Not Saying Goodbye

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To our dear friends, family and those following us on our life adventure.

Today was a very sad day as we had to let Morgan, our Golden Retriever, go. 

Our precious Morgan was 17 years and 25 days. She was our best friend, hiking buddy and our joy. 

Here are a few of our favorite photos. 

She was born November 13, 2000. She was one of a bunch of puppies and we picked her. Her tail was painted yellow and 9 weeks later we picked her up.

We knew these dogs were destined to be ours. They were born on Dale and Dorana’s moms birthday. Their moms middle name is Golden! How could we not know these girls were ours!!!! 


Dale’s sister, Dorana, was with us when we went to get Morgan. She saw Morgan’s sister and it was love at first sight. 


Morgan is in the black leash, Amika in the red. This is such a fun story to tell and if you have time I hope you read it. You will laugh along with us. 

We were going on a trip with our singles group and staying in a house at Sun River. On the way there we remembered NO DOGS ALLOWED. Well, we had to sneak the girls in the room and keep them there all weekend. Some one had to stay with them so all 3 of us were never seen together which made everyone wonder. We had to sneak the girls out through the window, daytime and night time, to do their business. When they would play and growl and bark at each other we had to make noises to cover up their noises. No one ever knew they were in that house even when a dog toy ended up under the wiper of our car. Oh, we have laughed and laughed over this for 17 years. And will continue to in years to come. 

This is the girls first hike at 9 weeks old at Smith Rock State Park. Sadly, we lost Amika a few years ago.


Morgan loved her sticks and balls!


She’s Miss Anal about her balls and toys.


She was our hiking buddy and loved being on the trails. As she got older (about 15) and couldn’t do much walking, she still wanted to be on a wooded trail.
She loved the ocean!


And the snow!


Annie and Morgan were buddies. Sadly, we lost Annie the first of 2017.


She was always smiling! That is what I will remember about her. The love and joy she brought to our lives. Incredible and could never be replaced. Until we meet in heaven. Always in my heart. 



The Journey Begins

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Our epic adventure began on May 19th. We currently are headed to Meridian, ID to see my son David and his sweetie Brook and attend my grandson Jacob’s graduation from high school. (That’s Melanie, my granddaughter.)


Our epic adventure is (drum roll please) *** North to Alaska!*** We have secured a JOB
(I know, a nasty word) but this just fell in our lap and was one thing we could not say NO to. We have signed on to be tailgunners for Adventure Treks. We are so excited about taking our RV to Alaska! More about that as we go.

As I said, our journey began when we left Sutherlin. We took a different way to Idaho this time – I5 to Creswell and over to Hwy 58. That took us to Hwy 97 and Bend. We pretty much had rain all the way and it was chilly out.

day 1 beg
Yahoo! The wheels are rolling.

After a so-so lunch at Jake’s in Bend on Hwy 20 we started our straight road, desert trek to Burns. About 5 miles before Burns we saw signs to the Chickahominy Recreation Site. Here we found the Chickahominy Reservoir. The campsites were spread out nicely and we chose one on the shore. The wind was howling and almost at gale force. We were nice and cozy in our home on wheels.


day 1 beg 2

Camp fees were $8. Because we are over 65 in age, our pass gave us half off. We paid $4 for a nice, quiet spot! No services such as electricity, sewer or water. Just a gravel spot with a table and fire pit. Right up our alley!

day 1 beg 4

Wildflowers were out. Yellow, purple, and white were showing off their blooms.


day1 beg 3

This photo shows the long stretch of Hwy 20. No curves until we get down in the canyon. Just desert bushes and Juniper trees.

What a great day we had because the wheels are rolling again. Check out Dale’s blog 

Life is good. God is love – and so much more.



Lone Pine, California

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We were planning how we would get to Bullhead City, AZ from Reno, NV. We had two choices – go through Vegas or go down 395. No contest. 395 is one of our favorite roads to travel. The scenery, lakes, and mountains win out over big cities. We decided to go to Lone Pine and boondock in the Alabama Hills, which is BLM land. One can stay there for 14 days and get to pick the spot where you want to park.

We chose to stay just off Movie Road.

Lone Pine Peak is the big mountain in the photo of the Sierras. Mt Whitney is off to the right with the pointed mountain.

Our days, as you can see, were full of clear, blue skies and in the 60’s. It did get cool in the evenings and early mornings. Morgan and Annie loved being outside and free.

We stayed 5 days in excellent weather. The wind did start-up our last evening. Some at 40 mph that rocked the trailer pretty good.

We hiked around the trail to the arches.




The China Naval Basin was near by and so we got to hear jet noise. Greatest sound.


The views here are incredible.

We drove up the Whitney Portal Road to where the trailhead for Mt. Whitney begins.  The trail is 11 miles up to the top of the mountain. The increase in elevation is like 6000 feet. It was quite chilly up there at 8000 feet.


Waterfall coming off the mountain.


Morgan on the bridge crossing the creek.

The next day, Dale took off early to hike up the trail. I sat in 60 degree weather at the trailer watching a storm come through the mountain. Dale did say it snowed on him. He kept to his 8 mile hike but would like to come back and do the whole trail. I took the day to sew and enjoy the suns warmth.

We took in the Lone Pine Film History Museum while here. The theme of the museum comes about because of all the “B” westerns that have been filmed in the Alabama Hills. We were quite pleased at the content of the museum. Wasn’t cheesy at all.



Remember these good guys!



The museum had a display for the movie “Tremors.” I had a good laugh remembering when I first saw this movie with Kevin Bacon.


We bought a movie when we were finished walking through all the displays. “Seven Men From Now” with Randolph Scott. It was fun seeing where we were camped on film.

The museum also sold  a book with maps to the sites from the old movies. So we trekked off in the hills to find each and every place where the chosen films were made.

The grave site in “Rawhide.” Filmed in 1939.

Next stop was this cliff where wagons fell into the canyon in “How the West Was Won.”




There are way too many movies made here to list. Roy Rogers started is film life here. Get a list here. Some of “Iron Man” was filmed here and had the suit Robert Downey, Jr. wore in the first scene. A great place to visit.

After having lunch at the Lone Pine Cafe and Bakery (great, great food) we decided to do some Geocaching. I think we found 5 or 6 caches in the hills. It was fun to find them but also do some rock climbing and see other parts of the hills. lp15
The Face.


An old mine. Saw several of these in the hills.


Found it!

lp1Morgan and Dale had a good time too.

The museum has a “Western Film Festival” during Columbus Day weekend in October. I think we will plan to attend on our way south next year.

As always, our stay here was another adventure that made us happy and content. This RV life – is good!

Headed for the Tetons

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After leaving our camp at Madison Creek, we had to go all the way around the park due to a road closure below Old Faithful. Therefore, we were able to get a good look at Yellowstone Lake!


As we were driving around this lake, I got to thinking, “We haven’t seen a “herd” of buffalo at all.” Literally, around the bend and bam….


Our travel time to the Tetons was not a long one after leaving Yellowstone. Probably aout 28 miles. It seemed like the two parks were connected!

Our friends, the Kings, clued us in to a boondocking spot from “Days End” and we found it near the little town of Moran along the Buffalo Forks River.



This campsite was about 30 miles from Jackson Hole, so not real convenient to “going to town for a loaf of bread.” We did spend a day there, getting gas, groceries, doing laundry and having lunch.

As you can see, the mountains are beautiful. We stopped at a pull out and got a great picture of the mountains and the Snake River.



Woke up to this one morning.


This is a beautiful place and I am so glad you took the time to enjoy God’s creation so far from Oregon!

Life is great! God gives us blessings we don’t even realize!


Traveling Day 2

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After leisurely get up and having breakfast, we broke camp and headed toward Sisters. This is always a beautiful drive. We were not disappointed of the wide vistas as we climbed up the Sanitam Pass. Three-finger Jack stood out against the clear, blue sky. Mt. Washington stood tall as we saw once again the ravages of the fire back in the 90’s. In the photo below you can see the bright colors of fall on the roadside.






We stopped in Sisters to buy fresh veggies and stretch our legs. Sisters was busy as usual but we just pulled through the town heading for the cut off to Redmond.

It is amazing how Redmond has grown – 26,000 people. We were hungry and saw Izzy’s right off so we stopped for lunch. Buffet style, but for $7.99 can’t beat a good lunch of salad, chicken and cooked veggies. Dale partook of more than that and was satisfied when we left.

We decided to take the back roads instead of going up 395 to I84. We went through so many small town: Prineville, Mitchell, Dayville, Mt. Vernon, Dale and many others with names but no post office. Many old buildings and farms in this area. The scenery was breath-taking!


Prineville as we come down the steep incline.


Smoke rising between mountains. As we came around this area, a controlled burning was probably in the works. Maybe farmers burning off their fields.

We passed by the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument (Painted Hills) which too us through a canyon with mountains on the right side and mountains high on the left by the creek. We say where the John Day River was just a creek.


Can’t you just see the American Indian roaming these hills among these great rock formations?


This town look almost deserted. Don’t know if this old church was in use or not. Many buildings were dilapidated.


This is the little town of Dale.


The quaint town of Mt. Vernon where we turned onto 395 toward Washington.

We thought there would be many places to camp but we were wrong. Not many logging roads heading off into the hills. We came to a state park in the Ukiah-Dale Forest district and found an empty camp spot. The park price was $6 to camp and $7 for the extra car. Not sure why campgrounds charge a price for extra cars and people. We took off at 8 a.m. the next morning to go have breakfast in Ukiah.

Our day was a long one – 6 hours of driving and only 235 miles! We were both worn out but the scenery going up Hwy 26 was worth the time we spent.

Life is good. God granted traveling mercies.

Comfort Food

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We all have our favorites for comfort food. One of my all time favorites started at Howard Prairie. After my evening shift cooking, we would get our “dinner meal” to take home to eat (at 9 p.m.) My dinner meal was Nachos. I still get cravings for Nachos every once in a while, so I was excited to try a recipe that came in my email box. These weren’t your regular Nachos. The only difference was that it was baked. I liked the idea of having hot chips with all the wonderful black beans, green onion, olives, avocado, cheese, jalapeno, tomatoes, salsa and sour cream.

The recipe isn’t hard. The dish is layered in any way you want to do it. Each layer is the same. Start with the chips.


Top with cheese and bake at 400 until hot and cheese is melted. I did heat up the beans and any meat you want to put on it. It was delicious! My sour cream is Tofutti (non-dairy). I have heard that Greek yogurt is good too.

This might even make a great Super Bowl dish – to be enjoyed with football! I think I’m going to make it again on Sunday for a snack.

ImageI know, I should have taken the photo before we dug in! Makes a beautiful dish.

Life is good! Thank you Father for the blessings you give us.

A Couple of Recipes

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I haven’t tried these yet, but wanted to share with you as they look really good.

First is the Stuffed Avocado. You can find the recipe at the link below.


Next is the Cowboy Caviar. You can find the recipe from the link below.!/2011/08/summer-salsa.html


The Cowboy Salsa can also be used in Tacos.


Life is good when eating healthy!