Time To Do A Little Crowing

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I’m not usually a self “horn tooter” but at times it just needs to come out!

Back in August I was determined to lose weight because I did not want to go on meds for diabetes. (the year before I had had enough of many things and ate my way through many buffets!)  At my last check up my blood pressure was up and my blood sugars were high and my weight was up 17 pounds. All  a very serious risk to the old ticker. I was determined to healthier.

The first book I picked up for advice and help was “The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet” by Michael Mosley. This way of eating is only consuming 800 calories a day. I know, for myself, that eating certain foods puts fat on my body; takes my blood sugar up; and generally makes me sluggish. So some of the recipes in this book were not for me. Although, I have seen awesome results for people who follow this plan.

The seconded diet I looked at is called the Ketogenic Diet. This is a low carb, medium protein and high fat diet. What sounded good to me was the fact that when I take my body into ketosis it starts burning the fat in my body instead of glucose. Which means that my liver and pancreas don’t have to work as hard to make glucose.

I chose to keep by carb grams under 30 and have pretty much done that for the last 8 months. I have eliminated fruit and some veggies that have high carb value and are high on the glycemic chart. Of course, no sugar, no pasta’s, no flours (only Almond and Coconut), no rice (only cauliflower rice) and anything high in carbs. It’s amazing how your body fights not having all these carbs but now those carbs only make me sick.

I have found some great tasting recipes that make this way of eating something I want to do forever. Here are some links to the sites I use on the internet.

I’m also on a very encouraging and informational group on Facebook   I’m amazed at the results of this WOE from the photo’s posted to this group.

As we all know, exercise is essential to any “diet.” And this WOE is no different. I haven’t been as active this winter because of the cold and rain and I still lost inches and weight. I am now able to get out and walk more and I am keeping my weight at a steady number.

The result: My blood sugars are back to normal and my blood pressure is back in the normal realm of numbers, without meds. I have lost 21 pound with 10 more to go but they are being stubborn. I have lost a combined total of 20 inches off my tummy and hips. Yay!!!!

With these results this “diet” has become my way of eating for life. There will be no going back (yes I’ve cheated and regretted it). My energy level is awesome now and my body feels so good. Healthier is beautiful.

I write this for anyone who is struggling with weight issues or health issues. If I can do this YOU CAN TOO. I had to get in that sweet spot (or scary spot) in my life to WANT to do this. It takes effort and time (I hate planning dinner etc but it is a must now). It is worth it!

Life is good. I love how God gives us direction in our life. I couldn’t do this without Him guiding me.


Refreshing Spring Bowl

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I have found a couple of websites for healthy eating. It’s time to take control of what we eat now that we are off vacation.

The websites are “My New Roots” and “Oh She Glows.” Just click each name to go to their website.

I have tried a couple of My New Roots recipes. Tonight I fixed The Spring Abundance Bowl.


This meal is also a “vegan” meal if you don’t use regular mayonnaise. We have used  Vegenaise brand mayo for over a year and we think it tastes better than regular mayo. Especially, the no sugars, no dairy, no eggs and other sundry things that go into making mayo taste and look good. Vegenaise comes in many forms – Grapeseed oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, no soy, or light. No cholesterol in this jar!

I even pickled the radishes but then forgot to put them on the plate. As Dale said, “Next time.”

We also found at Costco a little pouch containing Quinoa and brown rice that we really like. Cook it for 90 seconds in the microwave and it is ready to eat. All organic and delicious.

The Lemon Caper Dressing was also delicious and this is where you choose to use real mayo or not with the Greek yogurt.

I add a bunch of broccoli, spinach to make a bed for the Quinoa and a slice of tomato. A very pretty dish.

After we finished, we both thought this dish very refreshing and enough to fill us up.

I hope you try it and LIKE it too!

Life is good in Sutherlin except for this blasted rain! The fig tree is starting to leave out and the lilac is blooming fragrant blooms!

Bon Appetite.


Black Rice

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One day a friend mentioned to me how great tasting black rice was. I said, “What! Black Rice.” Well, I had only known about brown and white rice. So on a trip to WinCo I found black rice in their bins and had to try it. She was right! It has a wonderful flavor the other two rices don’t have.

In researching black rice I found out that it is much better for you than even brown rice. We all know white rice is an empty type food. has some good information on this “superfood.”

I know this doesn’t look all that attractive but the flavors shook up my taste buds! Stir fry veggies over black rice served on our best china!


If you haven’t tried this awesome food, give it a go!

I’ve Been Waiting

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for this great product. The Nutri Bullet!

nutriI have used a Bullet for many years now. I usually whip up my morning or lunch smoothie. Also salsa a time or two. It has many uses though and is a small type blender that fits awesomely in the R.V.

However, the new Nutri Bullet pulverizes what you put in it and brings it to a very smooth consistency. I use Chia seeds and blueberries and now that I have the Nutri, I don’t have to worry about skins and seeds finding crevices in my mouths. The benefit to this is that nothing is lost nutrition wise by using veggies, fruit, nuts, and seeds.

Dale has gotten into the smoothie trend. We have recipes that incorporate leafy greens/veggies, fruit and nuts. There are recipes for detoxing, the immune system, energy, aging and a pick-me-up. Yes, doing this goes through a lot of veggies and fruit, but the results are worth it. Getting our daily amount of fruits and veggies is made easy – just drink them.

Today’s smoothie consisted of organic greens, spinach, carrots, cabbage, a little red pepper and onion, pear, kiwi, banana, apple, and blueberries. Add Cran Water (pure cranberry and water, diluted), Chai seeds, flaxseed oil with omega’s, cinnamon and oat bran. Let the Nutri Bullet do its thing and presto! Breakfast that tastes wonderful.

This is a birthday gift from Doris, my mother in marriage. Thank you so very much Doris!

Life is good. God protects, provides and blesses us! Amazing.

P.S. This also helps to lose some of those unwanted pounds that have taken up residence on the body!

A Prayer Request

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I’m asking you who pray to pray for Jane. She is one of the oldest members of our park – 93.

About a month ago she fell on her bag of ice and broke her leg in 6 places, her pelvis and her shoulder. She is in a Rehab place and right now she is not doing so well. She doesn’t feel like eating.

Please, please put her in your thoughts and prayers.

First the Fun

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Yesterday Dale and I left early to go to Mimi’s Restaurant to have breakfast. We had a coupon for a free breakfast! I was quite surprised to find Mimi’s had very good food. The restaurant was very nice inside and out. We had a table next to the window so could feel the sun as it was a cold morning.

Garlic Spinach Avacado Omlete topped with tomatoes and bacon - A BLT! Red Potatoes on the side. With juice and Buttermilk Spicey Muffin

When our breakfast came it was presented so pretty and inviting. A great experience and good, good food. Another score for the Prohaska’s.

We did some shopping in Elk Grove. Hit a yarn store, bead store, children’s store and JoAnns. It was fun day. We did purchase some great finds! But with all that fun means work the next day!

Today, I cleaned the carpets with our Little Green Machine. Argh, what a job. Now I know why Dale did this twice and stopped! Next time I will get a commercial machine or hire someone. Dale went out back with the chain saw and did a major trim on the apple trees back there. No apples next year!! He worked pretty hard all day and the gardener came so he helped too.

Then I made dinner for us. I wanted to get Trader Joe’s Stuffed Southwest Chicken but they didn’t have any here. Maybe they only have it in the southwest states. So I made some myself. It was quite a process but well worth the effort. It was delicious. Here’s the recipe:  Now I am in my chair watching Dr. Oz and learning I need to get back on my Adrenal Tabs. It feels good to kick back.

Tomorrow will be a fun day. However not quit like Monday. I am going to bead. Haven’t done that in a while so this will be fun. Making some Christmas presents for family and friends. Then we are off to Marge and Larry’s house for dinner. No cooking tomorrow night!

Life is good. God is in the day – fun and work.

The Little Things

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I was talking with a friend about how important ‘family’ is and the lack of this virtue being passed on to kids today. Over the years we have experienced family needs and have responded with love and support. For me, this is truly a God thing and one where we listen for Him to direct our path.

As you know, we have been visiting and caring for Dale’s folks in Lodi. It has been our pleasure to be able to assist them in whatever avenue they have to take. However, we have taken a week out for ourselves in the one place we both enjoy immensely.

We are at Sardine Lake. Our old boss let us come up and stay for the week. (they are next door) We arrived just in time to get drenched in a big rain storm. Lightening was flashing and booming all around us. It was fantastic.

We realized how much those little things count – birds singing their happy tunes, the total darkness and how still the forest can be. It is so quiet here. We will get to relax and enjoy the outdoors in 60 to 70 degree weather. We actually sat out at the picnic table this afternoon and had lunch there. I do wish I could take this all back to Lodi with us!

Tomorrow we are off to Reno to see our new grandson, Noah Riley born 9/9/11I took this off a session of Skype.

In those little things that count too, family comes out on top.

Life is good. God’s love is seen everywhere.