Planes, Trains and Automobiles

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Remember that movie with John Candy and Steve Martin? So funny!


That is what this RV park feels like. The Sun Rise Campground. The closest RV park to the center of Bozeman. Nice little park as far as RV Parks go. Facilities are clean as is the park.




Where do the Plans, Trains and Automobiles come in? Sun Rise is on Frontage Road. That right there tells you it is next to the freeway. I 90, the one that runs through Montana! The freeway is at the back of the park.

Trains. What RV park doesn’t have a train? The one here is on Frontage Road. Yep, right across the street in front of us. This section of train tracks seems to be where trains wait when another train is  “coming” into the train yard a few miles down the road from us. There are many coal trains passing through here. The coal is coming from southeastern Montana and heading up through Idaho and Washington to Canada to be shipped off to China. So it is a bit noisy here day and night with train whistles and screeching brakes.

Planes. We seem to be in the air traffic path for landing planes. Overhead. These aren’t as often as the trains but the noise is still there. Our ear plugs have come in handy this stay. At least we sleep well at night.

However, what RV park doesn’t have a train track or freeway! I’m so glad we are boondockers and can get away from all of that.

We are off to Yellowstone tomorrow. Check mark off the bucket list coming up!

Life is really good! We are covered in God’s grace and mercy.



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