Jet Noise in Yuma

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Yuma has a Marine Corps Air Station. It is at the corner of the road we take to the park – 17 blocks later. So we are pretty close to jet noise and helicopters. Well, the whole town is close!

However, understand that I grew up in a town with an Air Force base and jets are a part of my background noise. Sometimes we would really like to shoot down that “touch and go” plane. Our walls of the house were cracked because of jet noise. Then I moved away. I didn’t really realize how I missed jet noise until the fighter planes flew over Grants Pass one day.

Yesterday, as we sat watching football we were hit with a sonic boom. Scared us! But oh, so welcome.

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Bring it on, Marines!

As a footnote. Someone stole our friend’s teratrikes right off their rig last night. These bikes are about $4000 each and they got both of them. I feel for them. Happened to us one early morning in Lodi when someone cut our chain and took my bike off the front of our rig. I hope they catch these people but won’t hold my breath.


A New Year

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Can you tell I am having way too much fun to spend my days on a computer? It has been so nice and today was “just right.” 75, sun and very little wind. Although, we spent most of the day getting Dale to Urgent Care and then his meds to get him well. He has acute bronchitis and I’m so happy he is on the mend. So our week has been taken up with not going anywhere and just trying to keep these bugs to ourselves.

Does he look ill! Me, on a bad hair day!


We are in Yuma enjoying our 3rd week here. The KOFA SKP Park has a swimming pool and hot tub, great laundry with clothes lines and some pretty great people. We ended up in a space that is shaded by a tree and a palm tree. So we can’t use our solar as planned. The trees even interfere with our Sirius XM. Some one was very kind and generous to put up a big screen TV and their own Direct TV so we could watch Oregon and Oregon State win their bowl games. 




The lot next to our seems to have an ant and Road Runner garden. It is really cute. 


A heated pool and a great hot tub!

ice laundry.

The Kings and Prohaskas were able to get to the Tuesday Farmers Market in old town Yuma. Always fun. 


We still need to get off to Mexico and get the stained glass window for our trailer. Hopefully, early next week. 

I have been sewing for my daughter and granddaughter and finally got all those “little” projects done and sent off to Germany. 

Sound boring? Not at all. We have learned to keep busy in our retirement! Love this life. 

The Prohaska’s are wishing you a good and joyous year this year. 

Life is good!