Yucca Valley

A Day in the Life

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I grew up in Oregon. I learned how to drive in Oregon. In residential areas the speed limit can be anywhere from 25 to 35. So when we got to Yucca Valley, CA and hit the residential areas here the speed limit blew us away.


See that 50 MPH sign? It was very difficult for me to go that fast. I had cars passing me and riding my tail. How rude!!!

The lady at Mimi’s Quilt Store told me that this fabric store didn’t have quilting stuff. I almost didn’t go. I am so glad I did. Not only do they have quilting tools, fat quarters and lots of material, they have findings for beading, yarn for knitting or crocheting. They have clothes 20% off. Scarves and purses. They have patterns for sewing and quilting. It was a store that has a little bit of everything. I did find some material to purchase.


After a run to the Stater Foods and the Post Office, I headed home to clean up the trailer and make turkey enchiladas. I asked Dale if his enchiladas were hot. Hot as in spicy, not cooking. Well, I had bought a green sauce that was “picante hot.” Whew! We had tears. And we have left-overs. I hope we can do this again tomorrow for dinner!

It was a very good day. The sun was out and it got up to 66.

Life is good! God supplies all our needs.


A Beautiful Day

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Today was the Lord’s Day. We had planned to attend Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel for the 9 am service. However, we were up at 6:30 so thought we would go to the 7:30 am service. We figured there wouldn’t be many folks there at that early time. We were wrong. The parking lot was full when we arrived about 7:20.


We found the property of this church huge with many buildings. They have a K-12 grade school here. Our service was in the sanctuary. The services at 9:00 am and 10:40 am were in the big building called the Thunderdome. When we drove home, going by the church, the 10:40 was a packed house according to the parking lot.

The service was very uplifting with music, stories and Bible teaching. We were once again told by God to “not be afraid” of anything! The Bible teaching was about Abram and God and the binding contract they had. Abram believed God! And that is all we need to do also – Believe God. My soul was refreshed and ready to tackle the week.

After church, we went to a local restaurant for breakfast. The Paradise Cafe. Yelp and Google had great reviews. I just know my scrambled eggs were very light and fluffy and the potatoes where crisp. It was good.

The gas stations prices are all over the board in a 5 mile stretch of this town. The affordable price at $3.51 at Faststrip. After filling up Miss Scarlet we took her over to wash off all dirt from Imperial Dam.


Since it was such a beautiful day – in the upper 60’s and hardly a wind – we went Geocaching.



When we went back to the trailer, had lunch, we set off for another Geocache that was actually a rock. The National Park system does not allow treasures to be left in it. Dale got to about 300 feet of the rock but it was down in a gully. He had to go over a mountain to get that far! I walked the trail provided. After our day of hiking 2 miles and 11,000 steps, we are bushed and in for the evening.

It really was a grand day! Life is good. God’s people are amazing!