Let’s Take a Tour of TC

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Telegraph Cove, located north of Campbell River B.C. on Vancouver Island, is a small cove that hosts a marina, condo’s, restaurants, whale watching tours, bear tours, a general store, several coffee shops, kayak tours and just a nice place to sit and relax. TC sits on Johnstone Strait.


TC got its name when a superintendent of Telegraphs was hunting for a place for a line from Campbell River in 1912 and came upon this fishing village. In the 1920’s, Alfred Wastell built a lumber mill and a salmon saltery in the cove. During WWII, TC became a relay station for the Air Force. Many of the buildings seen today were built during that time. For decades, Telegraph Cove remained a sleepy hamlet of board walks and wooden buildings built on pilings on the coast. Boat was the only means of transportation. Automobile access arrived only in 1956 and with it, the potential for tourism. By the 1970’s, the lumber mill and salmon saltery were ending their historic runs. Now it was time for vacationers, sport fishermen and whale watchers. Stubbs Island Whale Watching, the very first outfit of its kind in BC, launched in 1980.


Let’s go on a photo tour of Telegraph Cove. You can click any photo to make it bigger!


Entrance to TC
Our office. Let me explain some local tidbits. The marina and this building belong to our boss. The condo’s and boardwalk belong to someone else. That is why there are two offices. 


This is the Seahorse Cafe. Marco and Lana have been in this spot for 14 years. Good food!
The Seahorse Gallery offers finer tourist gems. Shirts, scarves, handcrafted jewelry and cool drinking containers. Many have the First Nations emblems on them.


Entrance to the boardwalk. There are a lot of old machinery parts left from the various businesses over the years laying around.

This tree is just inside the entrance to the boardwalk.




This is the General Store. No nuts and bolts but most everything else. Fishermen and tourist stuff and some food stuff.


Outside seating at one of the coffee shops next to the TC office.


This is the boardwalk post office mailbox where we mail letters and postcards.


The Board Walk


The brown building on the right houses all the employees. It is the Bunk House and this is where the Air Force guys stayed.
An old Dodge truck gets its photo taken a lot!
Flowers are everywhere making TC look beautiful.

The Killer Whale Restaurant. Serves up some great food. Very nice inside seating.
Killer Whale Restaurant also has marina side seating.
In July, on Wednesdays – Saturday there is a Salmon Bake on the boardwalk at The Killer Whale Restaurant. The meal consists of the most moist and delicious salmon. Sides are 3 salads and corn on the cob. A mere $27 ca.


Rooms and cabins are for rent. They line the boardwalk.
Right next door to the restaurant is the pub. Haven’t been in here yet. Spirits served.
The story behind this oar….a cougar attacked a little dog. A nearby couple saw this oar in the tree, took it to beat on the cougar’s head and they broke it. Poor puppy lived but was blinded by the cougars jaw.
Nice gesture to keep the boardwalk free of pet poop.

Decorations galore.

One of many bird houses.
The other coffee shop.
Stubbs Whale Watching tours are very popular. Buses of people come in weekly. And yes, they see lots of whales, seals, otters, and eagles.
All aboard for the whale tours. There are 2 boats. (click to see) One large one, Lukwa, holds 46 people. The newer boat, Kultua is smaller.
Whales are a big deal here because this is their home. So they have to be a museum to tell all.

Across the mouth to the marina and from these photo’s is the boardwalk on the other side of the marina. Dale and I hike over the mountain and down to this boardwalk. Beautiful views of Johnstone Strait here.

The Marina

Across from our office is the Dockside 29 condo’s privately owned. They sit right on the edge of the marina.

See the yacht! Been here for a month. Hasn’t moved.
North Island Kayak tours are very popular.

Finally —-

Our domain as hosts.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour. We have come to love this beautiful gem nestled amongst all the islands dotting the northern part of Vancouver Island.

A treat! 

Life is amazing and so good. God’s creation astounds us with its creativity and beauty.

Disney Has Arrived

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One thing we have enjoyed is watching the big cruise ships traveling to Alaska from Vancouver or Seattle. Now, the thing is, we are watching these ships path to Alaska on the Internet  at marinetraffic.com.  We are a bit miffed because their journey pathway takes them behind Hanson Island that we can see the east side of  and the ships go on the west side.


Well, this evening we saw that Disney Wonder was coming back from Alaska and going between Malcolm Island and us on Vancouver Island. So, off we ran up the hill to watch it come in. Here’s some photos.

The ship is far out (black dot) from us going about 7 knots. It took about an hour before it reached us in Telegraph Cove.


Finally, it came along side where we were standing. Dale had alerted the campground of a ship coming by us so we had a group of people out watching. It is so awesome to see people from Germany, Ireland, B.C and the USA all in a common event.


I got the notion to run down to our beach to catch a sight of the boat against the snowy mountains on the mainland of B.C.

Here it is going by our little beach cove.

If you look real close, the tip of the ship lines up with the tip of a snow capped mountain peaking above the clouds.


To end our evening, we invited Anna, from Munich, Germany, over for a cup of tea and to get warm. Anna is tenting with another person as they travel through Canada. She is fulfilling a dream of hers of visiting Canada.


Life is Great! God’s great love for us is Jesus Christ, His son!

Ferry Time

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Being good planners that we are (**cough**cough**), Dale made reservations for the ferry crossing to Vancouver Island out of Tsawwassen. They were offering a discount if we took a later ferry, so we signed up.


When we arrived in Tsawwassen, we found a huge mall there and parked to wait for the 5:45 ferry time. We ate lunch in their food court and walked through the mall. I’m sure we got in our 10,000 steps.


When we arrived at the ferry terminal, we paid our $197 Canadian and got in lane 24 as instructed. As we waited, the other lanes filled up. Thankfully, we were put on the ferry quickly.




If you have ever been on a ferry you know they put almost every kind of vehicle on that boat. When I see all these 18 wheelers I gulp. Will this boat hold up all this weight! It did! 🙂


I showed you the roof of this side of the ferry because when we got off the ferry and to Costco in Nanaimo, there were white dots all over the car and down the back of the motor home. Yep, bird poop! They must hitched a ride.


Leaving the port where the ferry’s dock.
Name of the ferry we were on.


Dale taking a photo of us leaving.

We found the cafe. Hot food. Dinner was a cheese burger and salad for me and Dale had chicken and fries.


2 hours later we are back on dry ground. We followed that truck out. On our way to Nanaimo.

To see more photo’s of this leg of our journey, click here.  

This will take you to Dale’s website. Click each photo to see a different photo.

Even after our being stopped at the border, we enjoyed Tsawwassen and the ferry ride.  Highway 19 was a virtual freeway and we arrived at our destination by 8 p.m.

Life is good. God is a light in the darkness.


Summer Vacation Time

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After about a week and a half, we finally arrived at our destination – Telegraph Cove!

An old mill town now hosts condos, marina, boardwalk with a general store, 2 coffee shops, the Seahorse Cafe and the Pub Restaurant along with the bear tours and the whale tours. Lots of outdoor seating too. This is all on a boardwalk!

Our rig is park so that we have a view of the Johnstone Strait. Yesterday we saw a huge cruise ship passing by on its way to Vancouver, BC. Probably coming from Alaska.

Nope, didn’t get a photo of the ship!

We do like our spot. We can see the whole campground from here.


Finally found some flowers for our space. Not a lot of choice but I do like daisies! Proudly displaying our flag!

We can hike to the beach or down to the point where the mouth of the marina is.

Vistas are incredible. Off in the distance on islands are huge snow-capped mountains. Smaller islands dot the sound.


This place on earth is incredibly beautiful and we are so thankful to be here. There are hikes we can do. Kayaks we can take out on the water and maybe see whales and other sea animals!


We are digging the cooler weather! It gets in the high 60’s when the sun comes out. Last 2 days have had cloud cover all day.

Dale has made his camp host job taking care of the RV park. He’s great dealing with people.  I knew this was probably coming, but I get the one bathroom and 4 shower stalls to clean. Small price to pay for our space and full hook-ups and being able to stay here for 3 months.

Life is exciting and very good. Thanking God for this beautiful place and the opportunity to be here.




Mt. St. Helens

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While in Longview we took the opportunity to go up to the mountain that erupted back in 1980. We first went to Castle Rock, Washington and headed eat 52 miles to the Johnston Ridge.

There are many hikes up and around the mountain, but today we settled on the information center. We were admitted free with our pass but it costs $8 to park and tour around the facility and the ridge. We watched a film about the eruption. I learned that an earthquake set off a slide and the mountain erupted soon after. Debris took out all the timber that was there and down into the Toutle Valley 14 miles.

I also learned that this mountain has erupted many, many times over its years. This wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last.

As you can see, we had a beautiful day. The wind was blowing like crazy. The orange and blue wildflowers were out. The area is just beautiful.

Life is good. God’s paint brush leaves us with breathtaking beauty.


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No, we aren’t doing the YMCA with the Village People. 🙂 We did, however, go to a Family Motor Coach Association rally June 19-25 in Longview, Washington. We were in a sea of motor coaches of all sizes. About 400 rigs attended this 3 day rally and we found people are pretty loyal FMCAers.

This was our first rally with these folks. We arrived early because Dale volunteered to help in any job. This rally is run by all volunteers and it takes a bunch to put together such a comprehensive program. There were vendors selling all kinds of RV stuff!  After examining our used Blue Ox hitch, we bought a new one.

There were 2 meals and a hot dog bash. Coffee and assorted pastries were for breakfast.

Wednesday was the hotdog bash where we had Costco dogs, beans, salad and dessert and sat in the grandstands. Opinion was “this isn’t fun” but Dale and I enjoyed it all! That night was Bingo with no winners in our house until blackout. Dale won $147!!! He thought Bingo might be a fun game.

Our table mates were on for blackout also. Dale bought their cards for them after winning BO.

The next day was opening ceremonies and chapter row. Dale was sponsoring the Workhorse Chassis chapter.  The different chapters names were put in the hat for a $50 drawing. Yep, you got it. Dale won. As Tina says, “You. Me. Vegas.”

On Friday, we toured all the big rigs that the vendors had brought to the rally. My, they were expensive, with lots of bling. We decided our little ol’ Dolphin fit us just fine.

After touring we visited all the vendors. I went to the FMCA booth and looked for our membership number for a prize. Yay, it was there and we won a $25 gift card. Needless to say, all this free money is going to Canada with us as “Mad Money.” (Nope, not going to the Blue Ox Hitch fund!!!)

Entertainment was provided on Friday and Saturday nights. Red and Bernie were a hoot. A musical duo with very hilarious funny bones.

Red and Bernie are from Liverpool and knew the Beatles personally.


Brady Goss was a phenomenal piano player. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdRYQyWQABI


We did have a fun time and met some very nice people. Would we do this again. Maybe, maybe not!

Life is great – on the road. God’s mercies are new every morning.

The Adventure of 2017 Has Begun

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I’d like to give an update on the Keto way of eating before I dig into our adventure of 2017.

My blood work came back very good! Blood sugar numbers were at 100 – down from 140 mgs. No longer in the “diabetic” range which was my goal. My kidney numbers were up. Which was another goal. My blood pressure numbers were normal and so off my medication. Lost 26 pounds and about 30 inches off this ol’ body. We didn’t do cholesterol numbers. Not a biggie with my doctor so I don’t worry about it. But reports from Keto Badass Babes reports those numbers go down after about 6 months on the diet. In all, I’m satisfied with the results. I feel better, have more energy and eat pretty darn well.

Now to the awesome RV trip we are going on. It’s been a week and 4 days since we left home. We are staying at Elks Lodges along the way north. First Keiser near Salem. We got the last space in this tiny park. Our friends, Dana and Tim live in Salem so we were able to spend the afternoon and dinner time with them.

Next stop was a favorite park in St. Helens, Oregon. We spent 2 days there. On our free day we went to Sauvie Island that was 20 miles away from us. We found this island to be agricultural, plenty of wild life and an attraction to the beaches on the Columbia River for people escaping the city. The island is 10 miles long and sits between the Columbia River, the Multnomah Channel and the Willamette River.  Sadly, the wildlife had migrated away from the island.

Osprey were still in the area.
Hydrangea – fields of them. A big supplier of nurseries have a business on the island.
Lot of cattle and horses.
All kinds of boats were docked on the channel.
It was a nice day for the beach.

We were getting hungry after drive first down on side of the island to a dead-end and then back around to another road that dead ended at the beach. We found the pumpkin patch! They had a market, gift shop and a small outdoor cafe. Before leaving the island we had lunch.

Dale after ordering lunch.

It was a great day exploring. Off to Longview!

Life is good, very good. God is still in love with all of us.