Not Saying Goodbye

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To our dear friends, family and those following us on our life adventure.

Today was a very sad day as we had to let Morgan, our Golden Retriever, go. 

Our precious Morgan was 17 years and 25 days. She was our best friend, hiking buddy and our joy. 

Here are a few of our favorite photos. 

She was born November 13, 2000. She was one of a bunch of puppies and we picked her. Her tail was painted yellow and 9 weeks later we picked her up.

We knew these dogs were destined to be ours. They were born on Dale and Dorana’s moms birthday. Their moms middle name is Golden! How could we not know these girls were ours!!!! 


Dale’s sister, Dorana, was with us when we went to get Morgan. She saw Morgan’s sister and it was love at first sight. 


Morgan is in the black leash, Amika in the red. This is such a fun story to tell and if you have time I hope you read it. You will laugh along with us. 

We were going on a trip with our singles group and staying in a house at Sun River. On the way there we remembered NO DOGS ALLOWED. Well, we had to sneak the girls in the room and keep them there all weekend. Some one had to stay with them so all 3 of us were never seen together which made everyone wonder. We had to sneak the girls out through the window, daytime and night time, to do their business. When they would play and growl and bark at each other we had to make noises to cover up their noises. No one ever knew they were in that house even when a dog toy ended up under the wiper of our car. Oh, we have laughed and laughed over this for 17 years. And will continue to in years to come. 

This is the girls first hike at 9 weeks old at Smith Rock State Park. Sadly, we lost Amika a few years ago.


Morgan loved her sticks and balls!


She’s Miss Anal about her balls and toys.


She was our hiking buddy and loved being on the trails. As she got older (about 15) and couldn’t do much walking, she still wanted to be on a wooded trail.
She loved the ocean!


And the snow!


Annie and Morgan were buddies. Sadly, we lost Annie the first of 2017.


She was always smiling! That is what I will remember about her. The love and joy she brought to our lives. Incredible and could never be replaced. Until we meet in heaven. Always in my heart. 




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November is a big month for birthdays in my family. Especially, coming just before Christmas. 🙂

My granddaughter, Courtney starts us off in late October with her birthday and my daughter Lesa is shortly after.. kids

Grandson, Dustin, is in there between Court and Lesa. He was 22 this year. I remember the day he was born. My first grandchild!


Next comes Chloe. Dale’s son Ben started a family and I was so excited to have a baby grandchild again. Now she is 6.


We get about a week off of birthdays before they begin again. My second granddaughter, Melanie, hit the big 21 mark in her life this month.


I think I’m getting old! NAW!

When we went to pick out a dog out of a litter of about 9 or more 15 years ago we had a family connection. On October 13 Morgan and Amika (Dale’s sister’s dog) were born. They are Golden Retrievers. Well, Dale’s mom was also born on this day and her middle name is Golden! It was suppose to be this way, right!

Dale’s mom is 90 today and after talking with her she is excited and has many plans for her birthday and having fun. Go mom! As you can tell, both of these old gals are doing just fine!

20140310_145601                                                  20150815_220228

I will add that my birthday is this month also but we won’t talk about that.

It is a festive month and all these people (and dogs) have blessed our lives for many years. I’m so lucky!

Life is great! God is amazing with His love and grace.