Around Death Valley

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We have had such a good time seeking out places to hike, vistas to view and good eats! Unfortunately, the good eats are just so-so. I don’t think we have ever paid so much for mediocre food. Dale has spent $3.50 for a cup of coffee plus refills. So, if you come here for any length of time, stock up on food so you don’t have to give your hard earned dollars to Death Valley concessionaires.

Now, a look at Death Valley.


Can you see the “fan” coming out of this canyon? It is called an Alluvial fan. Water washes rock and sand out of the canyon and then forms a “fan.” Alluvial means “moved by water.”





On our way to Furnace Creek Ranch on Hwy 190.




This unique and indescribably incredible land is not to be missed. I’m so happy we took two weeks to see what we have seen. We’ve seen a lot but there is a lot more to see. I hope you will be able to see what we have seen!

Life is good. God gave us some beautiful places to enjoy.


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