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Back in the late nineties, Dale and Alice started working together in the same RCC building. I met Alice there and we instantly hit it off. Our love for Jesus was the heart binding of friendship.

Today, this Christmas Eve, Alice and Rich stopped for breakfast with us while on their way to Northern Oregon. We took them to White Horse Coffee and Tea where we get the best breakfast in Sutherlin.

Our time together was sweet with laughter and catching up with each other’s lives.

A great Christmas present! 2016allie


White Horse Coffee Cafe

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We are off yard saleing but needed some nourishment first. Breakfast is so good and reasonably priced. Friendly folks that remember
r your regularly ordered meal or name. Fun times right here in Sutherlin! Life is good!

The Year Went Quickly

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This week it has been one year since Dale retired from his job at Rogue Community College in Medford, Oregon. How quickly this year went especially when we had decided we wanted to be full time RVers but had to wait four years for that to happen. It seemed those four years drug on forever. We even had a count-down by day, hour, minute and seconds on Dale’s website to keep track of when we could begin our adventure!

Dale agonized and fretted over not being employed. They say men are defined by their job (in their own minds). He hemmed and hawed back and forth over this decision to quit. Yet, as I watched him in that last year, he was getting that syndrome called “short timers.” He got to where he couldn’t wait to shut his office door and turn the keys over to someone else.

Today, I am amazed at how he took to the RV life so quickly and easily. He keeps his days full with bike riding and reading and of course, his webpage and computer. His weather station that is hooked up to his computer and that keeps him busy also. He likes to tinker, so things around the house get fixed and stay fixed.

There is one thing he does miss from the “old” working days that I have observed. He misses sitting down in an espresso cafe with a good cup of decaf and reading the newspaper. However, he does manage to find one when we are close to a city!

Life has a way of coming full circle and I believe in Dale’s mind he has found his true life outside of work. Now to get him signed up for Social Security!!!! 🙂