Lost? Us?

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Wednesday, our day off, we decided to go explore Port Alice. Port Alice is located about 73 K (about 45 miles) from Telegraph Cove. Port Alice sits on the Neroutsos Inlet. On our way up the road to Port Alice we stopped at every scenic spot.

Beaver Creek. The place to be on a hot day. Picnic tables and swimming.


Marble Lake. Camping (a Provincial Park), fishing and hiking.


Back in the 60’s Port Alice was a growing community with a pulp mill. They hail themselves as “Gateway to the Wild West Coast.” This will probably be as far west as we will get this trip. This inlet goes out to the Pacific Ocean.  Today, it is a small village with about 1000 people.


Visitor’s Center

After driving to the place where the pulp mill was, we turned around and came back to find a beach to have lunch.


It was quiet and we watched boats heading toward the end of the inlet.


A beacon.


This seal popped up and watched us for a while. I went to get my long camera lens but it was gone by the time I got back. So a fuzzy photo.


Just a cool photo opportunity.

After lunch we decided to take the Alice Loop (dirt logging road) back to Hwy. 30. We later learned that the log trucks were off for 2 weeks and boy, were we glad. It would have been miserable if we had to contend with them or them us!

We found Alice Lake.

Camping and swimming.

There were few road signs to lead us back to Hwy 30. There was no “Hwy 30” this way! So, with our trusty map we thought we were on the right road.

We came to:


They call this a centos and Devils Bath is the largest. I think we would call this a cauldron.
We had to climb up to see Devil’s Bath. There was no hiking down to it.


As we drove along we would see signs like this. All started with “Tourist.”


This is Katherine’s lake. This was, also, where we discovered we were lost. We should not be this far east. Hwy 30 was not in this direction. We started to turn around and Dale saw in the rear view mirror that a black bear was behind us. I tried to get a quick photo but he was too far away. When he saw us he turned and ran away. Our first bear sighting!!!

On the way back to finding which road we were to be on, one of God’s human angels came by. He was a local and had a crew building bridges for the log trucks. We had a nice chat with him and he explained how to get back to the highway. We saw our mistake – turning right when we should have turned left.

Around a curve and we saw this. He had just pooped in the road and went off in the bushes. When he saw us he ran across the road and silly me did not have my long lens on. So we have finally seen 2 black bears.

Back on the highway and off to Port McNeil for groceries and back home by 5.

Getting lost is always fun and you see stuff you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Ferns every where and  Fire weed was in abundance.

Life is good. God does have angels watching over us – spiritual or human!



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I won’t bore you with the mundane things like laundry at 8:30 a.m. or breakfast at 10:30 when laundry was done. I will tell you about going to the Air Gun Range and shooting a pellet rifle. This place was so cool and put together by the fellows and gals from funds they collected.



Dale lines up a shot!


 Cocking these rifles and adding the ammo would get us killed if the Indians were attacking!

The next part of the day I decided to hit the exercise room and work off some calories.
My reward:

ImageA nice swim in the pool then a good sit down in the hot tub and finally sitting on the veranda reading my book on my
Paperwhite Kindle. A nice relaxing day.

I then came home and gave Dale a haircut and worked on a square for the Patchwork Posse challenge. My first applique and it was fun.


And somewhere in there I worked in dinner. That was my day! One of the best! Tomorrow will be a good hike with the hiking group!

Life is good as the sun shines brightly. God gives us everything we need to function in this life – in His word.

Exploring Jojoba Hills Resort SKP Park

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After leaving Joshua Tree NP and Yucca Valley, we joined the mass of vehicles on I-10 and I-215. Talk about a jaw clencher. Because of the traffic, Dale and I were separated and I felt like a duck out of water. I had to keep telling myself, “I can do this, I can do this!” Well, I did with only one boo-boo when the lane I was in turned into an exit with no warning. So I toured a town about 18 miles from our destination.

Jojoba Hills is an Escapee Co-op park and as they say, “a resort.” Well, it is pretty nice and friendly.


Down in the vally is Aguanga, California. Just about 20 miles south of Temecula. This is the view from the office.


We were put in a lot with full hook-ups on Quail Run. Which is so funny as we live on Quail Run in Sutherlin! This is a pretty big park with nice lots and nice views.


In the foreground is the clubhouse that has a likeness to an abode mission. It has an inner court too!


There are tables and chairs around the pool for anyone wishing to just sit and read or watch the view. The pool is pretty big and one can do laps.


Lounge chairs are set out for those seeking to get a tan and just relax. However, there isn’t a “pool boy” to bring you a refreshing drink. It’s a BYO! There are two hot tubs. This one is out in the open.


This one is covered but a view is there to gaze on. They also have a BBQ area with picnic tables.


Today I took Morgan to one of the dog parks (off leash areas).  Across the street from this park is Croc Creek Mill.


No swimming! But a nice area to just sit in the shade and enjoy the water wheel and setting.


This couple sort of reminded me of that commercial for one of those “romantic” type meds!!!! The ones in the bath tubs!

Just below this lake is another nice area to stop and enjoy the surroundings. A small creek flows from the lake along side the benches.


There is catcus all over the place. Huge Prickly Pear everywhere. I have never seen this kind before.


The Friendship Hall is huge with a long-arm quilting machine in one corner. The card room, library, exercise room and a couple other rooms are off the inside veranda. The bathrooms have showers and a sauna. There is a tennis court, miniature golf course, horseshoe pits, boccie ball court, and shuffle board court. In the hall there is a quilting/sewing room and a craft room. One of the laundry rooms is in this building. (There are 4 laundry’s on the property.)

There is something for everyone here!

Our weather has been in the 80’s dropping to the 70’s and we are loving it!

Life is good.

God is who He says He is – Creator of all.