Albuquerque, New Mexico

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We arrived at the Sandia Casino yesterday afternoon and parked in their RV parking lot. We are right next to part of the golf course and today we heard an awful bang. Yep, we got nailed. I have to tell you though that whoever hit us is a really bad player because we are a long, long way from the green!

We haven’t done much in the city as of yet. Dale rode his bike and didn’t get going until 11 or so. We drove to Hobby Lobby and I shopped while he went to the bike shop. He needed a new bike computer and of course, this one is wireless! I shopped but only bought a soy candle – 50% off. Then we went to Verizon and updated our phone. We purchased an LG Cosmos. We love it. It slides to a full keyboard. We didn’t want the internet. So after rebate we paid $20. They were able to transfer our contact list. In Tucson they said they couldn’t do it. I think that guy was lazy. Ha.

Last night we played bingo for the first time in the casino and what an experience. We didn’t even get close so decided to save the money tonight and stay home. Good choice.

We did eat at the buffet today about 3 pm. Late lunch early dinner all for $5 each. They have great food and I came out stuffed. I decided I could binge somewhat and start back on the diet tomorrow!

I am feeling better but don’t know yet about the BP meds. In the late morning I get kind of faint like and hope my BP isn’t too low. Hummm…..

Tomorrow we will go see old town, maybe do the tram and get some shopping done before we leave on Friday. Lot to do tomorrow. We did want to play miniature golf, but haven’t worked that in yet. Fun in the very hot sun!


What Can You Expect at 8000 Feet?

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If you guessed snow, you are right! After leaving Glenwood and that wonderful breatkfast at Reserve, we headed up the San Francisco Mountains to Quemoda Lake. There are several campground here and one has water and electricity.

When we arrived, we found a huge lake and about 5 campgrounds. The ones that were suppose to have the facilities for us were closed. We checked them out on the Internet before coming up here and their status was open even though they said open was May 1. We did find free camping at El Caso Campground. A creek was running through it so we backed up to it and set up.

It was like coming home. Pine trees and water. While Dale was setting up the dish, I was building a fire to keep warm by. As we came up to this place, as you can see, it was cold. Moving on today….have a wonderful day!

A Meet and Greet!

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About three years ago I was led to a forum for RV Crafters by Sue on the Carriage forum. Since I knit, this seemed a good place to check out. The forum is called Campground Crafters.

Over the last few years we on the group have been able to meet each other because we are a travelling bunch! Although, travelling isn’t a criteria for joining the group. Or even an RV!

Our group moderator just happened to be coming to Carlsbad for a couple of days. Yahoo! I would get to meet her and she would get to meet me. So we made plans for dinner on Saturday night. Since Dale had joined the Elks, we decided to give their dining room a try and invited Pat and her hubby, Ron, to have dinner with us there.

Once we got out of our vehicles, I got the biggest hug from Pat and I returned the hug. We chatted to the door of the lodge. We chatted up the stairs. We chatted while waiting for a table. We chatted through the salad bar line. We really chatted when they brought a huge plate of ribs for Pat and Ron. We chatted through dinner, after dinner and up to the time we said our goodbyes. Just a very delightful evening. I am so glad we were so comfortable with each other. It is a kick in the pants meeting people you have met on-line.

Our Anniversary

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I told you about our anniversary. What a great day it was. Well, here are some photo’s.

These are the cards we got. Janet made the bowl and napkin. She is an awesome     seamstress! We had our photo taken at the dinner. We are wearing “matching” t-shirts from the restaurant we had breakfast at that morning – The Chaos Cafe.

There is a story behind this wearing “matching” clothes. In my 40’s I would see an older generation of tourists at places like Crater Lake or the Oregon Coast and they would be wearing matching coats, shirts, sweatshirts. They reminded me of bookends. I decided in my own head that there would be no way ever that I would wear clothes that looked exactly like those my spouse wore. That was just wrong! (and truth be known this just might have to do with a “getting older” syndrome.) 🙂

So when Dale came up with this idea that morning to wear matching t-shirts to the dinner that night, he knew what was running through my head and probably knew the names I was calling him! However, I went
along with him just cuz I love him soooooo much!!!! 🙂

And if you notice, I am even smiling! (we do have to do something about Dale’s smile though. He has a beautiful smile when he opens wide and shows off those pearly whites. )

Who would have thought we would be spending an anniversary at a SKP St. Patrick’s Day dinner and with our traveling buddies, Janet and Ralph. Quite incredible day!

What Do People Do In Roswell, NM?

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Lee Lake at Bottomless State Park
Sink hole lake

Bottomless Lakes State Park is a campground about 12 miles from Roswell. The lakes are actually sink holes filled with water from underground. What you see here is Lee Lake. Lee Lake has been developed with a beach for swimming, picnic tables, playground and BBQ’s. There we about 40 sites that were developed with either full hookups or just water and electricity.

Site 28

When we arrived, the park host informed us that spring break was upon them and they were full up in the reservation sites but she had two sites left. That was all we needed. Each site had a covered picnic table and plenty of space between campers. It was clean and the ranger was about several times during the day.

We had a very nice day the first day, but the clouds rolled in with wind, rain, and cold. This weather drove us inside and we went to Roswell to do what most people visiting this town do – tour the UFO Museum!  Dale and I felt we donated our $10 admission fee! There was mostly old newspaper articles about the event that happened in 1947. Nothing really to support their surety that an alien space ship landed near this town. In our opinion it was all pretty lame and not presented well. Even so, there was a long line waiting to get in when we left.

Found these aliens hanging around!

Our tummy’s were growling so we stopped at Amigo’s, Mexican and American Food which turned out to be fast food. The food was palatable, but the dining room was pretty dirty. After lunch we decided we needed to put some culture in this day’s activities. We went to the Roswell Museum and Art Center. It was free. A beautiful building with a an enormous display of art and artifacts from the Spanish, the Indians, the Calvary and cowboy days. They had one big room dedicated to Mr. Goddard. Check out his history here.  Very interesting. They even had an exhibit of the casing that the rocket was placed in before they shot it off.

One piece of art I connected with was a sculpture by a student at the art center. The museum had a gift shop with many hand-picked merchandise. The Katchina dolls were a big hit with Ralph.

Fly Away by a student.

The north part of Roswell is newer with a Target, Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, Ace Hardware and restaurants. We did our shopping on Monday because many stores were closed on Sunday. I am finding it so refreshing to see businesses closed to give their employees a day off and especially a day for worship. We are getting a feeling that New Mexico is a laid back state. Yet, even McDonald’s and Wal-Mart have gotten into the UFO craze with paintings of space ships and aliens on their buildings! We did have a great time in Roswell. We have moved on to The Original Ranch, a SKP park.

Visiting Las Cruces

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Our first stop to Las Cruces was to the Visitors Center on Water St. We loaded up on reading material and got a card for discounts. Then it was off to the hardware stores. Ralph was in a project in his rig and Dale went along for moral support. Ya, right! We did find a Lowe’s.

We needed to find the UPS store Ralph was having his tax papers delivered to. This was up on Lohman. We also found a Hobby Lobby too! Yahoo! The ladies on our Crafters forum have been talking about Hobby Lobby and now I get to go!

We did find a Home Depot close by, so the guys shopped there. I went in too so I could find a latch to hang my new duster on. Success for all of us and we piled back in the truck and headed for home. We were bushed.

Ralph checks out a hairbrush for bald men!

We took a down day on Friday, so Dale and I took our hike. On Saturday, we headed off early so we could get to the Farmers Market and Craft Show in old town Las Cruces. Two blocks of vendors! Breakfast was hard to come by though. Dale had a muffin and coffee and I found a hot dog vendor. I know, but I just couldn’t bring myself to eat a muffin. We walkedaround looking at everyone’s wares.

I left with some Beefstake tomatoes and Dale bought Chloe some clothes. The prices were too high and the crafts were not something we even lusted after.

Next stop was at the quilt store just across from the square. A very nice store where Janet purchased some material to make tortilla cozies for us. We found some beautiful chili pepper material. Then on to the Train Museum. After letting Sam take us down to the tracks on a dead-end, we found the museum. A pretty building that had been redone twice from the old building back in the early 1900’s. There wasn’t much to see here. So we headed off to Hobby Lobby and pure pleasure.

The guys went to Big Lots and Wal-Mart while Janet and I shopped to our hearts content. I did find some new cotton yarn and Janet bought a laptop desk. Sale, sale, sale. And a friend sent me a 40% off coupon through email that I printed out and used.

We had lunch at Wendy’s because Dale and I bet each other where Hobby Lobby was. I won!

Ahhhh, it was a good day, with good friends and fun things to see.

Mesilla, New Mexico

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Saturday was a down day for us. So I went on strike and was not cooking. The hubby was going to have to take me to dinner!

So we got all dressed up and with our friends, we drove off toward Las Cruces trying to decide where we wanted to eat. Ralph had to go to the UPS store so we did that first.

We got on Hwy 25 and decided to go to Mesilla. There is quite a history behind this town and it is rich with heritage. We thought we might check out the Double Eagle Restaurant and La Posta.

Well the town is so cute. Adobe’s everywhere and a town square that has shops and restaurants around it. On one end is a huge church.

We wandered through the shops. In one shop we found out where the locals eat and don’t eat. We went to the St. Clair Bistro and made reservations for dinner. Then we trekked back to the Double Eagle to have a margarita. It was fun sitting in this fancy, old bar chatting. The bar part was full, so we were in the sitting room with the couches and side chairs and tables. Quite cozy. We had their award-winning drink and it was delicious.

At the St Clair Bistro, which was totally full, we sat down to a very delicious and inexpensive dinner. We were very delighted with the pick and guess what? Not one dish on the menu was a Mexican cuisine dish!

It was a fun evening full of good conversation and laughs. We came home totally satisfied.