Jet Noise in Yuma

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Yuma has a Marine Corps Air Station. It is at the corner of the road we take to the park – 17 blocks later. So we are pretty close to jet noise and helicopters. Well, the whole town is close!

However, understand that I grew up in a town with an Air Force base and jets are a part of my background noise. Sometimes we would really like to shoot down that “touch and go” plane. Our walls of the house were cracked because of jet noise. Then I moved away. I didn’t really realize how I missed jet noise until the fighter planes flew over Grants Pass one day.

Yesterday, as we sat watching football we were hit with a sonic boom. Scared us! But oh, so welcome.

Imageimage from cafepress.

Bring it on, Marines!

As a footnote. Someone stole our friend’s teratrikes right off their rig last night. These bikes are about $4000 each and they got both of them. I feel for them. Happened to us one early morning in Lodi when someone cut our chain and took my bike off the front of our rig. I hope they catch these people but won’t hold my breath.


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