Happy David’s Day

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Saturday was a very special day for me. I was blessed to spend the day with David, my son and Brook, my new daughter.





We drove to the “old” house to get our day started. Today was Happy David’s Day and his choice was to go to his favorite Java Coffee Shop in Hyde Park, downtown Boise.  A side note: Happy David’s Day means we all have to do whatever he wants to do! Oh brother. LOL

The one thing I enjoy so much is my family. There isn’t a word or a time when we are not laughing. Together. Or at ourself. It’s amazing to me how positive and happy we are! So, laughterour trip which was a long one from Meridian, was full of laughter, teasing and fun.

Once there we all ordered. David, since this was Happy David’s Day, ordered his favorite – A Bowl of Soul. Coffee with spices and real, homemade whip cream. We enjoyed a festive time together in the out-door setting.


Hyde Park is about a block long with very good eateries, funky shops and antique stores. We strolled through this amazing neighborhood stopping here and there to enjoy their wares. At the Free Trade Market Place (which everyone should support) I found a coin purse made of material. Dale found many things but resisted !!!!!! the urge to buy.

Hyde Park

After cruising the neighborhood, Brook wanted to show us some RV parks near their new home.Since it was Happy David’s Day he agreed! RV parks are scarce here if you don’t want to be right near the freeway. We drove through country settings. Lake Lowell was fantastic with water brimming over. We did find a nice park close to the kids but they didn’t allow big dogs. Shame on them!

We decided we were hungry, so went to Chapala Mexican Restaurant (one of David’s favorites – again Happy David’s Day. We had a great server who tickled us with his personality. Back story – Dale gets after me every time I say “tin foil.” He comes out with “where do you buy tin foil? It’s aluminum foil!” Well this cute waiter made the mistake of telling Brook he would get her some tin foil for the tortillas. That was just enough to get Dale started. He asked our waiter, “Where do you buy tin foil?” The guy looked at Dale funny and then said “Walmart!” Oh did we have a great, roaring laugh.


Which brings me to my last tidbit for this post. We learned a new communication skill from David and Brook and as it turns out this is one of David’s favorite ways to communicate (remember Happy David’s Day). Dale and I took to this new skill with gusto. Are you ready to learn also?

Using a Brook voice:  STOP TALKING!  That’s it. Pretty simple, right? You don’t even have to use the hand. Of course, this is all said in love and a playful way with an array of giggles.


A beautiful day (even if it did rain) and such great memories made.

Life is beautiful. God is beautiful.

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