Desert Critters

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We have been watching for animal life in Death Valley. For 10 days we didn’t see much.

Dale saw a lizard on a hike he did. No photo! It got away too quickly. We have been watching for the Big Horn Sheep but haven’t even caught one running away from us.

We did see this beauty on the way to Ubehebe Crater. I think this is my first sighting since we have been coming to the desert since 2006.


We have see Ravens and some little birds flitting around. Also a couple of butterflies. Today at the Furnace Creek Inn we saw two Coots in the garden creek.

Two nights ago the coyotes came calling. More like howling and screeching it was. We think they smelled Morgan and wanted her to come play. Thankfully, Annie was in that night and safe. She didn’t much like the racket outside than we did. The next day we saw two coyotes roaming Furnace Creek Ranch. Sure hope they forget our space for the rest of the time we are here!!!

Life is good. All God’s creation is beautiful.


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