We’ve Been To Oatman, AZ

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Saturday we took off for Oatman. We had not gone that way the last time we traveled the top of Arizona. Bullhead City is about 25 miles west of this old mining town.



Oatman is on the historic road Route 66. The road goes right through the town.


After we found a place to park, we walked up to the main street of town. This is what greeted us.


These burros are direct descendants of the original burros brought to town to help the miners. When WWII happened, the mines were shut down and the burros were set free. There are usually a dozen or so in town, but they roam the hills.  Look how fat these burros are! Burro food was available for $1.


There were 4 burro’s in town while we were there.


Main Street Oatman.

There were many shops lining both sides of the street. We saw 3 eateries. I did purchase a t-shirt for me with hot red peppers and the New Mexico symbol and a couple of Christmas presents.

We kept our eye out for lunch and we found we had two choices.

The Hotel cafe.


town2Olive’s. oliveOlive Oatman was abducted by the Indians of the area when she was 14. Her mom and dad were killed and she and her sister were taken as slaves. Her sister died during captivity. Mary was found after 5 years of captivity and sold back to the whites. The tattoo’s on her face were done when she was sold to the Mohave Indians.

We played tourist for the day!


Cowboy Dale



We decided to eat at the Hotel cafe as it was famous for the dollar bills on the walls.


The “live” singer told us the story of the dollar bills on the wall. Something to do with paper money coming out and not good to take paper into the mines because of the dampness. So the miner would have the bartender put his dollar on the wall, mark it his, and he could have about 20 drinks off that dollar. So this cafe continued the tradition, but not for drinks. We were told there is probably $90,000 to $100,000 on the wall. Of course, we had to put one up to. People were very creative with their dollar bill.



We put our bill where we sat in the cafe.

diner1The blue line shows were we stapled it.


I had a good lunch: a Turkey Ruben with fries that were very yummy. Dale had the special: pastrami sandwich and fries. His sandwich wasn’t very good. Our entertainment was good. A cowboy looking man who had a wonderful voice and he sang country!

We did the 25 mile trek home and was very satisfied with our day. Now we can say, “WE’VE BEEN TO OATMAN, AZ.

Life is good, but kind of hard during those mining days. God loves you.


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