Beach Time

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We are at Harris Beach State Park where my son David has volunteered to work here.


We arrived January 1, 2017. The trip from Sutherlin to the coast (101) was not troublesome, but roads with snow and ice were present. Nothing our Dolphin (Miss Dory) couldn’t handle. It took us about 3 hours which is good to know so we can come visit David and Brook before they head off to another park in California.

It was really good to see the ocean. We watched this storm as we traveled south.


We came to the highest bridge in Oregon, the Thomas Creek Bridge, and they were working on it. One lane only.


The Thomas Creek Bridge is 345 feet high and 956 end to end. It is located between Gold Beach and Brookings. My view as we wait for the light to turn green:


So far it has hailed on us and rained buckets. So no beach walk yet. The sun comes out but disappears quickly. It’s lovely here though.

We are helping David get set up in his “host” space and he is organizing his trailer for living her for a few months. A new adventure in store for the kids and we are so glad to be retired and RVers to boot.

Life is good. God’s word tells us “Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.” Ps. 90:12

In other words – Life is short – get wisdom and enjoy!



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October is the time for our annual trip to Reno to visit with the Prohaska family. We stay at the Gold Ranch RV park in Verdi. I’ve posted about our trips here before. You will see how the kids have grown!

This time we got a different space from our normal one. Way to the top of the park in space 31. We had an awesome view of the mountains out our front window. Especially, when the rain and wind storms hit. It even snowed. It rained so hard that water was coming in our bedroom slide. A rubber seal was not in the right spot.


In the month we were here we did many things with the kids. They are really, really busy kids. Chloe is now 7 and Noah is 5. Lucy will be 3 in February. They are growing so fast.

noah                                                                chloe


We had a really nice day and went bike riding on the trail that goes all the way to Verdi.



Lucy has a bike that she can walk/ride. No pedals yet. She loves it and like to keep up with mom and dad.

One another nice day, Joe, Ben, Chloe, Noah, Dale and I went to what the kids call Crystal Mountain behind Verdi. The road goes back in the forest with many boondocking sites and campgrounds. The kids can take only one rock home as they come here often. They have quite a collection.


I filled a 5 gallon bucket with small white rock for our lot in Sutherlin. It was very heavy and the guys carried it. I haven’t had a chance to spread it out front yet as it has been raining since we got back.

We always look forward to October and time with the grandchildren and the big kids!

We also take a couple of weeks in November to visit with Dale’s mom, Doris.

It was her 91st birthday at this visit and we had a party with friends.


left: Robin, me, Dale, Doris at the head of the table. Right: Dorana, Eddie, Sandy.

Doris took us all to dinner one evening to Pietro’s. Pietros is an upscale Italian restaurant and the food is out of this world. We were not only celebrating her birthday but Eddies retirement.

We are home now. We didn’t head south in November. Decided to stick around the homestead and just enjoy life. Our winter has been very wet (5″ of rain in December and we aren’t done yet) and very cold. We are toasty warm in our Cameo!

Life is good. God keeps my spirits up with all this gloomy weather. His love is awesome.

Fall with Grandkids

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I don’t know what it is about leaves, but my grandkids had a great time “helping” rake leaves in the Wilcox backyard. They played for hours!


Chloe and Lucy, cousins, have a great time outside in the sunshine. Lucy and her dad also had a great time and Lucy was buried in leaves – popping out like a jack-in-the-box. Giggling all the way!

Life is best when served with giggling grandkids.

It’s Been Fun!

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Our time in Boise and visiting family is coming to a close. I tell you, it is always hard to say goodbye for now.

David and Brook have been so kind to let us be in their life the last 2 weeks. We have walked, eaten many meals together, moved a house, help shop for said house, moved topsoil and so much more. Laughs and stories and memories. Totally precious and awesome.

So happy together!

Their house is so cute. I never did get a photo of them in front of it we were on the go so much. But the back yard! Wowzzzeeee.

backyard backyard1

They will be so happy in their new digs.


We left the dirty, noisy Caldwell Elks for a clean pad, pool, hot tub, laundry and quiet RV park – High Valley RV park off Hwy 55. Tomorrow we get Morgan’s stitches removed and the cone off (we hope) and then we head north to McCall and parts beyond on our way to Canada. So excited. We start work in 16 days!

It is very, very hot here. Clouds hug the earth making it so muggy. At least we don’t have any bugs. The A/C is going strong.

Life is good, awesome, incredible and full of adventure. God abides in us and we abide in Him. Amen.


Happy David’s Day

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Saturday was a very special day for me. I was blessed to spend the day with David, my son and Brook, my new daughter.





We drove to the “old” house to get our day started. Today was Happy David’s Day and his choice was to go to his favorite Java Coffee Shop in Hyde Park, downtown Boise.  A side note: Happy David’s Day means we all have to do whatever he wants to do! Oh brother. LOL

The one thing I enjoy so much is my family. There isn’t a word or a time when we are not laughing. Together. Or at ourself. It’s amazing to me how positive and happy we are! So, laughterour trip which was a long one from Meridian, was full of laughter, teasing and fun.

Once there we all ordered. David, since this was Happy David’s Day, ordered his favorite – A Bowl of Soul. Coffee with spices and real, homemade whip cream. We enjoyed a festive time together in the out-door setting.


Hyde Park is about a block long with very good eateries, funky shops and antique stores. We strolled through this amazing neighborhood stopping here and there to enjoy their wares. At the Free Trade Market Place (which everyone should support) I found a coin purse made of material. Dale found many things but resisted !!!!!! the urge to buy.

Hyde Park

After cruising the neighborhood, Brook wanted to show us some RV parks near their new home.Since it was Happy David’s Day he agreed! RV parks are scarce here if you don’t want to be right near the freeway. We drove through country settings. Lake Lowell was fantastic with water brimming over. We did find a nice park close to the kids but they didn’t allow big dogs. Shame on them!

We decided we were hungry, so went to Chapala Mexican Restaurant (one of David’s favorites – again Happy David’s Day. We had a great server who tickled us with his personality. Back story – Dale gets after me every time I say “tin foil.” He comes out with “where do you buy tin foil? It’s aluminum foil!” Well this cute waiter made the mistake of telling Brook he would get her some tin foil for the tortillas. That was just enough to get Dale started. He asked our waiter, “Where do you buy tin foil?” The guy looked at Dale funny and then said “Walmart!” Oh did we have a great, roaring laugh.


Which brings me to my last tidbit for this post. We learned a new communication skill from David and Brook and as it turns out this is one of David’s favorite ways to communicate (remember Happy David’s Day). Dale and I took to this new skill with gusto. Are you ready to learn also?

Using a Brook voice:  STOP TALKING!  That’s it. Pretty simple, right? You don’t even have to use the hand. Of course, this is all said in love and a playful way with an array of giggles.


A beautiful day (even if it did rain) and such great memories made.

Life is beautiful. God is beautiful.

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We started our day going to the outlet mall. We didn’t get here last year so we had to do it this year for sure. The stores were on the second level and the shops were placed in a circle on the floor. Lot of empty stores too. We found a great sale at Carters for Kids and bought Lucy some winter clothes. It is so much fun shopping for little girls! I did find some great bargains for Christmas presents.

Lucy getting brave in her 9 months!



We were getting hungry so thought it was time to eat something. We had decided we were going to go to Harrah’s “Fresh Market Square Buffet” for Thanksgiving so we thought it would be good to go have lunch there to make sure the food was good.

We stopped at the desk and got our “Players Card” to get $$ off our meal. Well, they don’t do a lunch buffet past 1:30 so we had to eat in the Beach Cafe. It was delicious so we thought we would be safe to have Thanksgiving there.

We stopped to play the slot machines. Dale lost his money and I came home with all my money plus three extra dollars. Ha! Big winnings. We were really trying to get points to get a free buffet but the guy who talked to me didn’t say you need 25 levels! That would be $100 put in a machine and we aren’t the best gamblers to spend that kind of money. It was hard using $10!


We saw a big banner on a building outside the main doors to Harrah’s saying that Guy Fieri was putting in a new restaurant. He is one of our favorite “Food Network” people. It would be fun to see him in person if he comes for the opening but we won’t be here then.

I did get an appointment for a Pedi and a Mani (birthday present from Dale) at the spa for next Tuesday. We got to walk by the pool and we took a small walk on the beach.





Harrah’s is the happening place!

PS. We did have Thanksgiving dinner here. As we stood in line with a hundred other people, Anita told us that her neighbor said this was the only good buffet in Laughlin. And it was delicious. All of it. We had turkey and all the trimmings down to the pumpkin pie. We also had a choice of pizza, sushi, many seafood dishes, ham, prime rib, scalloped potatoes, veggies of many varieties, and a dessert station that could be a meal in itself. A very delicious meal with food that was top grade. We do have to come back for dinner or breakfast. It was worth the $17 we paid. A very happy day and thankful day with friends.

Did I ever mention that life is good and I’m trying to live in each moment!

Family Time

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My son still lives in the Boise area, so we headed across Idaho to go visit him and the grandchildren. We didn’t stay at our usual park because they went KOA. We stayed in Garden City at the RV park between the ballpark and the fairgrounds. Nice park with a clean laundry room.



Our Jacob is growing up fast! We were laughing so hard in this photo. Love my family.

We took Melanie, Jacob and Char (kids mom) to dinner one night to give out presents and enjoy their company. Mel chose Red Robin for dinner. It was delicious!

David took us to this new mall, The Village, in Meridian, ID. It is an outdoor mall with lots of restaurants and outside seating with heaters. There is a fountain and an ice rink. The fountain has a music program every hour with lights. Fun to watch.


The mall also had a unique movie theater, Village Cinema.

village cinema-play

So we had to go. Tickets were $7 for the matinee. We made reservations and got to pick the seat we wanted – online of course. The neat thing about this place was that they served you lunch and dinner at your seat. As you can see, the seats are big.


So we had lunch – me a french dip that was delicious and Dale had a pasta dish. Waiters at the movies! Who would have thought.

After a week in Boise, we headed to Reno to visit Dale’s family and grandkids. First stop – Lucy Harper.


Grandpa Dale got her a nice push truck she can take apart and put back together. She loves it. She has grown so much. She is crawling, smiling, and chewing on everything. Mindy and Scott had us to dinner for homemade pea soup. Delicious.

We also went shopping at our favorite store, Whole Foods.


While visiting Chloe and Noah, we got to go to their soccer lessons.

Chloe is 4th from the left and Noah is just under the guy’s elbow.

Great Grandma came for a visit so we got the family together for a nice lunch cooked by Ben and Scott and a birthday cake made by Mindy.


Reno has changed so much since my mom and dad came down here to vacation. But the sign has survived all the change.

On our last day in Reno, we had to go to one of our favorite burger joints. We found this when we were back in the south. Steak and Shake.


So we got our fix and due to a miscommunication with the waiter, I got my lunch for free. Dale got his milkshake!


We had a great time with family and as always miss the grandkids so much when we leave. Chloe told her teacher that she sees us every morning. So, we have to get her a photo of us because we don’t know what she is seeing!

Life is good and family is awesome. God and His promises are wonderful.