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November is a big month for birthdays in my family. Especially, coming just before Christmas.:)

My granddaughter, Courtney starts us off in late October with her birthday and my daughter Lesa is shortly after.. kids

Grandson, Dustin, is in there between Court and Lesa. He was 22 this year. I remember the day he was born. My first grandchild!


Next comes Chloe. Dale’s son Ben started a family and I was so excited to have a baby grandchild again. Now she is 6.


We get about a week off of birthdays before they begin again. My second granddaughter, Melanie, hit the big 21 mark in her life this month.


I think I’m getting old! NAW!

When we went to pick out a dog out of a litter of about 9 or more 15 years ago we had a family connection. On October 13 Morgan and Amika (Dale’s sister’s dog) were born. They are Golden Retrievers. Well, Dale’s mom was also born on this day and her middle name is Golden! It was suppose to be this way, right!

Dale’s mom is 90 today and after talking with her she is excited and has many plans for her birthday and having fun. Go mom! As you can tell, both of these old gals are doing just fine!

20140310_145601                                                  20150815_220228

I will add that my birthday is this month also but we won’t talk about that.

It is a festive month and all these people (and dogs) have blessed our lives for many years. I’m so lucky!

Life is great! God is amazing with His love and grace.


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I’ve been away for a year it looks like. Blogging has given my family and friends a way of keeping track of us on our travels. Today, I’m going off course a little and sharing with you what has been on my heart. Today I share about gratitude. Not only for the things and people in our lives. But for what we have in Jesus Christ. Thanks for reading with me today! I’ve been away for a year it looks like. Blogging has given my family and friends a way of keeping track of us on our travels. Today, I’m going off course a little and sharing with you what has been on my heart. Today I share about gratitude. Not only for the things and people in our lives. But for what we have in Jesus Christ. Thanks for reading with me today!


There have been a few friends who have talked to me about being grateful; showing gratitude lately. I’m learning that this is an attitude that I need to “put on” and show with actions and words.

Gratitude means having the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.There are many ways in which a person can express gratitude. We can be grateful for our housing, clothes, and the things that make up our lives. Yet, for the God fearing person, there are those things like God’s mercy, grace, love – the list can go on forever! God is that good to us.

gratitude (1)

Yet, I remember a verse about how God wants us to go into the deep things of God. (1 Corinthians 2:19)  I want to encourage you to go past those things the eye and heart can feel and think on who and what our God is and be grateful!.

I had a very weird thing happen last week. Dale and I were going out to lunch and the minute I step out of the vehicle a young man was standing there asking for money. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any money on me and told him so. He gave me a look and I walked away, into the café. His eyes followed me as he went back to his buddies and car. He was getting gas.

We ordered lunch, found a table and I then went to use the restroom. As I was in there, someone came in. Thinking they had to go also, I didn’t pay much attention. However, they turned on the water in the sink. Okay, that’s normal.

But the longer I was in there, the longer the water in the sink poured out. I was beginning to think this was not normal. As I rounded the stalls, I say a figure standing there, head down, wearing all black and the upper body was shrouded with a black hoodie. I could not tell if this was a man or a woman. My antenna went up and I headed out the door, not washing my hands. (Thank goodness for sani-wipes I carry!) I was creeped out!

I did not see who was in the bathroom, but, I don’t know, have you ever wondered if you were safe in one of these public restrooms? I do!


Upon later thought, it came to me how much gratitude I have for God’s protection over us, His children. In the bible, He tells us that He puts a hedge around us. (Job 1:10)

I remember another time, as a young girl in a big city,walking home from the bus depot. I heard footsteps behind me as I walked. Now that’s enough to give one goosebumps. When I stopped at the corner this man stopped also and asked me if he could carry my suitcase. I thanked him and said I was fine and crossed the street. He did not follow. Later I thought of all kinds of “bad” ways that could have ended. I felt that my angle had stopped that guy in his tracks to protect me.

I am sure we all have experiences where we can see God’s protection about us. I also know that there are many times He protects us and we don’t even know it. Let us show gratitude today for that protection.

Father God, I am so very grateful for my salvation in Jesus Christ. Your mercy and grace brought me to faith in You and eternal life. Father, today, I say “thank you so very much for the protection You put around your children.” I thank you when I pray for Your protection around my children and grandchildren. I am so full of gratitude for this love that is so faithful that comes from You. In Jesus name, Amen

Let us show God and others in our life our gratitude for what they do for us! Be intentional with your actions and your words.


Life is Good. God is amazing.

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We started our day going to the outlet mall. We didn’t get here last year so we had to do it this year for sure. The stores were on the second level and the shops were placed in a circle on the floor. Lot of empty stores too. We found a great sale at Carters for Kids and bought Lucy some winter clothes. It is so much fun shopping for little girls! I did find some great bargains for Christmas presents.

Lucy getting brave in her 9 months!



We were getting hungry so thought it was time to eat something. We had decided we were going to go to Harrah’s “Fresh Market Square Buffet” for Thanksgiving so we thought it would be good to go have lunch there to make sure the food was good.

We stopped at the desk and got our “Players Card” to get $$ off our meal. Well, they don’t do a lunch buffet past 1:30 so we had to eat in the Beach Cafe. It was delicious so we thought we would be safe to have Thanksgiving there.

We stopped to play the slot machines. Dale lost his money and I came home with all my money plus three extra dollars. Ha! Big winnings. We were really trying to get points to get a free buffet but the guy who talked to me didn’t say you need 25 levels! That would be $100 put in a machine and we aren’t the best gamblers to spend that kind of money. It was hard using $10!


We saw a big banner on a building outside the main doors to Harrah’s saying that Guy Fieri was putting in a new restaurant. He is one of our favorite “Food Network” people. It would be fun to see him in person if he comes for the opening but we won’t be here then.

I did get an appointment for a Pedi and a Mani (birthday present from Dale) at the spa for next Tuesday. We got to walk by the pool and we took a small walk on the beach.





Harrah’s is the happening place!

PS. We did have Thanksgiving dinner here. As we stood in line with a hundred other people, Anita told us that her neighbor said this was the only good buffet in Laughlin. And it was delicious. All of it. We had turkey and all the trimmings down to the pumpkin pie. We also had a choice of pizza, sushi, many seafood dishes, ham, prime rib, scalloped potatoes, veggies of many varieties, and a dessert station that could be a meal in itself. A very delicious meal with food that was top grade. We do have to come back for dinner or breakfast. It was worth the $17 we paid. A very happy day and thankful day with friends.

Did I ever mention that life is good and I’m trying to live in each moment!

One Hike

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We finally decided to hike on the trail made from Davis Dam to Laughlin. Don Laughlin donated the money needed to put in this 5 mile “walk.” to the dam. The road above the dam is closed to traffic so one can walk across the dam.

Walkway across Hwy 95
Walkway across Hwy 95 to Las Vegas

We parked Miss Scarlet above the dam and walked across the dam and down the hill to the park. The path was all pavement so we were disappointed as we like to walk in dirt! We hiked a mile and a half before we realized we couldn’t make the complete 5 miles before dark. So we turned around and got in a good 3.5 mile hike.


We got a late start so we couldn’t go all the way to the walkway and back before dark. It was a great hike along the Colorado River.

Davis Dam


Riverside Casino boat that goes from the casino to the dam. The tour includes a narrative of the history along the river.

Oh, just a side mention. This was my birthday. Yup, 66 years young. It was a great birthday!

That evening we had a birthday dinner with Anita and Bud at Chili’s. We decided on their special – 2 for $20 and it was delicious. And so much the better with friends.

Again, seizing the moments in life and being very thankful and blessed for life and this crazy RV lifestyle.


Having Too Much Fun!

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We have been here 10 days already and we are having a blast.

We have been hiking, shopping, eating and gambling. Not to mention enjoying the blue sky and sun and warm weather. Every second of the day is incredible.

One event we took in was the Country Superstars. There are about 8 or so people who can look and sing like real starts. Our show included Merle Haggard, Tim McGraw, Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson. We had seats right on the stage.

s you can see, drinks were delivered to the table which was kind of nice.


Tim McGraw was out first and sang us some of his popular songs. Merle was out next and really didn’t do a thing for us. Then came Dolly and she was the cutest thing. Willy, for me, was the best. He looked like Willie and sang like Willy and made us all laugh. He even sang to Dale and me! We had a great time singing along and clapping with the beat. It was hard to stay seated, but couldn’t move if we wanted too. The band was great too.


Dolly with Anita and myself.
Anita was swooning!



Oh, yes, he could make anyone swoon. I told him I was supposed to pat him on the butt (per Dolly) and he said, “You wouldn’t be the first.”



Willie gave me his red handkerchief while on stage and told me to put it on.
Willie gave me his red handkerchief while on stage and told me to put it on for the photo.

We had a lot of fun this night and were glad we went even if they were fake. They gave us some good entertainment.

Life is very good!



Finally Made It To Arizona!

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The wind followed us all the way to Bullhead City, AZ. At first we had a tail wind which was good. Then heading east out of Barstow we had a cross wind and that isn’t good. But we made the 300 miles to Katherine’s Landing Campground. This is a Forest Service Campground and $5 a day. Water and a dump are available. The sites are quite nice and big. Al, the host is very congenial and keeps everyone in line! The campground also has washers and dryers on site so don’t have to run into town to find a laundromat.


Plenty of sun to keep us powered up!

Morgan and I took a hike the other day and took these photo’s.

klThis is Katherine’s Landing. It is on the Colorado River – Mohave Lake. There is a marina, motel, store, restaurant, Boat Repair and a mobile home that looks like summer homes for boaters and fishermen. There are many house boats, some very big and they all look like fun. We saw only one sailboat but sure there are more in the summer. Dale wants to rent a speedboat, so we may have a trip up the river in our near future.

colorado-riverGoing up river from the marina and Davis Dam.


A very co-operative lizard that stood still for a photo shoot!



Our campground is at the base of the mountains. Only one loop is open and the campground across the street is closed also. This is a popular campground this year. Nearly full every night.

We are about 7 miles from Bullhead City. It is nice being out of all that traffic and busy days for others. One problem we have faced is the time change. Arizona is in Mountain time and Nevada is in Pacific time zone. Nevada is just across the bridge and river into Laughlin!!! We adjust.

Life is good in the sun and warmth. We feel very blessed by our Lord.


Lone Pine, California

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We were planning how we would get to Bullhead City, AZ from Reno, NV. We had two choices – go through Vegas or go down 395. No contest. 395 is one of our favorite roads to travel. The scenery, lakes, and mountains win out over big cities. We decided to go to Lone Pine and boondock in the Alabama Hills, which is BLM land. One can stay there for 14 days and get to pick the spot where you want to park.

We chose to stay just off Movie Road.

Lone Pine Peak is the big mountain in the photo of the Sierras. Mt Whitney is off to the right with the pointed mountain.

Our days, as you can see, were full of clear, blue skies and in the 60’s. It did get cool in the evenings and early mornings. Morgan and Annie loved being outside and free.

We stayed 5 days in excellent weather. The wind did start-up our last evening. Some at 40 mph that rocked the trailer pretty good.

We hiked around the trail to the arches.




The China Naval Basin was near by and so we got to hear jet noise. Greatest sound.


The views here are incredible.

We drove up the Whitney Portal Road to where the trailhead for Mt. Whitney begins.  The trail is 11 miles up to the top of the mountain. The increase in elevation is like 6000 feet. It was quite chilly up there at 8000 feet.


Waterfall coming off the mountain.


Morgan on the bridge crossing the creek.

The next day, Dale took off early to hike up the trail. I sat in 60 degree weather at the trailer watching a storm come through the mountain. Dale did say it snowed on him. He kept to his 8 mile hike but would like to come back and do the whole trail. I took the day to sew and enjoy the suns warmth.

We took in the Lone Pine Film History Museum while here. The theme of the museum comes about because of all the “B” westerns that have been filmed in the Alabama Hills. We were quite pleased at the content of the museum. Wasn’t cheesy at all.



Remember these good guys!



The museum had a display for the movie “Tremors.” I had a good laugh remembering when I first saw this movie with Kevin Bacon.


We bought a movie when we were finished walking through all the displays. “Seven Men From Now” with Randolph Scott. It was fun seeing where we were camped on film.

The museum also sold  a book with maps to the sites from the old movies. So we trekked off in the hills to find each and every place where the chosen films were made.

The grave site in “Rawhide.” Filmed in 1939.

Next stop was this cliff where wagons fell into the canyon in “How the West Was Won.”




There are way too many movies made here to list. Roy Rogers started is film life here. Get a list here. Some of “Iron Man” was filmed here and had the suit Robert Downey, Jr. wore in the first scene. A great place to visit.

After having lunch at the Lone Pine Cafe and Bakery (great, great food) we decided to do some Geocaching. I think we found 5 or 6 caches in the hills. It was fun to find them but also do some rock climbing and see other parts of the hills. lp15
The Face.


An old mine. Saw several of these in the hills.


Found it!

lp1Morgan and Dale had a good time too.

The museum has a “Western Film Festival” during Columbus Day weekend in October. I think we will plan to attend on our way south next year.

As always, our stay here was another adventure that made us happy and content. This RV life – is good!