2019- Port Townsend, WA

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We are on a 2 week vacation on the Olympic Peninsula.

Today, we walked around Port Townsend, Wa. The day was beautiful and pretty warm. I forgot my hat so had to find a new one. (any excuse to shop, right?!)

We stopped in at the information center and the guy there gave us places to eat, shop and sites to see. I asked for a quilt shop and he didn’t know what that was. He sent me a fiber shop that had, well, just that, fibers, yarn and accessories. He didn’t hear “fabrics and material” very well!

Dale was on the hunt for “grandkid” presents. Didn’t find anything he liked.

We had lunch at Sirens Pub. The top floor was crammed full so we took this really dark, narrow and dirty staircase down to the Sirens Seafood place. What a nice surprise. Only one table with 2 guys and about 6 empty tables. We were just above the beach and could view all the boats on the Sound. So quiet and peaceful. Lunch was delicious. We enjoyed the respite from getting our 5,000 steps.

Here are some photo’s of our day.

Tomorrow we are resting up and maybe taking in a movie at the Rose Theater. Or, if we could stay up late go to their drive-in theater! Yep, they have one.

Life is good!


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