Farmers Market

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Last Saturday, we went to Joshua Tree to take back a Valentine’s gift I received from my sweet, sweet husband. Although, he picked out a size too big. I did find a nice Mountain Hardware fleece jacket in a aqua color that fits just so very nicely. Then the temps heated up!

On the way we spotted a Farmers Market and just had to stop.


That’s Dale and Morgan on the left. Morgan got to socialize with a few Golden’s, one of which was snarling at her. That is until her owner petted Morgan.

There was quite a mixture of booths here at this Farmers Market. Glassware, hats, bread, veggies, fruit, flowers and sundry items.


We had already purchased strawberries at the Organic store. Don’t these look delicious? Ours are!


These are Jujubes, which are a date. They dry up like this. The lady at the organic store told me that if I make a tea out of them it would help me sleep. The first night I felt so relaxed. The second night – wide awake. I have one more set to try.

This booth was all kinds of mushrooms. Quite interesting.


We bought some asparagus, spinach and tomatoes. Checked out the health food store that was close. They had an organic cafe but their menu items didn’t look good. I won’t tell you were we had lunch!

Life is good. God has given us some very healthy food to eat – organically.


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