This Is Our Evening Entertainment

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Since we do not have TV we listen to our satellite radio a lot. Yes, we have gotten use to listening to NFL games and College football. We also like to listen to old time radio and remember the programs we listened to as kids.

We also add in a game we have been introduced to by our friends, the Kings. Farkel. Spicy Farkel!


There are six dice that you roll to make certain combinations to get points. This Farkel is called “Spicey” Farkel. Some of the numbers are red which doubles the score of combinations or just one die.


The object of the game is to roll either a 1 or a 5 or any combination. If you roll all 6 dice in combinations you can keep rolling until you quit and take your points or if you Farkel.



First person to roll 25,000 points wins. The fun of this game is that say, one player rolls 3,000 points and quits rolling and takes their points. The next player can start with those points and roll until they stop or FARKEL, adding points to the already 3,000 points. A Farkel is when a player doesn’t roll a one, a five or any combination or another dice that fits with the combination. The roll stops and the points are lost as well as their turn.

Farkel is a fun dice game and it whiles away our time in the evenings!

What is really fun is being behind 8,000 points and rolling until you win the game!!!!!!!

Life is good in the desert! God loves us tremendously.


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