Refreshing Spring Bowl

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I have found a couple of websites for healthy eating. It’s time to take control of what we eat now that we are off vacation.

The websites are “My New Roots” and “Oh She Glows.” Just click each name to go to their website.

I have tried a couple of My New Roots recipes. Tonight I fixed The Spring Abundance Bowl.


This meal is also a “vegan” meal if you don’t use regular mayonnaise. We have used  Vegenaise brand mayo for over a year and we think it tastes better than regular mayo. Especially, the no sugars, no dairy, no eggs and other sundry things that go into making mayo taste and look good. Vegenaise comes in many forms – Grapeseed oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, no soy, or light. No cholesterol in this jar!

I even pickled the radishes but then forgot to put them on the plate. As Dale said, “Next time.”

We also found at Costco a little pouch containing Quinoa and brown rice that we really like. Cook it for 90 seconds in the microwave and it is ready to eat. All organic and delicious.

The Lemon Caper Dressing was also delicious and this is where you choose to use real mayo or not with the Greek yogurt.

I add a bunch of broccoli, spinach to make a bed for the Quinoa and a slice of tomato. A very pretty dish.

After we finished, we both thought this dish very refreshing and enough to fill us up.

I hope you try it and LIKE it too!

Life is good in Sutherlin except for this blasted rain! The fig tree is starting to leave out and the lilac is blooming fragrant blooms!

Bon Appetite.



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