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This is 2 of my most favorite things to do.

1. Sit in the sunshine.

2. Knitting.


I’m doing both, here at the Furnace Creek Campground in space 34. It was a beautiful day. Notice the bare feet!!!!

Life is amazing. God is love.


What Keeps You From Going Out Of Your House?

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As you know we are heading back to California via Boise, ID with a stop in Reno to see Chloe and kids. We traveled pretty hard the first few days. We did find places to stop and gather enough sleep to get us through another 300 miles or so. When we hit Cheyenne, WY we decided we had had enough sitting in the truck all day.
We found a nice spot at Terry’s Buffalo Ranch EXCEPT it was on the freeway. On our first try to go to the Visitor’s center, we found that traffic was being pulled off the freeway (25 to Colorado) because of dust being blown across the highway.(rain storm had hit the town) So we went to the Sierra Trading Post and looked around. On the way back to camp we did get to stop at the Visitors Center and was told about National Forest land up by Laramie. Great news to our ears.
We found a great spot to spend a few days resting and parked the rig. We have been here 3 days now are are prisoners in our own rig. Why?
Mosquitoes. Herds of them. Clouds of them.. We wait for the wind to come up enough so we can go outside and put things away. (We are leaving tomorrow.)
The remote to the TV has been replaced by the fly swatter. Our windows and walls have splats everywhere! I can’t wait to vacuum!
Dale has braved the outdoors by bike riding but he is eaten up.
I looked up mosquitoes and did you know that the female lives 2 weeks to a month? (bummer) Yep. The male lives a week. The female is the only one to bite because she need the blood to make eggs. The male eats nectar. Just doesn’t seem right.
Friends have offered up ways to keep mosquitoes from biting but when they come in clouds there is nothing that keeps them away – for long. It has been a real challenge taking the dog out to do her business.
I think both of us will be glad to get back on the road tomorrow!
Only 584 miles to Boise and grandkids. Yippee.
Life is still good (scratch, scratch). Jesus is my passion!