Fairbanks, Alaska

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We are staying at the Riverview RV Park – the river being the Chena River.  Riverview is in the North Pole which is famous for the Santa Claus House. We haven’t been to it yet. Dale is off riding a boat down the river!



We have had much rain in the last 3 days. The sun comes out for a spell, which is nice. Riverview Adventure Trek is keeping everyone pretty busy the 5 nights we are here.

The day we arrived, Bo, Ray, Dale and I went out to dinner at Lil Richards Family Dining. Everyone wanted a good burger for a change. Then we went to Fairbanks and toured the Morris Thompson Culture and Visitor Center. What a beautiful building. Many exhibits on the culture past and present.



A short drive in the parking lot brought us to the Chena River and the Moose Antler Arch. Over 100 antlers were weaved into this work of art.


The next day, a free day, Dale and I found the University of Alaska as we have an event there the next day. We bought groceries at Fred Meyer and toured the town. Nice town on the banks of this river.

University of Alaska Museum 

We met the group at the museum at 12:30 and spent the next 3.5 hours going through the many exhibits and watching two 30 minute movies on Finding Dinosaur bones in Alaska and the Aurora.


This is a nugget of copper.
This is a nugget of copper.





This big rock, opened up is Jade. It was huge.
This big rock, opened up is Jade. It was huge.

The exhibit on Alaska was amazing.

Otto met us at the start of the exhibit.
Otto met us at the start of the exhibit. He is a brown bear and they now classify the brown bear and the grizzly as the same.


Pioneer Park

After our tour of the museum we all met in the parking lot of the Pioneer Park. We gathered to partake of the salmon bake buffet. All of us were hungry and ready to eat.


We were a little apprehensive about walking into a dark tunnel! Turns out we were walking in a reproduced mine shaft as this is the theme of the this part of the park.


We arrived early so had to wait for the place to open. The smells were driving us crazy with hunger!


2016 50 day Adventure Trek to Alaska group
2016 50 day Adventure Trek to Alaska group

Once we got our plate we filled it up with green salad and the fixings,  potatoes, baked beans, cod, salmon, and prime rib. I ordered crab legs on the side and oh, my, so sweet. Very good food and great company.


We walked around the park after dinner – so needed too!



The streets were lined with houses built back in the 1800 and moved here.
This is the train car that President Harding used when he came to Alaska.
This is the train car that President Harding used when he came to Alaska.

Life is good, really good. Thanks for reading and traveling around with us. God is faithful in all things.


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We did it! We are in Alaska. We didn’t think we would make it as the road from Destruction Bay was horrible with pot holes deep and sharp enough to shred a tire and frost heaves that had the front wheels up and the back wheels down. The permafrost causes all kinds of trouble with asphalt. It makes for a very unstable base for the road when it melts. We had to drive about 25 mph. Once we hit the gravel road, everything smoothed out a bit and it was easier going. I’m not real fond of flying up out of my seat.

We arrived at the US border and stopped by Ms. Wolf. She was a very nice and funny. Didn’t check out the RV or ask about pets. She said our group was very nice and on top of the “rules” of crossing. Our wait was very short.




Our first stop was at the Tetlin National Forest Visitor Center. This NF has so many waterways and birds from as far as South America migrate here. Especially, the Trumpeter
Swan and the Sandhill Crane.

tetlin national forest


Swans off in the distance
Swans off in the distance

Our nights stop was in Tok at the Sourdough RV Park. We were parked way in the back in the woods. Our kind of spot!

Planned activities were  the Burnt Paw to listen to a dog musher explain dogs and dog sledding. He was in the first Iditarod. Very interesting.

Bill. No pups today. Boo.
Bill. No pups today. Boo.

Then over to the Burt Paw gift shop. I can tell you right now that I am getting tired of gift shops!!!!


The sign reads: Welcome to Alaska The last foreign country friendly to Americans.
The sign reads:
Welcome to Alaska
The last foreign country friendly to Americans.

Then we went to Jack Wade Gold Co. The owner made different kinds of jewelry using gold her company finds. The gold is in its natural state. She showed us nuggets she has collected – 3 oz, 6 oz and 5 pounds. The 5 pound nugget was darn heavy!


Day one in Alaska. Nice day but rain. Here’s some “along the way” photos.



The driver.


lake tok to fairbanks


There are a few churches that were made out of the quonset huts left by the men working on the Alaskan Hwy in 1942. This one snuck up on me so didn’t get a great photo.



This is amazing country! I hope you will be able to visit one day. This is my third trip to Alaska and it never disappoints. Well, maybe the rain, rain, rain can get a bit much!  🙂

Life is good. God is grace and love. Isn’t that amazing! And all for us in Jesus.

It’s Been a Whirlwind Trip

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Since leaving Dawson Creek, BC, we have traveled 1423 miles. Some days have been turn around “let’s get going” days with Dale ever ready at the coffee pot at 6 a.m. Then we pack up and take off for our next destination.

In Whitehorse, YK, we stopped for 4 days and “whew”, what a nice rest. Since we are the “newbies” and tail gunners, our Trek Masters (who are on their 8th trip to Alaska) have not wanted to do many of the planned activities. That means we get to take the group to whatever has been planned.

Dale didn’t want to attend the “Frantic Follies” at the little Whitehorse Theatre in the WestMark Hotel. So at 7:30 we all car pooled to Whitehorse for the 8:30 showing.

frantic follies


Could they ever kick! Stories from the gold rush days were performed. It was a pretty funny play with great music from all these folks. The famous poem by Robert Service “The Cremation of SAm McGee” was acted out with lots of laughs.

Cabin Fever in the Yukon prospecting for gold.
Cabin Fever in the Yukon prospecting for gold.
S.S. Klondike used for freight from Dawson City to Whitehorse


One lady in the audience was chosen to be spoofed on. She was from La Grande, Oregon! Here we see the Sympathy Orchestra from La Grand, Oregon. Yes, playing saws.

And we will never forget “Pookie.” Jim chosen from our group. He will never live it down either.

His face was a pink as this gals dress.
His face was a pink as this gals dress.

On a free day we went to the Miles Canyon. Just beautiful. This part of the Yukon River was dangerous to people in boats back in the day. When the dam was erected, the treacherous rapids were eliminated.

miles canyon

miles canyon2
Walking bridge across Miles Canyon to trails on the other side.



Since Whitehorse if the capital of the Yukon, it was a bigger and busier city. Wal-Mart looked like another RV park! And it was only a “market place” Wal-Mart.  We were able to stock up the refrigerator using our loonies and toonies! Oh, wait, we used those at the laundry!

We had a great time here and we will be back on our return trip so will get to see more.

Life is good. We could see God’s hands in the creation of this place. Whew, such wilderness.


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Our journey to Canada has taken us to some very fantastic scenery. From the border crossing to the Rockie Mountains we have enjoy every view. We feel like kids in a candy store feasting our eyes on all kinds of delicious candy!

As we headed farther up North to Edmonton we noticed that when bedtime came along (around 10ish) there was pure daylight outside. Now, we know in Alaska they have daylight anywhere from 17.5 hours to 24 hours. However, we didn’t realize this happens in Alberta also.


Time for bed. But look outside.


The sun hasn’t even “set” yet!

Then we get this beautiful sunset around 10:30 or so.


About 10:50 I took Morgan out for one last potty break and I found this.


A full moon hanging over the river. Still light out.

We are adjusting as much as one can with dark out curtains and eye masks. A shot of vodka might help! No just kidding.

What an experience. Loving it.

Life is goooood!!!!  God created this old earth with His fingers. Isn’t that the coolest thing.

Miss Dory and Alberta

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As we travel through Alberta and around the Canadian Rockies, we find that the landscape of Canada is much like our own. Green fields of wheat and other crops; farms dotting the landscape here and there; and pine forests that stretch for miles and miles.

Bugs were awful so they are splattered all over the windshield.


Queens Highway
Queens Highway

We cross through small towns that supply the basic of needs. The roads of Alberta are bumpy from what we think is frost heave since the weather here is cold, cold, cold!

We have encountered high winds almost every day. And when the wind isn’t blowing the weather is balmy and the sky is blue. The weather has been very unpredictable.

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta. There aren’t any big overpasses like in Phoenix, AZ. They lay home to one of the biggest malls around – 800 stores, many themed attractions such as a water park, roller coasters for all ages, an ice skating rink, miniature golf and much more to attract young people as well as the elder generation.



Ice Rink
Water Park
Water Park
Miniature Golf
Miniature Golf
Santa Maria with wild life exhibit below the floor.
Santa Maria with wild life exhibit below the floor.


Cleaver idea….A little toilet for small children beside adult toilet.

We have met many people in stores and in the RV parks and all have been very friendly with smiles and kind words. Our check out gal was whispered to by me to let her know she wasn’t to tell a soul that an American guy was trying to buy is merchandise with a Safeway discount card. She smiled and said her lips were sealed.

Dale trying to figure out why his American Express card doesn't work at Canadian Costco! Take only MasterCard!
Dale trying to figure out why his American Express card doesn’t work at Canadian Costco! Take only MasterCard!


After 4 days we traveled on to Grand Prairie where we stayed at the Elks Lodge. We are right on the edge of Bear Lake, the walking path that goes around the lake and Emerald Park. A lovely setting for us to rest our travel bones.

We have shopped in Canada’s grocery stores, laminated over Dollar Tree prices being more than a dollar and had a very nice dinner at the Browns Social House. The college here is beautiful as is the visitor’s center with a 360 degree views of the town.

elks lodge
Our camp spot for 3 days here in Edmonton
bear lake2
The water is milk chocolate-brown from storms near Dawson Creek, BC

We have enjoyed every moment of our experience in Alberta Province. Now our journey will take us to the northern part of British Columbia where we meet up with the tour group in Dawson Creek. Our Alaskan Adventure begins shortly!

Life is so good! Our loving and gracious Father stands by us with many blessings.what-does-Bible-say-about-faith_4

Being Tourists

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On Monday, we became Joe tourist. Cameras out and taking in the sights. We left our campground early to get on the road to Banff and Lake Louise. Here’s our “tourist photo’s!

These photo’s are just traveling down the road into the Canadian Rocky Mountains. All majestic views.






Across the river, we saw this. It’s a cement plant.
Bridge for wildlife to cross the freeway
Bridge for wildlife to cross the freeway


Entering Banff National Park. Paid $8.xx each for the day
Entering Banff National Park. Paid $8.xx each for the day




Us in front of the Banff sign. Had a hard time getting the camera set on the car and we used the timer. Not a great shot!


Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Church


DSC00374I took this photo because of the cross walk. I have never seen this in action before but when the light is red for traffic, all traffic stops, and one can cross the street 6 different ways and one of those ways is diagonally across the street – corner to corner.

Information center
Information center


We went to a jewelry store to exchange US dollars for Canadian. We were told “the best exchange in town.” They actually gave us better rates than our bank which told us they use the “retail” value.



Banff  town center
Banff town center


We were hungry by the time we got to Lake Louise. All restaurants were busy and we looked around and found one that wasn’t. Red flag. I had a burger and FF and couldn’t eat the hamburger. Dale had a chicken sandwich and FF and he choked it down. In the end we paid CA $42.00 for lunch. Don’t recommend the place at all. But…..when we walked up to the lake….WOW!

Morgan and Dale
Morgan and Dale


Before we got to the boardwalk at the lake, 3 bus loads of people descended. It was hard to get a photo without someone else in it!


lake louise pano


It was a cloudy day so the mountains off in the distance we not easy to see. A sunny day – fantastic I bet.

A selfie!
A selfie!

me lake louise


We had a wonderful day together – the 3 of us. Good walks, beautiful scenery. Life is really GOOD!  We truly saw evidence of God our creator.


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After a great visit with my long time friend, Penny, we headed up the road towards Canada. After reading all the stuff on how to cross the border into Canada, we just breezed in. They asked a bunch of questions about alcohol, weapons, money, arrests etc and looked at our passports and welcomed us to Canada. Whew, I just knew they wanted to check out the rig and take all my food! We had all the pets papers and they didn’t even ask if we had pets! I also know, this isn’t the case all the time. Rigs get checked and papers need looking at. border

We drove as far as Lundbreck Falls and found a Provincial Recreation Campground to park for the night. The winds were high as we were in the Crowsnest Pass. The falls were small, but kind of cool. The campground was butted up to the road (not busy) and the railroad tracks (very busy). Always our way! Between the wind and the trains I didn’t get much sleep that night.

lundbreck falls 2

Lundbreck Falls Campground
Lundbreck Falls Campground

We are adjusting to kilometers for speed, how to change Canadian money amounts into US amounts; liters to gallons and all their different signs. However, on every corner is a Wal-Mart, Dennys, McDonalds!!!!

Life is good! Really good. God is so full of grace upon us!