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October is the time for our annual trip to Reno to visit with the Prohaska family. We stay at the Gold Ranch RV park in Verdi. I’ve posted about our trips here before. You will see how the kids have grown!

This time we got a different space from our normal one. Way to the top of the park in space 31. We had an awesome view of the mountains out our front window. Especially, when the rain and wind storms hit. It even snowed. It rained so hard that water was coming in our bedroom slide. A rubber seal was not in the right spot.


In the month we were here we did many things with the kids. They are really, really busy kids. Chloe is now 7 and Noah is 5. Lucy will be 3 in February. They are growing so fast.

noah                                                                chloe


We had a really nice day and went bike riding on the trail that goes all the way to Verdi.



Lucy has a bike that she can walk/ride. No pedals yet. She loves it and like to keep up with mom and dad.

One another nice day, Joe, Ben, Chloe, Noah, Dale and I went to what the kids call Crystal Mountain behind Verdi. The road goes back in the forest with many boondocking sites and campgrounds. The kids can take only one rock home as they come here often. They have quite a collection.


I filled a 5 gallon bucket with small white rock for our lot in Sutherlin. It was very heavy and the guys carried it. I haven’t had a chance to spread it out front yet as it has been raining since we got back.

We always look forward to October and time with the grandchildren and the big kids!

We also take a couple of weeks in November to visit with Dale’s mom, Doris.

It was her 91st birthday at this visit and we had a party with friends.


left: Robin, me, Dale, Doris at the head of the table. Right: Dorana, Eddie, Sandy.

Doris took us all to dinner one evening to Pietro’s. Pietros is an upscale Italian restaurant and the food is out of this world. We were not only celebrating her birthday but Eddies retirement.

We are home now. We didn’t head south in November. Decided to stick around the homestead and just enjoy life. Our winter has been very wet (5″ of rain in December and we aren’t done yet) and very cold. We are toasty warm in our Cameo!

Life is good. God keeps my spirits up with all this gloomy weather. His love is awesome.


Fall with Grandkids

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I don’t know what it is about leaves, but my grandkids had a great time “helping” rake leaves in the Wilcox backyard. They played for hours!


Chloe and Lucy, cousins, have a great time outside in the sunshine. Lucy and her dad also had a great time and Lucy was buried in leaves – popping out like a jack-in-the-box. Giggling all the way!

Life is best when served with giggling grandkids.

Family Time

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My son still lives in the Boise area, so we headed across Idaho to go visit him and the grandchildren. We didn’t stay at our usual park because they went KOA. We stayed in Garden City at the RV park between the ballpark and the fairgrounds. Nice park with a clean laundry room.



Our Jacob is growing up fast! We were laughing so hard in this photo. Love my family.

We took Melanie, Jacob and Char (kids mom) to dinner one night to give out presents and enjoy their company. Mel chose Red Robin for dinner. It was delicious!

David took us to this new mall, The Village, in Meridian, ID. It is an outdoor mall with lots of restaurants and outside seating with heaters. There is a fountain and an ice rink. The fountain has a music program every hour with lights. Fun to watch.


The mall also had a unique movie theater, Village Cinema.

village cinema-play

So we had to go. Tickets were $7 for the matinee. We made reservations and got to pick the seat we wanted – online of course. The neat thing about this place was that they served you lunch and dinner at your seat. As you can see, the seats are big.


So we had lunch – me a french dip that was delicious and Dale had a pasta dish. Waiters at the movies! Who would have thought.

After a week in Boise, we headed to Reno to visit Dale’s family and grandkids. First stop – Lucy Harper.


Grandpa Dale got her a nice push truck she can take apart and put back together. She loves it. She has grown so much. She is crawling, smiling, and chewing on everything. Mindy and Scott had us to dinner for homemade pea soup. Delicious.

We also went shopping at our favorite store, Whole Foods.


While visiting Chloe and Noah, we got to go to their soccer lessons.

Chloe is 4th from the left and Noah is just under the guy’s elbow.

Great Grandma came for a visit so we got the family together for a nice lunch cooked by Ben and Scott and a birthday cake made by Mindy.


Reno has changed so much since my mom and dad came down here to vacation. But the sign has survived all the change.

On our last day in Reno, we had to go to one of our favorite burger joints. We found this when we were back in the south. Steak and Shake.


So we got our fix and due to a miscommunication with the waiter, I got my lunch for free. Dale got his milkshake!


We had a great time with family and as always miss the grandkids so much when we leave. Chloe told her teacher that she sees us every morning. So, we have to get her a photo of us because we don’t know what she is seeing!

Life is good and family is awesome. God and His promises are wonderful.

A Birthday Party

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Our 2 weeks in Lodi were fruitful and gave mom some company. Dale was able to get all of his “mommy-do” list completed and other things. We visited with family and far away family. We also went to Reno to see our new Granddaughter, Lucy Harper and her folks. Scott’s folks came during that time and we were able to meet them. Mindy and baby are doing well. Lucy’s parents are totally in love with her. 


Four generations. 


A birthday cake baked by Lucy’s daddy.


Scott made us a tofu scramble and hash browns for breakfast. All delicious.


Lucy was one month old March 13th and weighed in at 9 pounds.

Was a very good day!

Family is Special

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lodilakeIt seems we have been visiting family or friends since August. We really don’t have that many in our family but have been blessed with many friends! And it has been a trip for us visiting with everyone.dd

We left Lodi on Friday morning after breakfast with the folks. It was a clear, balmy day. Our first stop was at Lodi Lake to dump. This is a beautiful park the town folks are proud of. And it gets used. In the back they have RV spots and a dump station. The RV spots are for groups only. No individual rentals available.

After we left Lodi park we had to stop for a train that crosses Turner Rd. This particular train was going into the General Foods warehouse and plant. You know, where those great cereals are made!


winesignsWe plugged Mindy’s address into Sam and she was bound and determined to take us back to 99. She loves 99. So we changed the way she is to read routes. Like fastest and shortest. So we are on the fastest, I think! So she took us on all the back roads to Sacramento which is, in my opinion, the only way to travel. We saw some country we hadn’t seen before. Well, I haven’t seen. Dale lived there since he was a junior in high school and until he was married.

campingworldWe finally got on HWY 80 for Reno. We stopped off at Camping World. I am looking for a drop leaf coffee table and they advertise one but none in stock at this store. We stopped for lunch and took off once again.

donnerpassThe road to Truckee climbs and is a beautiful drive. Except for the roads. Vehicle chains have eaten up the road so badly and as you can see by one of these photo’s there is a lot of truck travel on this road. Of course, being at 6 to 7 thousand feet the roads get a lot of snow.

We hit construction and they took two lanes down to one. They did this to us twice.traffic

dogsplayingAfter arriving in Truckee and Mindy finding us, she led us to Martis Lake and Alpine Meadows Campground. It is beautiful here. After we set up Mindy had us on a hike. This hike is her favorite hike because Gunner can run free. The trail runs by a creek that the dogs can swim or get drinks. Morgan and Gunner had a great time chasing each other, jumping into the water and running. Morgan needed this after 5 days of lying around Grandma’s house.

martislakeAfter setting up we ran to dinner with Mindy and Joe, Dale’s daughter and son. It was good to watch them interact. Mindy bought us a great pizza, hot spinach and garlic dip, onion rings and they had a “sampler” of 8 beers. I stuck to water! We ate at the 50/50 Brewery. Great place for families.

All in all it was a good day. We were beat by the time we got back home. Dale didn’t even set up the internet. The dish was up but that was it. Family takes time and this was time well spent.