Merry Christmas

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A Merry Christmas to all of you and God’s blessings.

Our year has gone by so fast. Has yours? I remember the day we were so excited when hear we had the job of tailgunner for the trip to Alaska way back in spring time!

That trip was amazing! We had 17 rigs in all. Very wonderful people with no big problems!

Scenery was excellent and the weather wasn’t bad either. We lucked out and had 4 days of Mt. Denali. Amazing.

We have been home now since August with a trip to Reno in October to enjoy family and then home. Enjoying being “seated” for awhile.

Thanksgiving we were able to get a condo at Running Y Ranch and have the whole family with us. It was special and a great 5 days.

Dale is busy in his work shop and I am busy at the sewing machine.

Christmas will find us at Seven Feathers with the gang for a nice dinner. Otherwise, quiet and relaxing.

New Years will also be a special day with my son and daughter visiting. Then we are all off to Brookings and Dale and I will spend a few days there and then amble up the coast to home.

It has been a wet, wet winter here. Temps have been freezing cold. We have been able to see the sun a few days here and there.

Dale and I wish you a blessed Christmas and to remember why we set this day apart from others to remember our Lord Jesus’ birth. May He bless you richly.


Never Too Old

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Today was a strange day for weather. When we got up it was sunny and clear blue sky. By the time we went to meet the kids it was raining cats and dogs. We would get sun, rain, clouds, blue sky intermittently throughout the day. Once we returned home we were treated to a double rainbow!


We had an easy morning. Catching up on sleep and just relaxing after driving for a couple of days. We love this lifestyle that doesn’t have any “I must be there” schedules. We had a date with the kids to go watch them play on their softball team.

Brook hitting that ball with a solid whack!
Brook high-fiving a team mates making it to first base.
David almost hitting the ball. I think he did get a good hit and made a run.
David almost hitting the ball. I think he did get a good hit and made a run.

Their team lost by 4 points. There were some injuries throughout the game which come from playing co-ed. They have 2 weeks to rest up and heal. One is never too old to do fun things.

This day reminded me of when I was coach to Lesa’s girls softball team when she was in the third grade; watching David play baseball all through his elementary days and my own days playing on a softball team clear into my 50’s. A fun day all around for us.

Life is Awesome! God sent His son so that we might enjoy this life from now through eternity!!! 🙂



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November is a big month for birthdays in my family. Especially, coming just before Christmas. 🙂

My granddaughter, Courtney starts us off in late October with her birthday and my daughter Lesa is shortly after.. kids

Grandson, Dustin, is in there between Court and Lesa. He was 22 this year. I remember the day he was born. My first grandchild!


Next comes Chloe. Dale’s son Ben started a family and I was so excited to have a baby grandchild again. Now she is 6.


We get about a week off of birthdays before they begin again. My second granddaughter, Melanie, hit the big 21 mark in her life this month.


I think I’m getting old! NAW!

When we went to pick out a dog out of a litter of about 9 or more 15 years ago we had a family connection. On October 13 Morgan and Amika (Dale’s sister’s dog) were born. They are Golden Retrievers. Well, Dale’s mom was also born on this day and her middle name is Golden! It was suppose to be this way, right!

Dale’s mom is 90 today and after talking with her she is excited and has many plans for her birthday and having fun. Go mom! As you can tell, both of these old gals are doing just fine!

20140310_145601                                                  20150815_220228

I will add that my birthday is this month also but we won’t talk about that.

It is a festive month and all these people (and dogs) have blessed our lives for many years. I’m so lucky!

Life is great! God is amazing with His love and grace.

A Birthday Party

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Our 2 weeks in Lodi were fruitful and gave mom some company. Dale was able to get all of his “mommy-do” list completed and other things. We visited with family and far away family. We also went to Reno to see our new Granddaughter, Lucy Harper and her folks. Scott’s folks came during that time and we were able to meet them. Mindy and baby are doing well. Lucy’s parents are totally in love with her. 


Four generations. 


A birthday cake baked by Lucy’s daddy.


Scott made us a tofu scramble and hash browns for breakfast. All delicious.


Lucy was one month old March 13th and weighed in at 9 pounds.

Was a very good day!

The Kids Made it

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Yesterday was an emotional day for me. Well, the last week or year has been emotional!!! You see, my daughter and granddaughter went to live in Germany. John is stationed there now and for the next 3 years they will be living there. So, this mom, has been on a roller coaster ride of emotions watching them get ready to leave and when the actual day came – total breakdown! (However, God blessed us with one more get-together last Friday in Fresno. To make a long story short, the kids had to go to Sac to get the animals USDA approved to enter Germany and so came down I-5. We are only 40 minutes from Fresno, so met up for dinner there and one last goodbye.)

Yesterday, was the accumulation of all those days and tears were flowing whenever my thoughts strayed to them. Which was all day!

Thanks to texting, I was able to keep up with them from Ontario to Denver to Washington D.C. But after DC, phones were done with because we aren’t international on our phone plans. Enter Ralph. He gave me a connection to the kids via an application for my phone called Flight It. I could keep track of the plane in real time as it made its way across the Atlantic to Munich, Germany. This is totally true. On the map, they have a little black plane following a white line denoting the route. The plane moved across the screen showing its real time location. What a blessing, Ralph. Thank you. However, my daughter called me a stalker!

I watched that little screen all day as it made its way on the white line on the screen. My eyes are so blurry today! At 11:30 p.m. last night I finally turned it off when the screen read – landed. But wait, Dale wanted to see before I turned it off and there was more. “At the gate” came up so I knew the plane had taxied in and was there so the kids could get off. I’m sure they were more than ready to get off!

Thanks to this little app on a smartphone, I felt a connection with my family. It would have been better if I was there with them, right? LOL One day, maybe.

I can’t wait to hear all the details of the flight and what Germany is like. Thank the Lord for Skype, and IM on Facebook. A good way to keep in touch.

Life is good and God takes care of us on every level.

I slept so good and didn’t wake up until 8 a.m. This whole week I was running on 4 to 5 hours sleep. Now, I can de-stress!

What Is That Smell?

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Things are going pretty good at the Prohaska Sr house. A routine has been established for Dale Sr and he seems to be getting along. Some days we have to “push” but he takes it well.
Dale has installed 50 amps to the RV so we have air conditioning now. I am told it can get up to 110 in the summer but so far the temps haven’t been that bad.
So, what is that smell? There are times when I go outside and it smells like a bakery is close by but that isn’t so as we live in a residential area. However, I thought some ingenious woman had a good thing going for herself in her kitchen!
Then Dale came in one night and said “It smells like Cheerios outside” and it hit me. General Mills is about a mile west of us and I am smelling cereal being made. I guess if there has to be a smell in the air this one beats out a dairy!
Life is still good if not a little hectic right now. God is blessing in so many ways!

Another Day…..

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I slept till 9 today and feel so much better! Amazing what 4 or 5 extra hours sleep does for a body. 🙂
Dale’s father came home today. I think he was glad to be here. Now Dale’s work begins as they try to get him up every hour to walk and take care of nature issues. Convincing him that he can’t sit all day will be a big challenge.
Dale and I went grocery shopping and so far he hasn’t taken me to a store that we can afford! Or is it just prices in California. Win Co is in Stockton so I think that will be where we shop from now on.
Family is coming tomorrow for most of the day. Doris is busy cooking. Her hobby and job! She loves it.
Morgan and I went looking for Annie since we hadn’t seen her all day. She ended up at the folks front door meowing. Whew. I thought she was a goner.
We are off to the Farmers Market which is every Thursday night in Lodi. I saved my $$ to buy veggies and fruit tonight.
I also watered some flowers today. Everything looks half day. Dale Sr has roses, hydrangeas, and so many plants and fruit trees. I don’t see any lemons and I was looking forward to some lemons off the tree. So favorable than what we buy in the stores.
Off we go……