A Day in the Life

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I grew up in Oregon. I learned how to drive in Oregon. In residential areas the speed limit can be anywhere from 25 to 35. So when we got to Yucca Valley, CA and hit the residential areas here the speed limit blew us away.


See that 50 MPH sign? It was very difficult for me to go that fast. I had cars passing me and riding my tail. How rude!!!

The lady at Mimi’s Quilt Store told me that this fabric store didn’t have quilting stuff. I almost didn’t go. I am so glad I did. Not only do they have quilting tools, fat quarters and lots of material, they have findings for beading, yarn for knitting or crocheting. They have clothes 20% off. Scarves and purses. They have patterns for sewing and quilting. It was a store that has a little bit of everything. I did find some material to purchase.


After a run to the Stater Foods and the Post Office, I headed home to clean up the trailer and make turkey enchiladas. I asked Dale if his enchiladas were hot. Hot as in spicy, not cooking. Well, I had bought a green sauce that was “picante hot.” Whew! We had tears. And we have left-overs. I hope we can do this again tomorrow for dinner!

It was a very good day. The sun was out and it got up to 66.

Life is good! God supplies all our needs.


Jet Noise in Yuma

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Yuma has a Marine Corps Air Station. It is at the corner of the road we take to the park – 17 blocks later. So we are pretty close to jet noise and helicopters. Well, the whole town is close!

However, understand that I grew up in a town with an Air Force base and jets are a part of my background noise. Sometimes we would really like to shoot down that “touch and go” plane. Our walls of the house were cracked because of jet noise. Then I moved away. I didn’t really realize how I missed jet noise until the fighter planes flew over Grants Pass one day.

Yesterday, as we sat watching football we were hit with a sonic boom. Scared us! But oh, so welcome.

Imageimage from cafepress.

Bring it on, Marines!

As a footnote. Someone stole our friend’s teratrikes right off their rig last night. These bikes are about $4000 each and they got both of them. I feel for them. Happened to us one early morning in Lodi when someone cut our chain and took my bike off the front of our rig. I hope they catch these people but won’t hold my breath.

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This is 2 of my most favorite things to do.

1. Sit in the sunshine.

2. Knitting.


I’m doing both, here at the Furnace Creek Campground in space 34. It was a beautiful day. Notice the bare feet!!!!

Life is amazing. God is love.