Miss Dory and Alberta

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As we travel through Alberta and around the Canadian Rockies, we find that the landscape of Canada is much like our own. Green fields of wheat and other crops; farms dotting the landscape here and there; and pine forests that stretch for miles and miles.

Bugs were awful so they are splattered all over the windshield.


Queens Highway
Queens Highway

We cross through small towns that supply the basic of needs. The roads of Alberta are bumpy from what we think is frost heave since the weather here is cold, cold, cold!

We have encountered high winds almost every day. And when the wind isn’t blowing the weather is balmy and the sky is blue. The weather has been very unpredictable.

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta. There aren’t any big overpasses like in Phoenix, AZ. They lay home to one of the biggest malls around – 800 stores, many themed attractions such as a water park, roller coasters for all ages, an ice skating rink, miniature golf and much more to attract young people as well as the elder generation.



Ice Rink
Water Park
Water Park
Miniature Golf
Miniature Golf
Santa Maria with wild life exhibit below the floor.
Santa Maria with wild life exhibit below the floor.


Cleaver idea….A little toilet for small children beside adult toilet.

We have met many people in stores and in the RV parks and all have been very friendly with smiles and kind words. Our check out gal was whispered to by me to let her know she wasn’t to tell a soul that an American guy was trying to buy is merchandise with a Safeway discount card. She smiled and said her lips were sealed.

Dale trying to figure out why his American Express card doesn't work at Canadian Costco! Take only MasterCard!
Dale trying to figure out why his American Express card doesn’t work at Canadian Costco! Take only MasterCard!


After 4 days we traveled on to Grand Prairie where we stayed at the Elks Lodge. We are right on the edge of Bear Lake, the walking path that goes around the lake and Emerald Park. A lovely setting for us to rest our travel bones.

We have shopped in Canada’s grocery stores, laminated over Dollar Tree prices being more than a dollar and had a very nice dinner at the Browns Social House. The college here is beautiful as is the visitor’s center with a 360 degree views of the town.

elks lodge
Our camp spot for 3 days here in Edmonton
bear lake2
The water is milk chocolate-brown from storms near Dawson Creek, BC

We have enjoyed every moment of our experience in Alberta Province. Now our journey will take us to the northern part of British Columbia where we meet up with the tour group in Dawson Creek. Our Alaskan Adventure begins shortly!

Life is so good! Our loving and gracious Father stands by us with many blessings.what-does-Bible-say-about-faith_4


One thought on “Miss Dory and Alberta

    Jeannine Bartholomew said:
    June 20, 2016 at 8:39 am

    I so enjoy following along with you! Brings back our memories of being there! Blessings & love to you both.

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