Titus Canyon/Fall Canyon

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Today (a Friday) we took off down the road for about 13 miles to the most popular canyon in Death Valley, Titus Canyon.


The canyon is driveable and starts about 6 miles from Beatty. The road is one-way only. The road was closed for a while because of flooding but was open when we arrived at the parking area and cars were coming out!!!

We hiked into the canyon, not far as it all looked the same and Dale wanted to go to Fall Canyon which was ½ mile east of Titus Canyon and 3 miles long. 


We might take a day this week, get out Ol’ Blue and take her through the canyon. 



We hiked ½ mile of the hardest trail I have been on since my treatments. It took all my strength to just get over it to Fall Canyon. Once I ate lunch I was raring to go again. Whew!


The hike was in a wash and the rocks were so thick it made walking difficult. I tell you, my legs have gotten a good work-out these last few days!!! All needed too. 

As it turned out, for me and a gal we met coming out of the canyon, this canyon wasn’t anything to write home about!!! 





This photo shows the water line on the rocks. When water comes speeding down the canyon it slings mud everywhere it is so forceful. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see a flash flood go through a canyon? 



We saw some flowers blooming on this bush in the canyon.


I also saw a couple of birds and two butterflies! That little bit of orange in the bottom photo!




A nice hiding place behind these bushes for some animal…my imagination tells me. 


We stopped for lunch and after, Dale went around the corner that ended up being to the end of the canyon and a dry waterfall. I hiked back to the car. While waiting for Dale to return I listened to the Huskies and Cougars (Washington) Apple Cup football game and took a nap. 

My Fitbit told me that I walked 9126 steps which is equivalent to 4 miles. Whew. No wonder I was tired. 


This is the end of the canyon and the dry waterfall.

He isn’t smiling here because he found out that he can talk to his phone to take a photo. He says SMILE or SHOOT and his phone camera takes a photo. 


This is Dale hiking out of the canyon. He found this neat phone photo program where he can insert himself at different points in the photo. 

Life is good! When the sun shines and the sky is blue! God is called Wonderful, Prince of Peace, Eternity!


One thought on “Titus Canyon/Fall Canyon

    Sue Millar said:
    December 3, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    Oh my gosh, what beautiful country. I would have never dreamed Death Valley is so beautiful!

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