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Jojoba Hills Resort SKP park has a hiking group. They meet every Tuesday and may plan an extra hike on the weekends. Some of these members hike every day as their morning exercise. Dale joined the group for two hikes and I did one. Little did I know that we were climbing 1000 feet to the top of a mountain!


We drove to San Marcos, home of Cal State of California. They have a beautiful park system with many walking/running trails. One such trail goes around a lake.


We drove this leg in Miss Scarlet with Rick and Grant riding along. We drove south about 30 miles from San Diego to this town. We had to park at the “trailhead” to make it a good 5 mile hike. Others went to the parking lot at an easier beginning to the trail where we walked a quarter mile to! Going was ok but the 1/4 mile walk after the hike was UGH!


I was able to meet the ladies (and guys) in the group and we would all spread out and chat along the way. When RVers and Full Timers get together there is a lot to talk about.

The more hardy hikers took off and left us in their dust. I was just glad I wasn’t the only “lagger” in the group! The climb for the first hour was straight up. Even with a great path, the steepness almost did us in. (proof I need to get on the exercise!)

Then we hit a flat stretch that was also shaded. The sun was hot and I was able to get a good tan. Along the trail others of the group would wave to us across the canyon. So we waved back and just followed. We came to a fork in the trail and turned left to follow them. When we arrived at the rest stop not far off the freeway we knew we made the wrong turn. Come to find out this group lost the first group too and we should have turned right at the fork to go to the top of the mountain.


So we took advantage of the facilities at the rest stop and ate our snacks and got water. We all decided we did not want to go back and find the trail to the top of the mountain and were finished for the day. 3 miles was good and we had 3 miles to go to get down.


Here’s a view of San Marcos. As you can see there is a “marine layer just hovering above the mountains. I was told by 81 year old Billy that California does not have smog. They have a marine layer. This actually was a marine layer but he can’t fool me!

Yes, Billy is 81 and he can out hike all of us. There was also a man hiking who had a 3-way bypass and he went to the top. Of course, my Dale went to the top. He was waiting with the others at the fork in the trail when we came back.

It was a good day. We all stopped at Nessy’s, a long time hamburger joint in Temecula that is just a trailer like building and eating outside. It was full and the line backed up. The hamburger was good (we shared) and had a drink and fries. Them some of the group went off to Rite Aid for ice cream. Our car didn’t want ice cream so we went back to the park.

Once there, the tradition is to go right to the hot tub. So we did and enjoy more chatting with the folks. We will miss them.

Life is so good!

Psalms 19:1 “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.”


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