Amazon Distribution Center

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On our way out of Reno we stopped in Fernley, NV to take a tour of the Amazon Distribution Center. Dale’s son, Joe, works there. He started on the floor and worked his way into management (he’s that good of a worker and an awesome person).

I don’t have any photo’s because they were not allowed. We couldn’t take our phones, any kind of weapon or my purse on to the floor.

The magnitude of the process in this building is incredible. The reason we were interested is because Amazon hires retired Rvers during the holidays. Amazon is really good to workcampers with a good hourly pay, free RV space and other benefits. They are not subject to work performance reviews. Joe is in charge of the new hires.

The jobs vary from forklift drivers, pickers, stockers, inventory controllers,  packagers and shippers. I know I am leaving many others jobs out but that is what we saw. We saw miles and miles of conveyor belts that transport picked products for orders. The place that interested me the most was where all the books were stored. Wow. So many.

It was a very interesting tour and made the all the more so because Joe was our tour guide.



Oh, I forgot to mention that we had to go through metal detectors when leaving. Joe and I sailed right on through but Dale set off the alarms. He had to have the wand run over him and it was the zipper on his wallet that set off the bells and whistles. We had a good laugh over that one.

Life is good. Praising God for family!


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