Summer Vacation Time

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After about a week and a half, we finally arrived at our destination – Telegraph Cove!

An old mill town now hosts condos, marina, boardwalk with a general store, 2 coffee shops, the Seahorse Cafe and the Pub Restaurant along with the bear tours and the whale tours. Lots of outdoor seating too. This is all on a boardwalk!

Our rig is park so that we have a view of the Johnstone Strait. Yesterday we saw a huge cruise ship passing by on its way to Vancouver, BC. Probably coming from Alaska.

Nope, didn’t get a photo of the ship!

We do like our spot. We can see the whole campground from here.


Finally found some flowers for our space. Not a lot of choice but I do like daisies! Proudly displaying our flag!

We can hike to the beach or down to the point where the mouth of the marina is.

Vistas are incredible. Off in the distance on islands are huge snow-capped mountains. Smaller islands dot the sound.


This place on earth is incredibly beautiful and we are so thankful to be here. There are hikes we can do. Kayaks we can take out on the water and maybe see whales and other sea animals!


We are digging the cooler weather! It gets in the high 60’s when the sun comes out. Last 2 days have had cloud cover all day.

Dale has made his camp host job taking care of the RV park. He’s great dealing with people.  I knew this was probably coming, but I get the one bathroom and 4 shower stalls to clean. Small price to pay for our space and full hook-ups and being able to stay here for 3 months.

Life is exciting and very good. Thanking God for this beautiful place and the opportunity to be here.






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Our journey to Canada has taken us to some very fantastic scenery. From the border crossing to the Rockie Mountains we have enjoy every view. We feel like kids in a candy store feasting our eyes on all kinds of delicious candy!

As we headed farther up North to Edmonton we noticed that when bedtime came along (around 10ish) there was pure daylight outside. Now, we know in Alaska they have daylight anywhere from 17.5 hours to 24 hours. However, we didn’t realize this happens in Alberta also.


Time for bed. But look outside.


The sun hasn’t even “set” yet!

Then we get this beautiful sunset around 10:30 or so.


About 10:50 I took Morgan out for one last potty break and I found this.


A full moon hanging over the river. Still light out.

We are adjusting as much as one can with dark out curtains and eye masks. A shot of vodka might help! No just kidding.

What an experience. Loving it.

Life is goooood!!!!  God created this old earth with His fingers. Isn’t that the coolest thing.

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After a great visit with my long time friend, Penny, we headed up the road towards Canada. After reading all the stuff on how to cross the border into Canada, we just breezed in. They asked a bunch of questions about alcohol, weapons, money, arrests etc and looked at our passports and welcomed us to Canada. Whew, I just knew they wanted to check out the rig and take all my food! We had all the pets papers and they didn’t even ask if we had pets! I also know, this isn’t the case all the time. Rigs get checked and papers need looking at. border

We drove as far as Lundbreck Falls and found a Provincial Recreation Campground to park for the night. The winds were high as we were in the Crowsnest Pass. The falls were small, but kind of cool. The campground was butted up to the road (not busy) and the railroad tracks (very busy). Always our way! Between the wind and the trains I didn’t get much sleep that night.

lundbreck falls 2

Lundbreck Falls Campground
Lundbreck Falls Campground

We are adjusting to kilometers for speed, how to change Canadian money amounts into US amounts; liters to gallons and all their different signs. However, on every corner is a Wal-Mart, Dennys, McDonalds!!!!

Life is good! Really good. God is so full of grace upon us!

Badwater Road/Devils Golf Course/Natural Bridge/Badwater Basin

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We planned to go down the Badwater Road and see what we could see. We passed the Golden Canyon because we saw that the day before. As we got on the road, here was a hitchhiker. Knowing we were in Death Valley and there was no way for anyone to kidnap us, I stopped.

Well, it turned out to be a wonderful experience for us. Eric, from Montreal. He is hitchhiking his 6 months out of Canada to see all he can in the states. It is amazing where he has been and seen in such a short time all relying on people to take him there!

badlands1I purposely left in the blue sky to show you the vastness of this place. This is the Badwater Road.


I just loved how these mountains had these deep grooves in them.

dgc1This part of the Badwater Basin is called the Devil’s Golf Coarse. These mounds of rock, sand, and salt are forming crystals. That’s Eric.


It was a very weird place.

Next we went to the Natural Bridge. The road was 2 miles in and the hike to the bridge was 1/2 mile.


That’s Dale and myself!


And there is Eric. He is French and such a nice young man. We had him over for dinner, provided a shower and some good conversation. He left the next day. We hope to keep up with him on facebook.


This was a very tall waterfall.


At Badwater Basin, we found some water in the salt flats. Ranger Bob has told us that in his 19 years here he has kayaked the lake twice. People are walking on salt out there. Eric hiked from here to the mountains in the distance. We left him here to go through the Artists Pallet.


Dale and myself behind the sign that informs us that we are at the lowest elevation in the U.S. at minus 282 feet.

Another beautiful day and beautiful scenery. Life is so good. God is amazing to give us such beauty!