Out of the Steens and on to Jordan Valley

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  1. 18 miles of gravelled road leaving the Steens
  2. Frenchglen
  3. Diamond Craters
  4. Burns Junction
  5. Jordan Valley
  6. 22 miles of gravelled road headed to Birch Creek Historic Ranch
  7. Crossing a stream running through the road
  8. Herding cattle
  9. Running into real cowboys
  10. Can’t continue to our destination – rats!
  11. Parked in the middle of the desert out in the middle of nowhere
  12. Oregon State Trooper stops by as we are setting up – out here in the middle of nowhere
  13. Sigh…….

For great photo’s check out Dale’s website http://www.rvecafe.com/wanderEOR02.html

An amazing day seeing a lot of new territory!

Have a great night!

We Made it to the Steens

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We left Gerber Res. on Monday, early. We made it to Lakeview and stopped to take Morgan to the vet. She has something in her throat and keeps gagging. Vet checked her out and couldn’t find anything in her throat and her breathing is fine. Maybe something in her larynx. She is on antibiotics. After a stop for coffee and donuts,  we took 395 towards Burns, OR.

I am driving the RigYep, you are seeing what I think you are seeing! Kudo’s to my hubby for letting me drive the rig. This was my first time and I believe you are seeing white knuckles on the steering wheel. But it was pretty easy and I even made two right turns. Dale said I did excellent! Now I might be able to help him with the driving.

We arrived in Burns about 2 pm and went straight to the Harney Fairgrounds to get an RV spot. We were the only ones there! Nice and quiet. We were able to do some laundry and stock up on fresh veggies. We also wanted to clean house after being out so long in one spot.

We left Burns on Tuesday and headed down 205 to the Steen Mountains in SE Oregon. These mountains are huge and very high in elevation. The one thing they have going for them is the beautiful gorges that glaciers made.

Kiger Gorge
Kiger GorgeBig Indian Gorge
Little Blitzen Canyon
Little Blitzen Canyon
Elevation at that point
Elevation at that point
Dale in a Pickle
Dale in a Pickle

We found a camp site at the Jackman Campground but getting into it became more than we thought. Dale got into a “pickle” when he couldn’t go forward or backward. We had plenty of helpers as you can see. It took him an hour to get the rig and truck back on the road. There was this wonderful site next to #1 and the people who helped us told us it was available. We didn’t think it was. We found out that site #1 didn’t have a pole to place the ticket on so they used site #2’s pole! We were able to back right in. To make it better, our helps fed us dinner of roast lamb, potatoes and corn bread – made in a dutch oven all day. Yummy.

We are off tomorrow to take in the Diamond Craters. See you later!


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Something New and Something Old

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Scrapbooking is hard to do when you have to talk about yourself!
Scrapbooking is hard to do when you have to talk about yourself!

Yesterday we went into Klamath Falls to stock up on groceries and do laundry. It was a hot day but we left here at 6:30 AM. We stopped in Dairy for breakfast and it was good for a “blink and miss” town.

In Klamath, we hit Home Depot as Dale need a bolt to fix our top step. We also found a table we would like for outdoors but decided to get in on the way out of town. Then to the Dollar Store to see what we could get there instead of paying full price at a grocery store or WalMart. Granted, you have to know your stuff when shopping at the Dollar store because sometime you can get it less than a dollar at another store.

Dale dropped me off at the laundry while he went to Staples for a computer cable. I am learning what I can and can’t wash together to save money on so many loads. Thankfully, Fred Meyer’s was around the corner so I went shopping. I did find those round tubes of propane for my curling iron. I had purched this curling iron back in 1995 and was hoping they still made replacements. Yahoo!

Then we hit Goodwill and I found a nice short Erika blouse for $2.36. Dale then dropped me off at Sherm’s Thunderbird to buy groceries while he went to Bi Mart.

Sherms had built a new store in the last few years and I was excited to visit there. Unhappily, it sort of looked the same. I had to go down every isle since I didn’t know where anything was. I was disappointed in their produce – old and soft. Dr. Weil says that eating red ruby grapefruit is good for cholesterol. Dale and I both are working on that health issue. But Sherm’s grapefruit had white mold on the outsides and very well developed soft spots. I guess I will wait for Safeway in Lakeview.

We had lunch at G&R’s Great Buffett. Last time we will eat there. It was a Chinese buffet which we like, but enough is enough. We found a folding table at WalMart and headed home. We were both exhausted. Too much lazing around out here to do real work!

I have decided to veer off the path of retirement and put up some digital scrapbook pages I have done over the years. I have gotten away from this craft, but may give it a go in the near future. So enjoy and Happy 4th of July to everyone. Our freedom has come at the expense of many, many lives.

John Hess WWII
John Hess in WWII.
Those in my family that served our country.
Those in my family that served our country.
Four generations of Bock, McKeehan and Hess Women
Four generations of Bock, McKeehan and Hess Women
Bonnie and John Hess and me makes three
Bonnie and John Hess and me makes three
Morgan loves the beach!
Morgan loves the beach!Our Grandchildren
Our Grandchildren
Our Grandchildren

Sunrises – Sunsets and an Eagle

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Today is July 1, 2009. We start week two of retirement. Still feels good yet so very different. There must be a crime in feeling this free from life! If you have noticed, we like out of the way places and don’t like to be around too many people. Another sign of freedom. I watch the birds here at Gerber and think “they do this day in and day out, year after year.” This is how they live in nature. Pretty incredible. I think retirement is going to look like this.

I mentioned the coyotes waking us up in an earlier post. Morgan had awakened me up before 5 a. m. The sun was just coming up so I thought I would get a photo and that is how I came to hear the coyotes just over the inlet from us. They were welcoming the sun for another day! We have all heard them in the distance, but they were so close to us or we them.

We had a pretty quiet day. Reading, bike riding and eating. Nothing all that special. Until the sunset. The sky was aflame with a pink color. We had clouds off to the south of us that lit up the sky and turned it almost red. The moon was shining so this had to be a photo opt! I grabbed my camera and climb into the bed of the truck to get the moon in the shot. I ran in the RV to show Dale and get him to come look. He got up, looked out the window and said, “Look, there is the eagle.” Sure enough, our resident eagle was sitting on the shore in front of our plot of land. I think he was curious about us because he wasn’t watching the water for fish, he was watching us. He sat there for a long time. We were shooting pictures of him from inside – Dale out the window and me through the sliding door in the screen door. It was truly awesome and we felt so blessed. He finally flew off and I have a very blurred photo of his departure. We went to bed hnightsky609appy!eagleonshore

Still Paridise

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EagleIt has been a week since we landed here. Today we were discussing we hope this place hasn’t spoiled us for the places we have yet to visit. This is Paridise!
We have water front  property on a dead end dirt road that doesn’t see much traffic. We are not close to any “man-made” camps, they are up the road from us.
Our only visitors are the eagles, pelicans, ospreys, humming birds of many colors and birds we haven’t yet figured out what they are.
We also get bugs but one can put up with them in this beautiful setting.

The Resiviour doesn’t see much activity. Across the lake is the Gerber Campground and we haven’t seen many campers. I
guess you would call them fishermen because that is what most people do here. Us, we came to get away from everything
and have managed quite well in doing do.

We have seen eagles catch fish and sit on the bank. Then off they fly to their nest. The pelicans float by in groups of 6 to 12, herding fish. You would think they were practicing for syncornized swimming as all their heads go into the water, butts up while they feed. Then they all pop up at once! Quite a sight. I will add some photo’s so you can see for yourself. Every day we see something new and we are loving God’s outdoor nature scene. What a blessing.bunchpelicansHome for Now

Dale guarding the rocks

 The only hard task for us is to go to the campground and deposit our trash there and fill up our water jugs. We have toured around the lake on the many roads, gone looking for geocache or looking for the Sandhill Cranes nest. We haven’t found any geocache or the nest. We did hear some growls on the way back from a two mile hike. We had a foot race getting home.

The sounds are wonderful here – except for the Kildeers! They rattle on all day. The eagles talk to each other or sit in their tree singing. The Sandhill Cranes make a gosh awful noise, but they are big birds. Birds tweet and sing most of the day. Then there are the coyotes that wake us up welcoming the sunrise. They freak Morgan out.


Retirement – Every Day is a Weekend

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Welcome to my blog! We have entered a new stage of life with Dale’s retirement from his job at RCC. We have become full time RVers and will be keeping you up to date on where we are and what we are doing. So stay tuned for more about us and our travels.