Badwater Road/Devils Golf Course/Natural Bridge/Badwater Basin

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We planned to go down the Badwater Road and see what we could see. We passed the Golden Canyon because we saw that the day before. As we got on the road, here was a hitchhiker. Knowing we were in Death Valley and there was no way for anyone to kidnap us, I stopped.

Well, it turned out to be a wonderful experience for us. Eric, from Montreal. He is hitchhiking his 6 months out of Canada to see all he can in the states. It is amazing where he has been and seen in such a short time all relying on people to take him there!

badlands1I purposely left in the blue sky to show you the vastness of this place. This is the Badwater Road.


I just loved how these mountains had these deep grooves in them.

dgc1This part of the Badwater Basin is called the Devil’s Golf Coarse. These mounds of rock, sand, and salt are forming crystals. That’s Eric.


It was a very weird place.

Next we went to the Natural Bridge. The road was 2 miles in and the hike to the bridge was 1/2 mile.


That’s Dale and myself!


And there is Eric. He is French and such a nice young man. We had him over for dinner, provided a shower and some good conversation. He left the next day. We hope to keep up with him on facebook.


This was a very tall waterfall.


At Badwater Basin, we found some water in the salt flats. Ranger Bob has told us that in his 19 years here he has kayaked the lake twice. People are walking on salt out there. Eric hiked from here to the mountains in the distance. We left him here to go through the Artists Pallet.


Dale and myself behind the sign that informs us that we are at the lowest elevation in the U.S. at minus 282 feet.

Another beautiful day and beautiful scenery. Life is so good. God is amazing to give us such beauty!


2 thoughts on “Badwater Road/Devils Golf Course/Natural Bridge/Badwater Basin

    J.F. Bertrand and Fabienne Clement said:
    December 12, 2013 at 8:04 am

    Hello Gwen and Dale. We are Eric’s father and mother, the Canadian hicthhiker you picked up in Death Valley. He just referred us to your blog with him for yesterday, December 11. We wish to thank you to have stopped and picked him up. I remember from my days on the road how nice it was to do some distance and have a meal and shower offered to me. Should you ever come to Montreal, or to our place in Vermont (which Eric, as an engineer student, helped us build), please do not hesitate and give us a shout. It will really be a pleasure to have you over for a stay. Unless you are skiers, however, you may wish to wait for the summer. It is currently 5 F here in Montréal! Thanks again, and have a safe rest of your trip.
    JF Bertrand and Fabienne Clement

      Gwen responded:
      December 13, 2013 at 7:18 pm

      Thank you for the very nice email. Eric was a pleasure to get to know. We can’t explain why we picked him up because that is not our practice in this world today. But we did and we were happy we did.

      Thank you for your invitation to your cottage, as Eric said, in Vermont. One day we will get up that way and may drop in on you!

      We hope to keep up with Eric. He touched our hearts.
      Hope your weather heats up. Sure has been cold lately.
      If you ever get to Oregon we would love to show you our beautiful state.
      Gwen and Dale

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