Not Saying Goodbye

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To our dear friends, family and those following us on our life adventure.

Today was a very sad day as we had to let Morgan, our Golden Retriever, go. 

Our precious Morgan was 17 years and 25 days. She was our best friend, hiking buddy and our joy. 

Here are a few of our favorite photos. 

She was born November 13, 2000. She was one of a bunch of puppies and we picked her. Her tail was painted yellow and 9 weeks later we picked her up.

We knew these dogs were destined to be ours. They were born on Dale and Dorana’s moms birthday. Their moms middle name is Golden! How could we not know these girls were ours!!!! 


Dale’s sister, Dorana, was with us when we went to get Morgan. She saw Morgan’s sister and it was love at first sight. 


Morgan is in the black leash, Amika in the red. This is such a fun story to tell and if you have time I hope you read it. You will laugh along with us. 

We were going on a trip with our singles group and staying in a house at Sun River. On the way there we remembered NO DOGS ALLOWED. Well, we had to sneak the girls in the room and keep them there all weekend. Some one had to stay with them so all 3 of us were never seen together which made everyone wonder. We had to sneak the girls out through the window, daytime and night time, to do their business. When they would play and growl and bark at each other we had to make noises to cover up their noises. No one ever knew they were in that house even when a dog toy ended up under the wiper of our car. Oh, we have laughed and laughed over this for 17 years. And will continue to in years to come. 

This is the girls first hike at 9 weeks old at Smith Rock State Park. Sadly, we lost Amika a few years ago.


Morgan loved her sticks and balls!


She’s Miss Anal about her balls and toys.


She was our hiking buddy and loved being on the trails. As she got older (about 15) and couldn’t do much walking, she still wanted to be on a wooded trail.
She loved the ocean!


And the snow!


Annie and Morgan were buddies. Sadly, we lost Annie the first of 2017.


She was always smiling! That is what I will remember about her. The love and joy she brought to our lives. Incredible and could never be replaced. Until we meet in heaven. Always in my heart. 



One Hike

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We finally decided to hike on the trail made from Davis Dam to Laughlin. Don Laughlin donated the money needed to put in this 5 mile “walk.” to the dam. The road above the dam is closed to traffic so one can walk across the dam.

Walkway across Hwy 95
Walkway across Hwy 95 to Las Vegas

We parked Miss Scarlet above the dam and walked across the dam and down the hill to the park. The path was all pavement so we were disappointed as we like to walk in dirt! We hiked a mile and a half before we realized we couldn’t make the complete 5 miles before dark. So we turned around and got in a good 3.5 mile hike.


We got a late start so we couldn’t go all the way to the walkway and back before dark. It was a great hike along the Colorado River.

Davis Dam


Riverside Casino boat that goes from the casino to the dam. The tour includes a narrative of the history along the river.

Oh, just a side mention. This was my birthday. Yup, 66 years young. It was a great birthday!

That evening we had a birthday dinner with Anita and Bud at Chili’s. We decided on their special – 2 for $20 and it was delicious. And so much the better with friends.

Again, seizing the moments in life and being very thankful and blessed for life and this crazy RV lifestyle.


Finally Made It To Arizona!

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The wind followed us all the way to Bullhead City, AZ. At first we had a tail wind which was good. Then heading east out of Barstow we had a cross wind and that isn’t good. But we made the 300 miles to Katherine’s Landing Campground. This is a Forest Service Campground and $5 a day. Water and a dump are available. The sites are quite nice and big. Al, the host is very congenial and keeps everyone in line! The campground also has washers and dryers on site so don’t have to run into town to find a laundromat.


Plenty of sun to keep us powered up!

Morgan and I took a hike the other day and took these photo’s.

klThis is Katherine’s Landing. It is on the Colorado River – Mohave Lake. There is a marina, motel, store, restaurant, Boat Repair and a mobile home that looks like summer homes for boaters and fishermen. There are many house boats, some very big and they all look like fun. We saw only one sailboat but sure there are more in the summer. Dale wants to rent a speedboat, so we may have a trip up the river in our near future.

colorado-riverGoing up river from the marina and Davis Dam.


A very co-operative lizard that stood still for a photo shoot!



Our campground is at the base of the mountains. Only one loop is open and the campground across the street is closed also. This is a popular campground this year. Nearly full every night.

We are about 7 miles from Bullhead City. It is nice being out of all that traffic and busy days for others. One problem we have faced is the time change. Arizona is in Mountain time and Nevada is in Pacific time zone. Nevada is just across the bridge and river into Laughlin!!! We adjust.

Life is good in the sun and warmth. We feel very blessed by our Lord.


Comfort Food

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We all have our favorites for comfort food. One of my all time favorites started at Howard Prairie. After my evening shift cooking, we would get our “dinner meal” to take home to eat (at 9 p.m.) My dinner meal was Nachos. I still get cravings for Nachos every once in a while, so I was excited to try a recipe that came in my email box. These weren’t your regular Nachos. The only difference was that it was baked. I liked the idea of having hot chips with all the wonderful black beans, green onion, olives, avocado, cheese, jalapeno, tomatoes, salsa and sour cream.

The recipe isn’t hard. The dish is layered in any way you want to do it. Each layer is the same. Start with the chips.


Top with cheese and bake at 400 until hot and cheese is melted. I did heat up the beans and any meat you want to put on it. It was delicious! My sour cream is Tofutti (non-dairy). I have heard that Greek yogurt is good too.

This might even make a great Super Bowl dish – to be enjoyed with football! I think I’m going to make it again on Sunday for a snack.

ImageI know, I should have taken the photo before we dug in! Makes a beautiful dish.

Life is good! Thank you Father for the blessings you give us.

A Couple of Recipes

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I haven’t tried these yet, but wanted to share with you as they look really good.

First is the Stuffed Avocado. You can find the recipe at the link below.


Next is the Cowboy Caviar. You can find the recipe from the link below.!/2011/08/summer-salsa.html


The Cowboy Salsa can also be used in Tacos.


Life is good when eating healthy!

Black Rice

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One day a friend mentioned to me how great tasting black rice was. I said, “What! Black Rice.” Well, I had only known about brown and white rice. So on a trip to WinCo I found black rice in their bins and had to try it. She was right! It has a wonderful flavor the other two rices don’t have.

In researching black rice I found out that it is much better for you than even brown rice. We all know white rice is an empty type food. has some good information on this “superfood.”

I know this doesn’t look all that attractive but the flavors shook up my taste buds! Stir fry veggies over black rice served on our best china!


If you haven’t tried this awesome food, give it a go!

A Hike

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As we sit at Imperial Dam (Senator’s Wash) along with other people (our neighbors are from British Columbia) escaping the winter cold, we have excellent opportunities to go hiking in the desert. Morgan and I try to get out first thing in the morning to wake us up and get our bones moving.


It was a cloudy morning, but those have since blown away and left us with beautiful blue skies and sunshine.

Since we are sitting on the edge of the hill leading down to the wash, our hike begins downward.


At the bottom of the hill we come out into the wash a start to follow a trail I think was made by the donkeys. If not them, than man over the years.


I think that is Picacho Peak in the distance. There is a state park there along the river.

I think this January is the greenest I have seen the desert here. Check it out.








That is Dome Rock in the distance.

In about an hour, we turned toward home. As I watched Morgan trot down the trail, I thought that my 91-year-old dog does very well on the trail.


Did you notice Dale’s new toy on the rig? He has wanted a Whirly for quite some time and finally went for it!

Life is good here in Arizona. God tells us to be strong and courageous in this life! That’s victory.