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After a great visit with my long time friend, Penny, we headed up the road towards Canada. After reading all the stuff on how to cross the border into Canada, we just breezed in. They asked a bunch of questions about alcohol, weapons, money, arrests etc and looked at our passports and welcomed us to Canada. Whew, I just knew they wanted to check out the rig and take all my food! We had all the pets papers and they didn’t even ask if we had pets! I also know, this isn’t the case all the time. Rigs get checked and papers need looking at. border

We drove as far as Lundbreck Falls and found a Provincial Recreation Campground to park for the night. The winds were high as we were in the Crowsnest Pass. The falls were small, but kind of cool. The campground was butted up to the road (not busy) and the railroad tracks (very busy). Always our way! Between the wind and the trains I didn’t get much sleep that night.

lundbreck falls 2

Lundbreck Falls Campground
Lundbreck Falls Campground

We are adjusting to kilometers for speed, how to change Canadian money amounts into US amounts; liters to gallons and all their different signs. However, on every corner is a Wal-Mart, Dennys, McDonalds!!!!

Life is good! Really good. God is so full of grace upon us!


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