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I have found a new hobby. Quilting.

I enjoy sitting at my sewing machine and put together something that my family will have to remember me by!

I formed a sewing group here at Timber Valley SKP Park and we have a great time sitting around and working on whatever project we have handy at the time. We do get a lot of chatting done along with our sewing! It’s a great way to get to know one another too.

Jeanie is working on her beautiful flower quilt. Here she is getting her binding ready to finish of the quilt.
Linda, Sally and Joy discuss what color to border Linda’s placemats.
Sally is working on a “camper” themed quilt and is cutting out all the little pieces she needs to put material to.


We have show and tell about our projects and Marlene shows off her bag and pillow cases.

I finally finished my Downton Abbey “Sybil” lap quilt. This will keep me warm in the motorhome as we travel down the road. Chicks and Roosters quilted it for me and she did a beautiful job.

Us gals are going to make barn quilts for our sheds. ((Photos when they are done)) but I made this small one for the motorhome. I used the material I purchased in Whitehorse, YK and Alaska (Denali). The design is the bear paw block. Dale made the wooden bear paws and we mounted them on a piece of bamboo.

So we do more than sewing! Some of the gals are working on the corded baskets. This is Joy’s favorite craft.

I will miss this time with some good, good friends when we leave for the summer. I will also miss all the wonderful projects these gals craft. I’m asking for photo’s from them so I can keep up.

Life is good, awesome, beautiful, fantastic, crafty, delightful! God happens to be the same.



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Now that we are in Sutherlin I am taking advantage of the quilting classes that the Quilt Store has in Roseburg. When I went to check out their classes, asking for BASIC quilting, they were starting a class the very next week. I jumped in with both feet! One sales clerk helped me pick out my material for the quilt. Now that is a process and a half! Focal point material, dark, light, medium colors! My head was spinning but we managed to find 5 or 6 colors/patterns of material to make a smashing quilt!

We are making a “Sample” quilt which is learning all the basic patterns used in quilting. In first lesson we learned how to cut strips and then squares.  Since following lines on a quilting ruler is not my forte, I was treading water madly the first time out. I cut 4″ squares instead of 4.5″ squares. Back to the drawing board for me. I mentioned to Sylvia, our instructor, that I would probably be her problem child.

There are 3 other gals in the class and that makes for individual instruction which is so very nice. The class runs 5 pm to 7:30 pm but some gals were still working at 8:30 pm when I left. We do have homework – making 2 squares ON OUR OWN!!!!

Here are my squares. I really do have to get this “perfectionism” gene under control!

Block of 9

I am using muslin for the light color and background. The center square is my focal material.

An up close of the material.
This is called Shoo Fly. The center square is the screen door and the triangles are the flies being shooed out.

I also wanted to show you my first attempt at quilting. I purchased foam squares in Indiana to give my home a “rustic/homey” feel. These were fun but not exactly quilting by machine! A knife is used to stuff material down groves on the pattern to make this shape.

Now, I am learning the REAL thing! What fun it is!

Life is good. God is holy and full of goodness and love. I love Him so very much.