Camera’s and Hummingbirds

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Dale has purchased a nazzy Cannon EOS80 for our trip to Vancouver Island. So he is outside learning how to use it.

He found an app for his phone to use to take photo’s. Today’s subject was the hummingbirds.

We purchased a humming bird feeder at the Crane Festival in Lodi California when we were visiting his mom. We love it.


He put to good use our tri-pod from the TV dish! It’s going to be heavy lugging around though.

Here’s some shots.


As you can see the hummers have been buzzing around our home.   Dale is having a lot of fun with his new toy! I expect some great shots of whales this summer !! 🙂

Life is good on the ranch! God loves us so much!

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Merry Christmas

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A Merry Christmas to all of you and God’s blessings.

Our year has gone by so fast. Has yours? I remember the day we were so excited when hear we had the job of tailgunner for the trip to Alaska way back in spring time!

That trip was amazing! We had 17 rigs in all. Very wonderful people with no big problems!

Scenery was excellent and the weather wasn’t bad either. We lucked out and had 4 days of Mt. Denali. Amazing.

We have been home now since August with a trip to Reno in October to enjoy family and then home. Enjoying being “seated” for awhile.

Thanksgiving we were able to get a condo at Running Y Ranch and have the whole family with us. It was special and a great 5 days.

Dale is busy in his work shop and I am busy at the sewing machine.

Christmas will find us at Seven Feathers with the gang for a nice dinner. Otherwise, quiet and relaxing.

New Years will also be a special day with my son and daughter visiting. Then we are all off to Brookings and Dale and I will spend a few days there and then amble up the coast to home.

It has been a wet, wet winter here. Temps have been freezing cold. We have been able to see the sun a few days here and there.

Dale and I wish you a blessed Christmas and to remember why we set this day apart from others to remember our Lord Jesus’ birth. May He bless you richly.

On The Road Again – To Denali

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We got a late start today. One camper had trouble getting their camper on their truck and we can’t leave until EVERYONE leaves!

The drive to Denali National Park was an easy one today. Dale was tired after getting up and having coffee ready at 6 when everyone else slept in!

The views were gorgeous as only a wild land can be. Take a gander!

Alaskan Native Vetrans
The Native Veterans Bridge



in denali
Mountains outside the shops in Denali.



Tanana River
Tanana River


Dale is off riding the bus into the park and I am sure he will haves lots of photo’s at www.rvecafe.com

I have a free day. There is about a block of little shops (if that many). Our RV park is right behind them. Between the mountains, river, road and shops, not much space to put a bunch of RV’s!


The day we arrived here (yesterday) the planned event was at The Cabin. Homestyle dinner and a show. What fun we had. The waiters and waitresses were all in the show and they had things going on all through dinner.

my table

This is my table. In the next photo we show you how we let the waiter Charles know we need more food. Yep. Napkins in the air and swing those puppies around.

more food

Charles our waiter, is from Scottsdale, AZ. He comes up here to perform. He plays the piano, guitar and sings. Pretty funny guy too.

waiter charles

Dinner was salmon, ribs, corn, mashed red potatoes, biscuits, salad and baked beans. ((drum roll please))


Blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and blueberry Cobbler
Blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and blueberry Cobbler. Topped off with whipped cream.

Our show cast:

the group
L-R: Charles, low voiced guy, Joe and Henry Fanny and Miss Amber in front.

It was a good day all around.

Life is gooooood! Really good. God has shown us so much of His creation this trip and it is all beautiful.


Fairbanks, Alaska

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We are staying at the Riverview RV Park – the river being the Chena River.  Riverview is in the North Pole which is famous for the Santa Claus House. We haven’t been to it yet. Dale is off riding a boat down the river!



We have had much rain in the last 3 days. The sun comes out for a spell, which is nice. Riverview Adventure Trek is keeping everyone pretty busy the 5 nights we are here.

The day we arrived, Bo, Ray, Dale and I went out to dinner at Lil Richards Family Dining. Everyone wanted a good burger for a change. Then we went to Fairbanks and toured the Morris Thompson Culture and Visitor Center. What a beautiful building. Many exhibits on the culture past and present.



A short drive in the parking lot brought us to the Chena River and the Moose Antler Arch. Over 100 antlers were weaved into this work of art.


The next day, a free day, Dale and I found the University of Alaska as we have an event there the next day. We bought groceries at Fred Meyer and toured the town. Nice town on the banks of this river.

University of Alaska Museum 

We met the group at the museum at 12:30 and spent the next 3.5 hours going through the many exhibits and watching two 30 minute movies on Finding Dinosaur bones in Alaska and the Aurora.


This is a nugget of copper.
This is a nugget of copper.





This big rock, opened up is Jade. It was huge.
This big rock, opened up is Jade. It was huge.

The exhibit on Alaska was amazing.

Otto met us at the start of the exhibit.
Otto met us at the start of the exhibit. He is a brown bear and they now classify the brown bear and the grizzly as the same.


Pioneer Park

After our tour of the museum we all met in the parking lot of the Pioneer Park. We gathered to partake of the salmon bake buffet. All of us were hungry and ready to eat.


We were a little apprehensive about walking into a dark tunnel! Turns out we were walking in a reproduced mine shaft as this is the theme of the this part of the park.


We arrived early so had to wait for the place to open. The smells were driving us crazy with hunger!


2016 50 day Adventure Trek to Alaska group
2016 50 day Adventure Trek to Alaska group

Once we got our plate we filled it up with green salad and the fixings,  potatoes, baked beans, cod, salmon, and prime rib. I ordered crab legs on the side and oh, my, so sweet. Very good food and great company.


We walked around the park after dinner – so needed too!



The streets were lined with houses built back in the 1800 and moved here.
This is the train car that President Harding used when he came to Alaska.
This is the train car that President Harding used when he came to Alaska.

Life is good, really good. Thanks for reading and traveling around with us. God is faithful in all things.

Never Too Old

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Today was a strange day for weather. When we got up it was sunny and clear blue sky. By the time we went to meet the kids it was raining cats and dogs. We would get sun, rain, clouds, blue sky intermittently throughout the day. Once we returned home we were treated to a double rainbow!


We had an easy morning. Catching up on sleep and just relaxing after driving for a couple of days. We love this lifestyle that doesn’t have any “I must be there” schedules. We had a date with the kids to go watch them play on their softball team.

Brook hitting that ball with a solid whack!
Brook high-fiving a team mates making it to first base.
David almost hitting the ball. I think he did get a good hit and made a run.
David almost hitting the ball. I think he did get a good hit and made a run.

Their team lost by 4 points. There were some injuries throughout the game which come from playing co-ed. They have 2 weeks to rest up and heal. One is never too old to do fun things.

This day reminded me of when I was coach to Lesa’s girls softball team when she was in the third grade; watching David play baseball all through his elementary days and my own days playing on a softball team clear into my 50’s. A fun day all around for us.

Life is Awesome! God sent His son so that we might enjoy this life from now through eternity!!! 🙂


Yellowstone National Park

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I have been absent from posting to the blog! We were in Yellowstone National Park and didn’t have phones or internet. Then we moved on to the Tetons and boondocked so had spotty phone service.

Our mileage to Yellowstone from Bozeman was like 90 miles, so it was an easy days drive. We stopped in W. Yellowstone, MT to check out RV parks and see what the town had to offer. RV parks were $33/day to $45/day full hook-ups. After careful thought, we left the trailer in W. Yellowstone and journeyed into Yellowstone NP to see what the Madison campground had. Not many spots were open but we did find one that we could fit in and get sun so signed up for it. Back to W. Yellowstone to get the rig and grab some lunch. Lunch was a disappointment at the Old Town Café. They couldn’t even cook a decent hamburger and fries. Oh well.

Dale went ahead of me to the campground and as I was driving the 45 mph all these cars were stopped on the road. That, as we learned, is “animal spotting.” So I got off on a turnout and found out an elk was busy eating on an island in the river.

This is a Bull Elk and had an impressive rack. My phone gave him 2 butts!

I also saw my first Bison.


Our campsite was perfect, except hard to get the TV set up. Too  many trees. But that was okay because we were so tired after a day of traveling over the park. We had to put the dog food in the trailer because a momma grizzly and her cub wandered the campground at night.



Our first day out included drives off the main road, rivers, waterfalls, mud pots, hot springs, geysers and fumaroles.



Geyser Basin


basinAs you can see here in this photo, dead trees. Vegetation just can’t grow with the very hot water in the thermal areas.


We walked many a boardwalk to look at all these. I easily got in my 10,000 steps.

Our goal for the day was to see Old Faithful. Being at it is so late in the year to be visiting here, most everything was closed. The only buildings open were at Old Faithful. The Visitor Center and Snow Lodge were a gift shop and a grill were open. The lodge had dinners but we were home before then.

When we got to Old Faithful we had phone service. I text by daughter, Lesa, who is in Germany to get on the internet for the web cam at Old Faithful. She did and we shared the moment when Old Faithful went off. This made this moment so very special for me.



On our way home we took another off-the-road drive and found this geyser. People were around it and we kept driving. However, the thing went off so I stopped to get a photo. The height of the geyser’s cone tells us its age. Usually 1″ is equal to 100 years. This one was taller than Dale.



The next day we went to the East side of Yellowstone. Called the Canyon drive we travelled up and up. Elevation hit about 8000 and we saw some innovative person work.



This part of Yellowstone is called the “Grand Canyon” of Yellowstone. Oh my gosh, was it ever beautiful. This is one of the places that “you just had to be there” kind of moments. Yellowstone was the first national forest in the United States in 1872. It became a model for other national parks. Aren’t we fortunate this grand place was saved.

This is the Upper Falls. They had hikes to the Brink of the falls which is where the water goes over the falls. I went to both.
Yellowstone River at the Upper Falls.



This is the Lower Falls and the yellow dot is where I hike down 600 feet to stand on a platform on the Brink of the Falls. Due to the elevation and the almost straight down walk…I was out of breath.



This is the canyon colors and the photo doesn’t do it justice. It was so pretty. We were on the other side of the canyon at the top at Inspiration Point.
This is taken from Artist Point. God’s creation here was so incredibly beautiful.
This is the Yellowstone River going east down the canyon.
At the Brink of the Lower Falls.

Dale hiked the 5 miles from Inspiration Point to Artists Point. Mostly paved trails. We didn’t understand that other than being handicapped accessible.

From here we drove south to some mud pots.




On the way back home, we saw a bunch of cars off the road, parked and people out of their vehicles. We learned that this is an indication of “animal sighting” and we stopped. Look what we saw.

A grizzly bear was playing in this field. He wasn’t far off the road but paid no attention to everyone. He was just doing his thing!

The next day, our last in Yellowstone, took us back to Old Faithful and hiking around behind it to many hot springs, geysers and Morning Glory.





A clear warning on the path to Morning Glory.



Star Pool



Morning Glory




This is the most famous pool. Due to people throwing stuff in it, this has clogged up the springs. This lowers the temperature and allows other organisms to grow and change the color.
I forgot the name of this geyser on the right. It is said that it formed around a tree.

On our way back from Morning Glory we came upon this in Firehole River beside Riverside Geyser.



And she/he kept coming. So we boot scooted out of there.



After our hike, we hit the grill for lunch. Great burgers and salad.


Ceiling decorations. A busy place.


It was a great day for us. The sun was out and the day was in the high 60’s. Actually, the weather was excellent. Cold nights and mornings but nice during the day. I enjoyed this adventure and I still have that smile.

Life is sooooo good. God’s creation is just breath-taking.