Out in the Desert

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We spent exactly 1 month at the SKP park in Yuma. We had never done that before, but so enjoyed our stay. However, we are now at Imperial Dam (Senator Wash) on the Fishtail section! We are back in the dark and away from any road noise. We can see the night sky now (no light pollution) out here! We have good internet and phone service here.  Imperial Dam is a LTVA in California about 20 miles from Yuma, AZ. LTVA stands for Long Term Visitors Area. There are 7 of these BLM areas in California and Arizona. The Imperial Dam LTVA provides water, garbage, sewer dump and restrooms. Yes, it is a small community out here. Only negative to this place is the wind. It pretty much is always windy here.  Image We will spend a couple of weeks here – $40 for two weeks. For $180 you can stay here or any other LTVA from September 15 to April 1. Not a bad deal for Rvers.  There is a lot of places to take walks – in the washes, down the dirt roads or just set out and find your own path. This community keeps very active during the week. You might even run into a herd of donkeys that roam this area.


We are pretty much surrounded by solar rigs which is nice. No noisy generators. I have learned that my mixer and my curling iron are okay to run on solar! I did buy an iron that will run on solar also and it is perfect for my quilting projects.

We have added a few things to the rig in the last month. If you remember, my convection/microwave oven ied while I was roasting a turkey. We went to Sears and found a very nice microwave that fit our hole and I love the control panel. It has worked very well for under $100.

Dale went looking on eBay for a stove top with oven in the same brand as our stove top. He found one for $399 which was less expensive than the one we saw in Quartzsite. I got out my laptop and did my own search. I found a stove/oven for a lot less. In the end, we won the item for $163. When it arrived it didn’t have the dings the listing said it had. It is in perfect shape, brand new and it fit right in the hole and Dale hooked it up in no time at all. I love it and so glad to have an oven again.


Another addition to our rig is a new window in the door. For that we had to go to Mexico – Los Algodones.


The last thing we redid was our shower folding curtain. Dale took it out and we put up a regular shower curtain. To dress up the bath and cover up the plastic clear shower curtain we bought this from Cafepress.com at 75% off.


The cactus looked so much smaller that this, but we love the burst of color it brings to the rig.

We had a great time in Yuma, but it was time to move on.

Life is good! God is with us every moment of our day!


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