Reno, Nevada

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Today we visited Chloe and Noah pre-school and met their teachers. Evidently, they have a weekly assembly and Chloe’s class was doing a song. We were so happy to be here to see her “perform.” Her class sang “5 Little Ducks” and did a grand job at that.

Next we went to Costco. My new Samsung 4S had freaked out and was using up all our data plan. Come to find out Amazon Kindle was the culprit and it is still a mystery to us since I have never used it. I turned it off and hope that solves the problem. Verizon was very helpful (they didn’t know either) but gave us 2 more gigs for a total of 6 GB’s and a credit of $20. We recouped the new GB’s and the old. Tomorrow will tell us if the Kindle app was the one sucking up our GB’s.


We couldn’t leave this town without a visit or two to Whole Foods,  our most favorite store. They have a hot bar, two salad bars and a soup bar for lunch. They also offer pizza and sandwiches. So we each took a bowl and Dale had the hot bar and I chose the soup bar and a small salad. All the food is so fresh. Then I shopped for veggies for a super-duper salad. Always a treat for us since the closest Whole Foods to us is 2 hours away.

For dinner, we had pizza with the kids and by 7 p.m. we were ready to come home! No wonder people have their children early. We are babysitting tomorrow starting at 7 so thought we needed to get a good head start on our sleep.


Life is good! God is the creator of all.


One thought on “Reno, Nevada

    Ralph said:
    November 15, 2013 at 8:16 pm

    It’s good to see you heading south again! It’s been too long! Glad everything turned out ok so you could make the trip. See you there!

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