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One Of Those Days

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Today was one of those days where we were busy on one hand and relaxing on the other. 

Our day started about 9 because we were up watching the Olympics too late last night. Dale took off for a hike and I finished my emails and fixed dinner. I was brushing Morgan when I decided she needed a bath. So we got that done much to her dissatisfaction. It is so funny because she loves water but not out of a hose with soap applied.

Then we went to the luncheon provided by the Air Gun Club. They were raising funds for there rifle range. So for $7 we got a hamburger or cheeseburger and all the fixings, potato salad (Costco), baked beans and ice cream for dessert. 


As you can sort of see, the place was packed. It was nice to see, though, that these people know when an event starts. At our park in Sutherlin people come earlier and eat and leave before the time provided to begin an event. 🙂 

We ate out here with others. We sat with Kyp and Barb and found out we met them at our park when they came to visit. Upon further conversation they are the ones that gave us the discount coupon to come here to stay. Sorry no photo of them. I was too busy eating!


It was a good time and the people here are so friendly. They really came out to support one of their activities. 

Then we came home and relaxed. I was able to sit out in the sun and read for awhile. After all, it was 77 out! Since it was a nice day it was a shame to spend it inside. So we took off to tour the country side. Dale took me to the place where he hiked on Tuesday and then we went on further to Julian. 

We went through towns like Oak Grove, Warren Springs, Sunshine Summit, and Santa Ysabel, We went to Julian because that is where the Julian Pie Company is. Dale wanted to show me where they went after their hike, but I caught on fast enough that he wanted some of their delicious pie! So we stopped. 


We were greeted at the door with…..


They had Carmel Apple, Dutch Apple, Strawberry Rhubarb, Apple/Peach Crumb, Boysenberry Apple, Apple Mountain Berry, I’m not a big pie eater so I settled for their Cider Donut covered in chocolate. Yum. It was good. A fun little store that has 3 delivery trucks and does a bang up business. 


Their muffins and caramel apples.


A little nook to sell a sundry of wares. 

We meander back towards home, checking out some areas where houses lived. Dale stopped at the fire station in Warner Springs to ask about a trail he wants to hike on Sunday. As we neared home we decided it was time for dinner and stopped at a little hole in the wall that was recommended to us for dinner. 


I’m not one for BBQ anything, but we stopped to see what some of the folks here raved about. We were pleasantly surprised. For a Friday night the place was not hopping. We were the only guest in the dining room as it was too cold to sit outside. We decided that neither one of us was not that hungry, so we shared a wild salmon dinner, with salad, grilled veggies and a roll. The thing about this place was – extra’s were added for a price. Water was $1.25 a bottle which we were charged $1.50. (we didn’t quabble over a quarter). We did order a baked potato to share. The portions that we split were very generous and it was only $2.50 extra to split. So we felt ok about that. And our salmon was delicious. The veggies were cooked just right. In all, we were satisfied and glad we shared. 

It was dark out by the time we left and we came home happy and satisfied. I think it is called “content.” 

A beautiful ending to a beautiful day. 

Tomorrow we head to old town Temecula and a Farmers Market. 

Life is just grand. It really is. Our God smiles down on us!