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October is the time for our annual trip to Reno to visit with the Prohaska family. We stay at the Gold Ranch RV park in Verdi. I’ve posted about our trips here before. You will see how the kids have grown!

This time we got a different space from our normal one. Way to the top of the park in space 31. We had an awesome view of the mountains out our front window. Especially, when the rain and wind storms hit. It even snowed. It rained so hard that water was coming in our bedroom slide. A rubber seal was not in the right spot.


In the month we were here we did many things with the kids. They are really, really busy kids. Chloe is now 7 and Noah is 5. Lucy will be 3 in February. They are growing so fast.

noah                                                                chloe


We had a really nice day and went bike riding on the trail that goes all the way to Verdi.



Lucy has a bike that she can walk/ride. No pedals yet. She loves it and like to keep up with mom and dad.

One another nice day, Joe, Ben, Chloe, Noah, Dale and I went to what the kids call Crystal Mountain behind Verdi. The road goes back in the forest with many boondocking sites and campgrounds. The kids can take only one rock home as they come here often. They have quite a collection.


I filled a 5 gallon bucket with small white rock for our lot in Sutherlin. It was very heavy and the guys carried it. I haven’t had a chance to spread it out front yet as it has been raining since we got back.

We always look forward to October and time with the grandchildren and the big kids!

We also take a couple of weeks in November to visit with Dale’s mom, Doris.

It was her 91st birthday at this visit and we had a party with friends.


left: Robin, me, Dale, Doris at the head of the table. Right: Dorana, Eddie, Sandy.

Doris took us all to dinner one evening to Pietro’s. Pietros is an upscale Italian restaurant and the food is out of this world. We were not only celebrating her birthday but Eddies retirement.

We are home now. We didn’t head south in November. Decided to stick around the homestead and just enjoy life. Our winter has been very wet (5″ of rain in December and we aren’t done yet) and very cold. We are toasty warm in our Cameo!

Life is good. God keeps my spirits up with all this gloomy weather. His love is awesome.


Having Too Much Fun!

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We have been here 10 days already and we are having a blast.

We have been hiking, shopping, eating and gambling. Not to mention enjoying the blue sky and sun and warm weather. Every second of the day is incredible.

One event we took in was the Country Superstars. There are about 8 or so people who can look and sing like real starts. Our show included Merle Haggard, Tim McGraw, Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson. We had seats right on the stage.

s you can see, drinks were delivered to the table which was kind of nice.


Tim McGraw was out first and sang us some of his popular songs. Merle was out next and really didn’t do a thing for us. Then came Dolly and she was the cutest thing. Willy, for me, was the best. He looked like Willie and sang like Willy and made us all laugh. He even sang to Dale and me! We had a great time singing along and clapping with the beat. It was hard to stay seated, but couldn’t move if we wanted too. The band was great too.


Dolly with Anita and myself.
Anita was swooning!



Oh, yes, he could make anyone swoon. I told him I was supposed to pat him on the butt (per Dolly) and he said, “You wouldn’t be the first.”



Willie gave me his red handkerchief while on stage and told me to put it on.
Willie gave me his red handkerchief while on stage and told me to put it on for the photo.

We had a lot of fun this night and were glad we went even if they were fake. They gave us some good entertainment.

Life is very good!



Katherine Campground

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Upon arriving in Laughlin/Bullhead City we headed east on 68 to the Davis Dam Road. Then turned on Katherine Spur Rd. Our camp host, Joe, has been very friendly and helpful.


The South campground has 4 tiers of sties but only 2 are open. We thought this would be the busy season, but NO we were wrong. There are only a handful of people here and they move on.


Our site was perfect for us. Sun in our windows all day long as well as hitting the solar panels to power all that we need. The only “con” to this site is the pea gravel that likes to come in the house on the bottom of shoes. Otherwise it has been a very good site.


This is Mohave Lake at the end of our road with a marina for houseboats! I imagine this is a popular place in the summer.


Mohave Lake is because of Davis Dam that backs up the water to make a lake.


This is Laughlin, Nevada and across the Colorado Rive is Bullhead City. All those buildings on the Nevada side are casinos with hotels, restaurants and anything else you need.


We were coming home from Las Vegas (short shopping trip) last night and I took this on the fly across the bridge from Nevada into Arizona. We had buffet breakfast at the Riverview before taking off for Vegas.


And this is Las Vegas on December 18, 2013. Our weather turned and it was very cloudy causing an inversion in the city. It was an ugly brown and we were not in Vegas long. We did our shopping up in Henderson. I went to Jareds! HA. If you have heard the commercials on TV. My granddaughter wanted a Pandora Charm for Christmas, so I knew Jareds would be authentic.I was met at the door and greeted by a saleswoman who then assisted me through my whole purchase. There were about 4 other saleswomen and a guard there.

The granddaughter wants an infinity scarf so I was able to go to quilt stores! What a treat. I ended up at Hobby Lobby and getting what I needed.

While we were driving to the trailer, we were treated with a sunset. I am very disappointed that this photo did not come out with the original colors. If you can imagine all bright orange with burnt orange edges you have what we saw. I was using my phone camera.


Life is good! Moving on tomorrow for southern Arizona. God brought my cat home that we thought the coyotes got.

What Fun!

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Since we had so much fun hiking in Death Valley we had to find a hike around Laughlin/Bullhead City. What we found was Grapevine Canyon down the Christmas Tree Road. Miss Scarlett’s GPS got us there without a hitch.


There were a few cars at the trailhead so the internet was correct on this being a popular place. The info on the hike was that it was 2 miles long and would take 3 hours. We were looking forward to a good hike.

grape15This is the mouth to the canyon. Our goal was to find the petroglyphs and the spring. Thankfully, there was a trail on the ledge above the wash and we didn’t have to walk in deep gravel.

grape16Morgan got to go on this hike and off leash. She was so excited and did very well for her age. I think she was just glad to be with us instead of laying in the back seat of Miss Scarlet!

grape14As we pass this Cholla on the trail, we see that there is a bird nest in all the prickly thorns. We learned a few years back about birds nesting in cactus. It is always a marvel to us.

grape13Not far into the canyon we came up on this huge boulder that had all kinds of petroglyphs on it. As with all my photo’s you can click them to get a larger photo and better look at what the photo is. We were kind of dubious about some of these “markings on rock” as being authentic. Ones that said “hi” or looked like letters we use today were suspect.


We pushed on, looking for the end of the trail at the spring. We had seen some YouTube video’s that made this hike look very challenging and fun.


We do like climbing over rocks! As Dale goes up this one, following the trail, Morgan tries to follow him. All of a sudden she was  sliding down this rock unable to dig her claws in! We got her up the rock but then I see the easy way up to the right in the tulles. Duh!

grape11Looks like some barrel cactus up at the top of this mountain.


Part of the trail we had to go up!


Some beautiful rock formations all around us. The canyon was narrower than most we hiked in Death Valley.


Petroglyphs were all over the canyon.


Morgan, back where she belongs behind Dale and enjoying every moment. She was one happy dog.


grape6We came to this water made pool. I thought it was man-made but upon closer examination, that is all rock. Have you ever been out in the forest or hiking and wish you could take home a certain boulder or tree or grouping that would look so nice in your backyard? I have. This was one of those “nature” things that would great in a yard.


Well, not far into the canyon we came to the spring and the end of our trail. This trail was not a maintained trail and we could tell. Morgan was glad to get a drink. Dale went up the mountain looking for a trail to go farther. We probably could have gone further but Morgan couldn’t have gone with us.

grape2Look to the left at the top of the photo. That’s Dale. Also notice the huge boulder resting in the gap between the walls of the canyon. Dale is adventuresome and sometimes it scares me. I can’t drive two vehicles home!


Aren’t these angles made by nature and water beautiful.

This hike wasn’t as far as we were led to believe and maybe those people went on. It was a beautiful day to be  in the outdoors and we did enjoy the time on this hike. Morgan was glad to get back to the car and another good drink of water.

Life is good. God is lovely and we praise Him for these wonderful outdoors.