It’s Been a Whirlwind Trip

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Since leaving Dawson Creek, BC, we have traveled 1423 miles. Some days have been turn around “let’s get going” days with Dale ever ready at the coffee pot at 6 a.m. Then we pack up and take off for our next destination.

In Whitehorse, YK, we stopped for 4 days and “whew”, what a nice rest. Since we are the “newbies” and tail gunners, our Trek Masters (who are on their 8th trip to Alaska) have not wanted to do many of the planned activities. That means we get to take the group to whatever has been planned.

Dale didn’t want to attend the “Frantic Follies” at the little Whitehorse Theatre in the WestMark Hotel. So at 7:30 we all car pooled to Whitehorse for the 8:30 showing.

frantic follies


Could they ever kick! Stories from the gold rush days were performed. It was a pretty funny play with great music from all these folks. The famous poem by Robert Service “The Cremation of SAm McGee” was acted out with lots of laughs.

Cabin Fever in the Yukon prospecting for gold.
Cabin Fever in the Yukon prospecting for gold.
S.S. Klondike used for freight from Dawson City to Whitehorse


One lady in the audience was chosen to be spoofed on. She was from La Grande, Oregon! Here we see the Sympathy Orchestra from La Grand, Oregon. Yes, playing saws.

And we will never forget “Pookie.” Jim chosen from our group. He will never live it down either.

His face was a pink as this gals dress.
His face was a pink as this gals dress.

On a free day we went to the Miles Canyon. Just beautiful. This part of the Yukon River was dangerous to people in boats back in the day. When the dam was erected, the treacherous rapids were eliminated.

miles canyon

miles canyon2
Walking bridge across Miles Canyon to trails on the other side.



Since Whitehorse if the capital of the Yukon, it was a bigger and busier city. Wal-Mart looked like another RV park! And it was only a “market place” Wal-Mart.  We were able to stock up the refrigerator using our loonies and toonies! Oh, wait, we used those at the laundry!

We had a great time here and we will be back on our return trip so will get to see more.

Life is good. We could see God’s hands in the creation of this place. Whew, such wilderness.


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