South? North? East?

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What’s the deal? Usually snowbirds head south for the winter of fun in the sun. Not the Prohaska’s!

The day before we left Sutherlin and our beautiful lot at Timber Valley SKP Park of Oregon, Christie got a few gals together for a sendoff lunch! I was happy to eat with these lovely people that have become like family to us.



Mary, Irene, Trudy and Christie all had a very good tasting lunch at Whitehorse Café. Irene and Trudy shared the big 1# hamburger and soup. It gave us all a good laugh while they tried to take a bite.

We left Sutherlin Friday morning around 8:30 to go the first let of our journey to Montana. Yes, I said Montana! A family reunion takes us there or otherwise we would be heading south and not north/east.

In Eugene, we had breakfast at Elmers by the Gateway Mall. Easy in for Dale but not so easy out onto a busy 4 lane highway. We had already decided to stop at REI to return some things so knew we would be in Eugene for a few hours. What we didn’t count on was having to get some legal papers notarized and shipped out Fed X. So we had to find a Wells Fargo Bank and then a Fed X office. Polar opposites in Eugene!

We weren’t able to get out of Eugene anytime soon, so drove the busy streets back and forth. Finally, around 1 or so, we headed out past Springfield to the McKenzie Pass.


As you can see, we had a beautiful day to travel. About 2:30 we stopped near McKenzie Bridge store for a dink and walk for Morgan. I was ready to call it a day. We found a campground called Trail Bridge on the left near a reservoir. We can hear the traffic noise from Hwy 126 but I wear ear plugs so that isn’t going to stop me from having a good sleep.


Dale setting up!


Out our front door.

Time for a hike through the campground and get my 10,000 steps in!

Life is good. God is faithful.


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