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My sweet daughter has let me use her Cannon EOS 50D digital camera. Today, we took it out for a test drive. I have even purchased a book, David Busch’s Canon EOS 50D Digital SLR Photography. Thankfully, I found it used on Amazon and it was even Prime! So far I am learning all the buttons on the camera and what they do. So please don’t expect “expert photography” YET!

I thought flowing water would be a good test so we headed east on 138 to find us a waterfall. Hwy 138 has many waterfalls as well as the North Umpqua River. This part of Oregon is so picturesque and beautiful. We stopped at Susan Creek Falls trailhead and hiked up to the falls. The weather held here and there but we did get wet by the intermittent rain.

This is Dale’s rendition of “Rain on the Windshield.”

We can’t go by the North Umpqua River without getting a photo! This would have been great if an eagle had come by!

I took a bunch of photos here with different settings and filters.

Susan Creek Trail is a very easy trail. Well maintained and wheel chair accessible. You will agree it is very beautiful.

I can’t go past a flower. I HAVE to take a photo. I used the little flower setting or Macro setting for up close photo’s.

The Trilliums are flowering in pink and white.

It has been so wet in our part of Oregon. We wanted to see how much water was coming over the falls. We were not disappointed.

These were taken with a slow shutter speed 1/30th. A polarized filter was used also.

Walking bridge over Susan Creek by the picnic area.

And finally – are you ready for it! A selfie.

See that big white spot? That is water on the lens. Lesson learned.

A wonderful day with a stop at Steamboat Cafe for a quiet lunch. I encourage you all….get out and enjoy nature! 🙂

Life is good. God’s power in the cross of Christ.


Salt Creek Hike, Death Valley

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Ok, we were told at one of the ranger talks that we could see the pupfish at the springs to Salt Creek. She told us that if you hike past the boardwalk you will come to the springs.

So we set off to find the pupfish at Salt Creek.

They had a very nice 1/2 mile boardwalk around this area.



Pickle weed grew beside the creek.


After reading about the pupfish we knew we had to go see them.


The trail took us along the creek and through some sand.


We saw some pretty big bird tracks in the creek along with some coyote prints.


The trail kept going and so did we. We hadn’t seen the springs yet. As you can see by this photo the trail took us up on top of the mountains and along the edge.


Here a Killdeer is in the creek searching for food. Remember, this creek is named Salt Creek for a reason. We have learned that the fish and birds adapt to drinking salt water.


The view from the top of these mountains showed off the creek and marsh lands. Yes, marsh lands in the middle of the desert.


We scared up a flock of ducks out of one deep pool in the marsh.


If you look closely you will see the trail we took from the boardwalk to the spring. A faint while line that sticks close to the edge on top of each mountain. It was a “hairy” hike!”


Off in the distance we see a flat area next to the creek and head for it. Yikes! If we would have known this steep trail was coming we may have turned around. I decided to scoot down on my fanny rather than stand up right. Dear Dale was able to come down walking.

Did you notice we are not carrying our trek poles! We didn’t think we would need them. Silly us.


Once we reached the flat area we stopped at this pool. Since the pupfish likes the deep pools, we had hoped to see one here. Then we found a man-made dam and other pipes and we think we found the spring.


As I walked up to this pool I scared away a swarm of pupfish and they never did come back out. We sat here for some time watching big bubbles find their way to the surface. A pupfish is about the size of a minnow. However, we can say, “We saw the pupfish.”

Then we head back to the car.


I was reminded of the song we use to sing as a child at Thanksgiving – “Over the hills and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go.” Only it was over the hills and through the desert we go…..


I did see a lizard but he took off. You can see half of his body and tail in this rock.

It was a great hike and I’m glad we went in search of the pupfish. I felt good and the next day I wasn’t all that worn out. Yay, God.

Life is always an adventure!