Time To Move On

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Yes, it is time to put those wheels on the pavement and head down the road for the winter.

Dale and I are busy getting the Blue Heron trailer ready to travel and get our home base put away for the winter. We have enjoyed our patio so very much this summer. We will put it all away in the shed to keep it out of the winter weather.


The block stairs up the side of the hill have worked very well to take Morgan out to do her duty. Dale had to do some aligning a few months after this photo as a couple of stairs were very deep and made for a BIG step.

We are heading north to Montana to a family reunion. Praying it doesn’t snow up that way! We hope to go to Yellowstone National Park and check that off our bucket list. Also to the Grand Teton National Park. Another bucket list check!

Grand Teton National Park
Photo from mapquest.

We are both excited to get on the road again. It has been a long, hot summer.

Life is excellent – better than good! God is still blessing with miracles. Just ask me!


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