A New Adventure

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It’s been a rainy, cold winter this year. We decided, after being gone a year from home, to stay home after our Alaska/Canada trip. Boy, did we pick the wrong year to do that!!! Like most of the PNW, it has been wet, wet, wet and the rain hasn’t stopped yet here in April.

We did take a few jaunts to the beach over the winter. My son, David, moved to Brookings, Oregon so we visited with him and his gal, Brook a few times. It is so good to have him back in his home state and close to me. We are about 3 hours away from him now.

While visiting him a last week, we got a call from the guy who bought our BigBlue Dodge Ram a few years ago. The call went something like this: “Dale, this is Tyler. I, with my family, own an RV resort and wondered if you would like to be a camp host. I don’t know any other RVers and thought of you.” Dale: “Tell me about it.” Tyler: Our RV park is on the northeastern tip of Vancouver Island, B.C.” Dale: “I will talk with Gwen and get back to you.”

After several phone calls to his mom who lives there and then to their manager, we received those details and made our decision. We are going to be camp hosts for the summer! We are excited about this new adventure to a place where we have never been. Telegraph Cove RV Park and Marina on the Johnstone Strait. Duties aren’t much at all and we will have time to explore the island. We will register walk-ins in the evening and check the bathrooms and report to the manager if anything needs done and he will take care of everything.

More to come as we don’t start until July. My daughter, Lesa, has loaned me her Canon EOs 50D camera, so I hope to have some awesome photo’s to share. A friend has said she has been there and it is an awesome part of this big world.

Life is good. When God puts something in front of you, grab on with both hands!


Sardine Lake

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We gave ourselves a present and went away from Lodi for a week in the mountains. We headed back to the area where we work-camped last year. However, we went up higher in the Sierra’s and camped where our old boss is host. Wayne and Char work for CLM as camp hosts and site manager. We were able to get a great spot right next to them, yet almost by ourselves.

We weren’t there more than 5 minutes when the forest aroma’s and the fresh air was a delightful sense. Then the rains came. A huge storm system was coming through with lightening and thunder and buckets full of rain. I’m sure it was needed but it played heck with setting up! It was so refreshing.

The week was filled with almost NOTHING! I was able to sit outside each day – a balmy 70+ degrees and no mosquitoes! I knitted and read and spent part of the afternoon chatting with Char. Dale was able to get on his bike and go for a ride on familiar roads.

We really did enjoy the quiet and blackness of night – two important factors to RVers. The birds were happily singing each morning. We even had some spring flowers like paint brush and daisy’s flowering in September.

Morgan and I hiked to Sand Pond and then on the interpretive walk that doubled back to Sand Pond. One morning we all got up and hiked to Sardine Lake. The trails were very nice and Morgan was delighted to be out again in surroundings she knew. We left Annie home with the folks and she was pretty upset with us when we got home. She didn’t like her home

not being out front where she knew it should be!

Enjoy the photos. We are looking forward to another “vacation” in the future.

Our camp spot-#17.


Sunset after the storm. Lightening was still running through this cloud.


Dogs aren't allowed in this Sand Pond Lake. That's the Sierra Buttes in the background. Snow or glaciers are still up there.


A lot of the hike was on this boardwalk that goes through the marshes the beavers created back in the 1980's. The beavers are now gone. Morgan got on here and just ran her little heart you - back and forth, back and forth.


A creek from Sand Pond ran along side the campground. Morgan found this spot and went swimming. The funny thing she did the next day made us laugh. She went to this spot, stuck her paw in the water as if to test the temperature and then ran back to Dale. She did not go swimming that day.


This huge meadow was on both sides of the boardwalk. If you look up at the mountains, imagine a mine up there back in the 1800's. There was also another mine on the other side of this mountain in Downieville.


This part of the trail was a ditch used back in the 1800's to get water to the mines. We also walked near where glaciers carved out the earth and deposited debris on each side of it.


Dogs aren't allowed in this lake. That's the Sierra Buttes in the background. Snow or glaciers are still up there. People were out fishing the lakes.


Sardine Lake


Dale and Morgan.


Boats lined up to rent on Sardine Lake. They also rent cabins.


Life is good! God is good.

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I know you all are holding your breath to know what e-reader Dale purchased. He cancelled his Kindle order because the Kindle doesn’t support the .epub file extension and it would have been a pain trying to take an .epub book and converting it to the file extension Kindle requires.  Now you can breathe again!!! 🙂 I am so excited. I have “borrowed” my first audio book from the library. I downloaded it last night and will listen to it while I knit. To download an audio book I had to get software from software reads WMA files which are files that protect the book’s copyrights. I am going to see if my MP3 will play it as they say it will. Need to try everything, right! My Nook, unfortunately, does not support the WMA files  but hopefully they will get smart and change that. Gosh, this new age stuff can be quite exciting! Now, for an important detail I haven’t shared with you all. Yes, that is Dale! Around the middle of August he decided that to look like a retired camp host he needed a beard. So begin the journey of a husband with hair on his face. LOL I think he sort of looks like Jack Cornell, a friend of ours. They are cycling buddies. One day I came home after work and the beard was gone and my real husband was back. Oh the things we do when we get “younger.” Another event I want to share with you is a video Dale made when he rode is 100 miles last Tuesday. Click here: It will make you smile. As he explains, “It was a musical century ride they did in S. Tahoe for their band.” What a goof! Tomorrow is our last day of work. Yahoo! Back to being retired and fancy free. Although, we are babysitting Chloe this coming week. Kim’s mom, Nancy, has been diagnosed with cancer and she is flying back home to be with her. Ben is on call and needs someone to be there with Chloe. That’s US!!! This will be a “piece of cake” job. So we are off to Reno on Sunday. Life is good and God is in control of it all!


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It is a rainy day here in Indian Valley Campground. The clouds moved in last night and the skies let go with their heavy burden. The temps cooled down but I refused to give up wearing my work shorts! I did the rounds today and did get wet. Dale was on his bike and he also got wet. I think it is time to head to the desert!

Here are some photo’s of the family get-together at Ben’s house. Dale’s folks and two sisters drove up from Sacramento to visit Chloe. We happened to be able to drive over. We had a nice lunch and Miss Chloe was the main attraction. She was on many laps and got many hugs.


Dale, Doris and Sandy holding Chloe
Chloe loves her jumper and really get going!
Great Grandpa Dale
from left, Dale Sr., Ben, Sandy and Chloe, Doris and Dale
This is how Chloe crawls now.
Her new thing that day - hanging out the lip. Guess it felt good!
Dale and his mom, Doris. Two peas in a pod!


We have been told that the campground will be closed on the 25th of this month. We are so excited. We may leave on Sunday due to the way the weather is acting up on Monday. Shall see. We are going back to Bocca for a few days until our reservations in Verdi is due up – the 29th. We will be there a week visiting and enjoying the granddaughter and family. We like staying at the Gold Ranch RV Park. Reasonable rates and very nice people. They also have a laundry room where I will wash our blankets and rugs for the winter to come in Arizona.

Life is good! Our Lord is merciful and full of glory!

A Little of Everything

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First, you have to read Dale’s blog for today. He is so funny. I have been saying we need to get to the fire pits but he drags his tush when I suggest it. Yesterday we got in and completed 3 campgrounds worth of fire pits and he says today he is going to do another campground while I do some wash. Yeah for Dale. He worked hard too and we managed to put in a good days work.

Last night we set a fire in our own fire pit and sat out under the trees enjoying the ambiance of real live flames! We have a family in about 5 spaces for 2 weeks and for all our ‘helpfulness’ they gave us a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc 2009 from the Fleury Estate Winery. Hence, the fire and a good glass of wine. It was so nice out we  ate our dinner outside too. The evening temps were very mild and the bugs left us alone. It was a good evening reminiscing about our time here and glad that we are going to get out of this canyon once and for all.

I received my adapter. I was a bit muffed because it wasn’t being sent by Amazon until Monday and I ordered it on Friday. However, it was shipped UPS on Monday out of Sparks, NV so I got it on Tuesday by a very nice UPS man who hunted us down to deliver. So I am back up and running on my Toshiba Satellite computer. Oh, that is another thing. We have had great success by giving our campground and site number as our address when having things shipped UPS or Fed X. They do find us and we don’t have to us the USPS or hunt one down. Sure works!

Sunday we were invited to our big bosses residence for a dinner. Our site manager, Wayne, drove us to Jackson Meadows, the “over the hill and to grandma’s house” way. We were up high in the mountains and could see a long ways in the distance and in many directions. With the leaves changing on the deciduous trees, the valley floor was gorgeous. The dinner was for all the camp hosts and Larry’s birthday. We got him a margarita glass from Harry and David’s in Medford, OR. He did like it.

So that is about all for today. I think I got you caught up on what is happening here. Oh, we were told yesterday that Larry wants the campground closed on the 25th. So we may be leaving then. But that was from the maintenance man, Butch, so who knows. We will wait for our site manager to give us the news if there is any news.

Have an awesome day! Life is good. God is greater than anything this life brings us.


Who Invented These Things?

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One job we have to do as camp hosts is to collect those yellow envelopes campers use to deposit their fees for camping. When they fill out the information and put their money in the envelope they then drop it in the green tubes provided at each bulletin board.
Not too sure who invented this system but they were blind, short armed and with legs 2 inches long! The hole they use to put a lock up inside the tube isn’t very big. You cannot put two hands through the hole to get hold of the lock to insert the key to unlock the lock. This is done by touch. Getting that key in the lock correctly  is done in the blind.
This is not my most favorite part of this position but a lot better than others. When the mosquitoes are out, sitting there trying to get the key in the lock takes on a whole new meaning!

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend. Fall is settling in here in the Indian Valley Recreational Area. Cooler weather came by and we even had some rain. We haven’t given up our shorts and t-shirts just yet though!

Be happy and well.


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Labor Day Weekend is almost over. People are leaving and soon the campground will be so very quiet. This weekend gave us a pretty quiet crowd which was nice. We were busy Thursday and Friday but managed to sneak off on Sunday to Yuba City because we knew everyone was settled in and playing on the river. All reservations had arrived and been taken care of. Now for some fun for us.

Yuba City had everything we need as far as retail stores and they are about an hour away. They had a nice indoor mall too. We had a nice lunch at Lumberjacks. The place was clean, friendly and not that expensive. Yet, my fish and chips ended up to be frozen cod sticks and no amount of their great fries would make up for that. We probably won’t eat there again. We found a Sunflower Market/Health Food Store and we were so excited. We loved the one in New Mexico. However, they weren’t open so instead of being disappointed we will just have to go back and catch them when they are open.

Winco is a favorite place to buy groceries because they seem to have everything I need. They have bulk items too. Their produce is very good. And the prices are in-line with our budget. I laugh because it took me a long time to shop at Winco. Fred Meyers was my choice but for prices, Winco wins out.

So we had a very good day after our morning of working. When we got back everything was buzzing along quite nicely so we knew we weren’t missed. Today, we will go out after 2pm  to clean up after everyone and put the campgrounds back the way they were before the crowds came in. Then we are off the next two days. Which means my daughter and granddaughter will be here for a week. I am so excited!

Life is good. God is better.