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Gower Gulch

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On the next to last day in Death Valley, despite the heavy winds, we took off to hike Gower Gulch. Dale had already done this hike but said it was one I shouldn’t miss. He was right. As we hiked a long, I tried not to take so many photo’s. Everything was so beautiful that it was very difficult not to snap a photo. So here you go.


We hiked from the Golden Canyon parking lot east for about 1/2 mile to the mouth of Gower Gulch.


Since we came to this very wide and deep wash we knew we had reached our destination. The trail at the beginning worked its way into the gulch on the very edge of the wash.


Some of the trail went over rock. It was a challenge at times but that made it a fun hike.


There were two trails over this dike. Dale chose the easier one but it was still a reach for my short legs!

gg10Once we hit the wash going through the gulch the hiking was easier. And the scenery was incredible.


Another fault or waterfall?


Follow the trail – very narrow through the rocks.




There is a trail on the little brown mountain (which isn’t really little). This trail, we think, is the one that runs from Golden Canyon to Gower Gulch. The trail goes up and over the mountain behind the brown mountain. Very steep and on the edge. Sure glad we didn’t give that a go.


We hiked up to a mine.


Here we are coming out of the mouth of the gulch. We only hike about 1.5 miles into the canyon.

gg13We got a treat when we neared the parking lot. A coyote was out there hoping for treats from the cars. One car stopped. We don’t know if they fed him but he circled their vehicle. When they took off, they pulled over about a quarter of a mile away. The coyote ran to where they were. We had gotten in our car and was able to get a closer photo of this beautiful animal.

Good hike and a good way to end our stay in Death Valley. We left early the next morning headed for Las Vegas.


That’s the Blue Heron up the road out of Death Valley. We can’t wait to return and see all we missed.

Life is good. God has watched over our travels.


Badwater Road/Devils Golf Course/Natural Bridge/Badwater Basin

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We planned to go down the Badwater Road and see what we could see. We passed the Golden Canyon because we saw that the day before. As we got on the road, here was a hitchhiker. Knowing we were in Death Valley and there was no way for anyone to kidnap us, I stopped.

Well, it turned out to be a wonderful experience for us. Eric, from Montreal. He is hitchhiking his 6 months out of Canada to see all he can in the states. It is amazing where he has been and seen in such a short time all relying on people to take him there!

badlands1I purposely left in the blue sky to show you the vastness of this place. This is the Badwater Road.


I just loved how these mountains had these deep grooves in them.

dgc1This part of the Badwater Basin is called the Devil’s Golf Coarse. These mounds of rock, sand, and salt are forming crystals. That’s Eric.


It was a very weird place.

Next we went to the Natural Bridge. The road was 2 miles in and the hike to the bridge was 1/2 mile.


That’s Dale and myself!


And there is Eric. He is French and such a nice young man. We had him over for dinner, provided a shower and some good conversation. He left the next day. We hope to keep up with him on facebook.


This was a very tall waterfall.


At Badwater Basin, we found some water in the salt flats. Ranger Bob has told us that in his 19 years here he has kayaked the lake twice. People are walking on salt out there. Eric hiked from here to the mountains in the distance. We left him here to go through the Artists Pallet.


Dale and myself behind the sign that informs us that we are at the lowest elevation in the U.S. at minus 282 feet.

Another beautiful day and beautiful scenery. Life is so good. God is amazing to give us such beauty!

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This is 2 of my most favorite things to do.

1. Sit in the sunshine.

2. Knitting.


I’m doing both, here at the Furnace Creek Campground in space 34. It was a beautiful day. Notice the bare feet!!!!

Life is amazing. God is love.