a woman screaming in the walkie-talkie that a right turn is to be made right now!

Wayne was our site manager when we took a job with CLM in California 3 years ago. We have kept in touch. So it was great to be able to spend time with them at their house.


After getting set up behind their house we were given a tour of their beautiful home. It isn’t finished yet, but they are getting there.  They took us to dinner at Roosters, a local restaurant. The town of Clarkston has a park and walkway all along the Snake River and clear over to Lewiston which continues the park. We decided to eat out on the patio along the river.




Our food was excellent! I had a chicken breast served with this wonderful sauce and it was sitting on a bed of asparagus. It was topped off with crab that was very sweet. A side salad came with it. Since I am going to lose some pounds, this meal was petite and just right. Dale had his favorite Blue Cheese Burger with garlic fries – that were served with real garlic. Yummy.

Wayne then took us to Lewiston, which is just across the river. The two towns merge. We had a delightful evening.



The next day, we bummed around all morning and then went to lunch at the Tomato Brothers, which is an Italian food restaurant. Dale and I raved about our lunch and our food the night before. It wasn’t very expensive for the robust taste of the food that we experienced.

On the way out we saw this vending machine.



This was a vending machine for jewelry, artist cards, and bookmarks. Since these were all handmade, they were quite expensive. Some cards were priced at$25 and up.

The evening was spent – Dale, Wayne and Char at Wayne’s mom for pizza and the football game between Seattle and Kansas City. I stayed home with my dog and just chilled.

Good friends and good food make for a life that is good!