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Remember when Y2K was a huge, big deal? Well, 17 years later we are still here and using our computers!

It is going to get busy at our house in the next few days. Both of my children will be here and we will be off to Brookings for a mini-vacation.

I wanted to say Happy New Year to family and friends.

I pray this new year will bring peace and joy to your lives. Good health and many wonderful memories. Remember, life is short so pursue your passion! happy-new-year-linux-fans-413000-2



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October is the time for our annual trip to Reno to visit with the Prohaska family. We stay at the Gold Ranch RV park in Verdi. I’ve posted about our trips here before. You will see how the kids have grown!

This time we got a different space from our normal one. Way to the top of the park in space 31. We had an awesome view of the mountains out our front window. Especially, when the rain and wind storms hit. It even snowed. It rained so hard that water was coming in our bedroom slide. A rubber seal was not in the right spot.


In the month we were here we did many things with the kids. They are really, really busy kids. Chloe is now 7 and Noah is 5. Lucy will be 3 in February. They are growing so fast.

noah                                                                chloe


We had a really nice day and went bike riding on the trail that goes all the way to Verdi.



Lucy has a bike that she can walk/ride. No pedals yet. She loves it and like to keep up with mom and dad.

One another nice day, Joe, Ben, Chloe, Noah, Dale and I went to what the kids call Crystal Mountain behind Verdi. The road goes back in the forest with many boondocking sites and campgrounds. The kids can take only one rock home as they come here often. They have quite a collection.


I filled a 5 gallon bucket with small white rock for our lot in Sutherlin. It was very heavy and the guys carried it. I haven’t had a chance to spread it out front yet as it has been raining since we got back.

We always look forward to October and time with the grandchildren and the big kids!

We also take a couple of weeks in November to visit with Dale’s mom, Doris.

It was her 91st birthday at this visit and we had a party with friends.


left: Robin, me, Dale, Doris at the head of the table. Right: Dorana, Eddie, Sandy.

Doris took us all to dinner one evening to Pietro’s. Pietros is an upscale Italian restaurant and the food is out of this world. We were not only celebrating her birthday but Eddies retirement.

We are home now. We didn’t head south in November. Decided to stick around the homestead and just enjoy life. Our winter has been very wet (5″ of rain in December and we aren’t done yet) and very cold. We are toasty warm in our Cameo!

Life is good. God keeps my spirits up with all this gloomy weather. His love is awesome.

Fall with Grandkids

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I don’t know what it is about leaves, but my grandkids had a great time “helping” rake leaves in the Wilcox backyard. They played for hours!


Chloe and Lucy, cousins, have a great time outside in the sunshine. Lucy and her dad also had a great time and Lucy was buried in leaves – popping out like a jack-in-the-box. Giggling all the way!

Life is best when served with giggling grandkids.


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Back in the late nineties, Dale and Alice started working together in the same RCC building. I met Alice there and we instantly hit it off. Our love for Jesus was the heart binding of friendship.

Today, this Christmas Eve, Alice and Rich stopped for breakfast with us while on their way to Northern Oregon. We took them to White Horse Coffee and Tea where we get the best breakfast in Sutherlin.

Our time together was sweet with laughter and catching up with each other’s lives.

A great Christmas present! 2016allie

Merry Christmas

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A Merry Christmas to all of you and God’s blessings.

Our year has gone by so fast. Has yours? I remember the day we were so excited when hear we had the job of tailgunner for the trip to Alaska way back in spring time!

That trip was amazing! We had 17 rigs in all. Very wonderful people with no big problems!

Scenery was excellent and the weather wasn’t bad either. We lucked out and had 4 days of Mt. Denali. Amazing.

We have been home now since August with a trip to Reno in October to enjoy family and then home. Enjoying being “seated” for awhile.

Thanksgiving we were able to get a condo at Running Y Ranch and have the whole family with us. It was special and a great 5 days.

Dale is busy in his work shop and I am busy at the sewing machine.

Christmas will find us at Seven Feathers with the gang for a nice dinner. Otherwise, quiet and relaxing.

New Years will also be a special day with my son and daughter visiting. Then we are all off to Brookings and Dale and I will spend a few days there and then amble up the coast to home.

It has been a wet, wet winter here. Temps have been freezing cold. We have been able to see the sun a few days here and there.

Dale and I wish you a blessed Christmas and to remember why we set this day apart from others to remember our Lord Jesus’ birth. May He bless you richly.


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We did it! We are in Alaska. We didn’t think we would make it as the road from Destruction Bay was horrible with pot holes deep and sharp enough to shred a tire and frost heaves that had the front wheels up and the back wheels down. The permafrost causes all kinds of trouble with asphalt. It makes for a very unstable base for the road when it melts. We had to drive about 25 mph. Once we hit the gravel road, everything smoothed out a bit and it was easier going. I’m not real fond of flying up out of my seat.

We arrived at the US border and stopped by Ms. Wolf. She was a very nice and funny. Didn’t check out the RV or ask about pets. She said our group was very nice and on top of the “rules” of crossing. Our wait was very short.




Our first stop was at the Tetlin National Forest Visitor Center. This NF has so many waterways and birds from as far as South America migrate here. Especially, the Trumpeter
Swan and the Sandhill Crane.

tetlin national forest


Swans off in the distance
Swans off in the distance

Our nights stop was in Tok at the Sourdough RV Park. We were parked way in the back in the woods. Our kind of spot!

Planned activities were  the Burnt Paw to listen to a dog musher explain dogs and dog sledding. He was in the first Iditarod. Very interesting.

Bill. No pups today. Boo.
Bill. No pups today. Boo.

Then over to the Burt Paw gift shop. I can tell you right now that I am getting tired of gift shops!!!!


The sign reads: Welcome to Alaska The last foreign country friendly to Americans.
The sign reads:
Welcome to Alaska
The last foreign country friendly to Americans.

Then we went to Jack Wade Gold Co. The owner made different kinds of jewelry using gold her company finds. The gold is in its natural state. She showed us nuggets she has collected – 3 oz, 6 oz and 5 pounds. The 5 pound nugget was darn heavy!


Day one in Alaska. Nice day but rain. Here’s some “along the way” photos.



The driver.


lake tok to fairbanks


There are a few churches that were made out of the quonset huts left by the men working on the Alaskan Hwy in 1942. This one snuck up on me so didn’t get a great photo.



This is amazing country! I hope you will be able to visit one day. This is my third trip to Alaska and it never disappoints. Well, maybe the rain, rain, rain can get a bit much!  🙂

Life is good. God is grace and love. Isn’t that amazing! And all for us in Jesus.

It’s Been a Whirlwind Trip

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Since leaving Dawson Creek, BC, we have traveled 1423 miles. Some days have been turn around “let’s get going” days with Dale ever ready at the coffee pot at 6 a.m. Then we pack up and take off for our next destination.

In Whitehorse, YK, we stopped for 4 days and “whew”, what a nice rest. Since we are the “newbies” and tail gunners, our Trek Masters (who are on their 8th trip to Alaska) have not wanted to do many of the planned activities. That means we get to take the group to whatever has been planned.

Dale didn’t want to attend the “Frantic Follies” at the little Whitehorse Theatre in the WestMark Hotel. So at 7:30 we all car pooled to Whitehorse for the 8:30 showing.

frantic follies


Could they ever kick! Stories from the gold rush days were performed. It was a pretty funny play with great music from all these folks. The famous poem by Robert Service “The Cremation of SAm McGee” was acted out with lots of laughs.

Cabin Fever in the Yukon prospecting for gold.
Cabin Fever in the Yukon prospecting for gold.
S.S. Klondike used for freight from Dawson City to Whitehorse


One lady in the audience was chosen to be spoofed on. She was from La Grande, Oregon! Here we see the Sympathy Orchestra from La Grand, Oregon. Yes, playing saws.

And we will never forget “Pookie.” Jim chosen from our group. He will never live it down either.

His face was a pink as this gals dress.
His face was a pink as this gals dress.

On a free day we went to the Miles Canyon. Just beautiful. This part of the Yukon River was dangerous to people in boats back in the day. When the dam was erected, the treacherous rapids were eliminated.

miles canyon

miles canyon2
Walking bridge across Miles Canyon to trails on the other side.



Since Whitehorse if the capital of the Yukon, it was a bigger and busier city. Wal-Mart looked like another RV park! And it was only a “market place” Wal-Mart.  We were able to stock up the refrigerator using our loonies and toonies! Oh, wait, we used those at the laundry!

We had a great time here and we will be back on our return trip so will get to see more.

Life is good. We could see God’s hands in the creation of this place. Whew, such wilderness.