Mesquite Springs Campground, Death Valley

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When we arrived in Death Valley, we came in via Scotty’s Junction so that we would be close to the campground we wanted to use for a week or so. We are only about 5 miles from Scotty’s Castle at Mesquite Campground.

There are about 48 sites for tenting and RV’s. Bathrooms picnic tables, fire ring, BBQ stand, and garbage are available as is a dump station and water. That’s about it.

We chose, what Dale says is the best spot, space 34, which backs up to the wash. The reason he thinks it is “special” is because we don’t have any close neighbors – like right next door , on top of us, neighbors. It’s true.


There are a couple of trails leading out of the campground. Unfortunately, dogs are not permitted on any trail in the park so we don’t go far since Morgan is with us. It’s just not a good hike with my friend with me!


This is what the campground looks like. Sorry about the sun streak through the photo. I was shooting into the sun.

The park service has a self-pay machine at the entrance to the campground. There is a camp host but haven’t seen him in the campground except sitting by his rig. So far, the campground was packed on Monday night. Tuesday night there aren’t so many people here. However, for Thanksgiving weekend,

we were packed. We plan to stay until December 1. The campground at Furnace Creek is full till then. We have reserved a space starting December 1 for 7 days.

It will be weird being back in “civilization” after being out here in the dark and quiet. However, there are things we want to see on that end of the valley and being closer is better. Furnace Creek is about 51 miles from us right now. And fuel prices are, gulp, $5.10 for diesel and over $4 for unleaded. So driving back and forth is really silly for us to do.

I’m enjoying this campground. It is easy to rest and relax here and be in solitude. The scenery keeps us occupied as it is ever changing from sunrise to sunset.


Sunrise after the storm. Since we are on this side of the Inyo Mountains, the sun goes down about 5 p.m. and dark sets in bringing lower temps.

Sunrise on Thanksgiving Day!


Living life and loving it! Praise God.


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