A Travelin’ Day

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We left Imperial Dam about 8 a.m. this morning. Our first stop was The Q for breakfast. We were sad to see that the buffet was gone. It was so good. They have a cafe in its place. Breakfast was good. Don’t ask for salsa or more than 2 items in your omelet! They charge extra.


As we drove down I8, we came to the sand dunes.


We also saw the mountains and at a closer look, there is the fence between Mexico and the US. The mountains are in Mexico.


We got into El Centro 58 miles later. First stop was Costco and once again we had to look for stuff! Every Costco seems to be different. We stocked up on our standard eating fare. Next we hit target. It seems Dale has gone back to coffee beans so had to get a grinder. This gave me a chance to pick up some lemons, limes and paper towels.

While at Target some jets went over. They were in formation. Now, the Blue Angels were in town so we are thinking this is them. If you look at the top of the white loop you might just see them!!!!


We then found a Subway on Highway 86 for lunch with the idea of eating down the road somewhere. Didn’t happen. No where to pull over, let the dog out and just relax and have something to eat. We were disappointed that in the 127 miles to Joshua Tree NP there was not one rest stop!

We sailed down H86 to I10. Ay Yi Yi! California Traffic.


I had to throw this in. My dad and I use to watch Bob Hope and just laugh together. Good memories right there.


We came to this valley (don’t remember the town) but it was full of wind turbines.


Finally, we see the sign!


This turn off took us to the city of Yucca Valley.

Yikes, I got left behind!


Dale had his phone navigation gal giving him directions and she took us around Yucca Valley into the residential district. The houses were surrounded by desert plants and sand. We saw two schools! I kept questioning him (via walkie-talkies) but she knew where we were going.

Arrival!!! Black Rock Campground, Joshua Tree NP


And golly sakes, it is cold! We are all set up and snug as a bug in a rug in the RV with the heat blasting. It’s going to take some time to get use to these temps at 4000 feet after being in the 70’s and 80’s for the last month and a half.

Life is good. Time to go exploring. God says “concentrate yourself and see the amazing things I will do for you.” Joshua 3. YES!


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